Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ruined and Embraced by Jus Accardo!


Series: Eternal Balance, #2
Author: Jus Accardo
Genre: New Adult, NA Paranormal Romance
Length: 265 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62266-310-1
Release Date: November 2015
Imprint: Embrace

To gain a chance at heaven, they’ll need to embrace hell…

Descended from Cain, the world’s first murderer, Jax Flynn is destined to spend his life making others suffer. To shield the world from horrific chaos, he was forced to sacrifice the one and only thing he loved. Samantha Merrick.

Sam is special. She doesn’t know how—or why—and she hasn’t had any luck finding out. But there’s a bright side to her life. She finally has Jax back. Sort of. They’re living life on a strict look but don’t touch policy, but with the explosive chemistry between them, keeping their hands to themselves is getting harder every day.

Unfortunately, keeping their libidos in check isn’t Jax and Sam’s biggest problem. When an enemy from the past resurfaces with an ultimatum—complete a simple task or Sam dies—they’re backed into a corner. The goal? Kill a demon called Malphi. The problem? Jax’s demon, Azirak, has no intention of letting that happen…


My Review

YES!! Book two is just as epic as book one!! Man, I am still shocked over this one. I wasn't prepared, again, for everything that gets thrown at me with this series. We are back with the fight between Cain and Abel and their descendants, and Jax and Chase and Sam are in chaos. There's Azirak, Jax's royal demon, and he is still needing pain and death to survive. But he's not all bad, not all the time. He actually likes Sam, so there's that. But when things start going down, another demon is surfacing and after Azirak's power, this means Jax's in danger and and so is Sam. Sam made a deal, and now she has to stick to it, but Jax made a deal as well, and he has to stick to it. And Chase just wants Sam. And Azirak wants to survive, and the world might fall, and this new demon has something that's going to put a cramp in everyone's plans. Oh man. There's a no holds bar in this one and it's darker and grittier and yet more beautiful than the first. I am still reeling from this one. And I can never put these books down.

Jax and Sam are just trying to survive and yet they are still growing. Jax definitely has more growth and Azirak has more screen time because you actually get to see him and his personality that he shares with Jax. And you find out a lot about who he is and who he was. I must say, even the new players, everyone is fantastically written. The characters are great and that's a big deal for me in this series. I feel like I know them and I am cheering for them. Oh thank goodness not really because I can't be having my hot boyfriend have a demon in him. LOL But seriously, Jax has become my must have book boyfriend. He is willing to suffer tremendously to keep Sam safe. And I am very much growing toward Azirak. And Sam, well, my heart continues to break for her. But thank goodness she is bad ass and can withstand and fight for what she wants. She's smart and she's determined. And then we get the bomb dropped on us about how Sam is really invested in the middle of all of this. Wow. Yeah it's going to get bad for Sam I think.

This is an absolutely magnificent sequel. I am so invested in this series. I absolutely need book three. Oh my goodness. And really, really I just want Sam and Jax to get some kind of good ending. Please. I mean, just a little. And yes, there's still Chase but I am still on the fence with him. I have no idea how I really feel about him. Oh I am so anticipating Released which will come in March of 2016! Gimme hurry!! 5 PAWS!!!!

My Review
This is the second series I've read by this author. I was obsessed with her Darker Agent series! This one is a little darker, but dammit, I think it's freaking fantastic!! I am so impressed and I am completely in love with Jax. Oh my god, he is my new crush, in a bad way! Goodness, if there are any more hawt guys, I'm gunna combust. LOL Now, this one is the retake of Cain and Abel, except that it's more complicated. This particular family follows the descendants of them and they are cursed with a demon in them. You can't get out of it, and you're stuck. So, Jax and Chase are brothers, and both are the descendants of Cain and Abel. Jax refuses to hurt or kill his brother but it's getting harder to resist, so he leaves everything he knows and loves behind. But there's a side note, Jax fell in love with Sam, but had to leave her as well. Until someone starts threatening her, he comes back, but to stay hidden from her, only protect her from afar. But he hasn't realized his brother has become Sam's best friend all these years he's been gone, and I'm pretty sure he's in love with her too. But Sam still loves Jax, even if he left her, abandoned her, stopped caring. Or so she believes and thinks. HA!! See, let's get sexy guys, scary demons, threats, killings, and some seriously crazy things happening all thrown together and it will be fantastic!!! It was!

I am pretty sure everyone who reads this book will be on Team Jax. I wanted to be on Team Chase, but sorry Jax is too awesome, and there's another twist in there that I can't tell you. And then there's Sam stuck in between. Oh boy. But anyways, Jax has figured out a way to curb his "demon's hunger" in a way that he can live with. Oh it's not a nice thing, but I am ok with his choices. LOL And Jax is willing to give it all up, lose everything, to save Sam. And then we have Chase who is selfish, and sometimes cruel. I didn't figure it out how different they really were and how much that different would make. And he didn't have it any easier than Jax, with him doing what he needed to do to survive as well. And Sam, oh Sam, I loved her. She is an awesome leading lady and I felt bad for her at first, and wanted her to stand her ground with Jax, until like 5 minutes, then I was outright cheering for him and her. LOL She has awesome attitude, she is funny, and Jax had no idea what he was in store for, because she isn't just awesome, she has loved to mess with him. 

Ok, so with that, I cried a little bit at the end. It was a major jaw dropper and I was completely shocked and boy was that a crazy. I will say it's not necessarily a cliff hanger but dammit it's still crazy. But no worries, Book 2 is already out so just get them both at the same time. LOL The writing is absolutely fantastic. I am so a fan of this author. She has become a must have. Forever. I am so a believer in this series. I must have more Jax immediately, and I am really hoping for him and Sam to work it out somehow! And Chase, well I am not sure how I am feeling about him. I wanted to love him, then hated him, now I am going back and forth. So with that said, I will say WOW!! Just WOW!!  5 PAWS 5 PAWS!!!          

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Released (The Eternal Balance, #3)