Saturday, February 20, 2016

Review~ Soul Breaker by Clara Coulson!

Soul Breaker
Clara Coulson
(City of Crows, #1)
Publication date: November 11th 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

There’s a hideous monster on the loose, crushing heads and taking names.
But Detective Calvin Kinsey is on the case!
Two years ago, Cal Kinsey was an up-and-coming cop in the Aurora Police Department. But during a fateful nighttime stakeout in search of a prolific killer, Cal witnessed the darkest corner of his dreams come to life. A rogue vampire slaughtered his partner—to put it nicely—and introduced Cal to the supernatural world he never knew existed in the shadows.
Now, Cal is a newly minted detective at the often mocked Department of Supernatural Investigations. By day, the agents of DSI are called “Kooks” by local law enforcement. By night, they’re known as “Crows,” reviled by the supernatural underworld.
Mere weeks out of the academy, Cal catches his first real case, a vicious murder at a local college. An unknown sorcerer has summoned a powerful creature from the Eververse, a realm of magic and mayhem that borders Earth, and set it on a dangerous warpath through the city.
Between butting heads with his grumpy team captain, stirring up ill will with the local wizards and witches, and repeatedly getting the crap beaten out of himself, Cal must find a way to stop the Eververse monster and send it back to the hell it came from…
…preferably before Aurora, Michigan runs out of coffins for the dead.

My Review

This is my first book by this author, including pen names. I am very impressed and I am a fan now. This is the story of Cal, who is a human police officer, who comes in contact with a supernatural entity, and realizes that the bumps in the night are really real. He's almost lost his mind because of it. He watched his partner be brutally slaughtered in front of him by something that was supposed to only be in nightmares. And now, he's part of the DSI- Department of Supernatural Investigations. A secret force of the police that comes in when there's "weird" circumstances. LOL. He's even got a little bit of magic himself, though he doesn't think of it that way. He's a rookie here, and though he's good, he lacks experience and his first case is HUGE. Too much for him to take on by himself as a rookie, so his captain sends him to a witch, a real one, to help him. And then we get to meet one of his team mates who have been on an assignment overseas. 

So, poor Cal, like his didn't have enough emotional scarring, he now has a butt load of physical damage. His first case involves demons of sorts, a big blue with with a crazy hammer weapon who continuously beats the ever living crap out of Cal multiple times. Like, he spent a lot of time in hospital beds LOL. I loved his character because he wanted to be brave and he wanted to do the right thing, and yet he was still beyond scared. But he never gave up or let go. His captain has just lost one of Cal's team mates in a horrible way on a case and he's struggling as well, but he recognizes that Cal has great potential to be great. He just needs some help. And together they each make the other see the other ones outlook of trying to help. And I love that though this division of law enforcement is still kept quiet, it's not secret. They are a legal part of the system, and get called out to scenes, and report just like everyone else. People can call this division. It has made for some extremely fun moments. 

I must say, especially at the end, the world building is impressive. I loved the "other world" and their members who came into our realm. Eververse is where all supernaturals come from, like the demons, gods, spirits, and things like that. And when we get to see there, it's so cool. It's creepy and scary really, but it was just done so well that I couldn't help but be awed. We don't get a whole lot of visual in this book but I have a feeling that after that ending, we're going to see more of it, and more beings from it. And we get some explanations so we aren't confused, but I see it becoming more prominent in the future. And I seriously cheered for Cal at that ending. I really thought it was about to go bad, and something more horrible was coming. Because it was already bad enough. :) And yet, Cal proved that he is a hero, even if he thinks he isn't, he's proven it to multiple people. Even those scaring "baddies" were impressed with his sacrifice. And yes, there's some things left open and a few questions left unanswered, but for the most part it's wrapped up. I like that there's a few things we will anticipate for the next book in the series, as well as giving an overall ending to this case without finishing every little thing. I am absolutely thrilled with this new series and I cannot wait for book two. I certainly will be reading more and I also secretly can't wait to meet more of Cal's team, and that sexy witch that makes everyone turn their heads for her. I am very impressed!!! Well done- 5 PAWS!!