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Happy Book Birthday~ United by Jaci Wheeler!

Book Two - The United Trilogy

Release Date - Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2016

At just sixteen, Rosaline Thatcher is the leader of the free world—but United America has dark secrets to conceal.

After adjusting to her new presidential title, Rosaline slips into her role with gusto and works to make United America the best it can be. What she didn’t expect was to discover a secret compound, simply referred to as the O.C. When Rosaline orders the presidential council to explain, they refuse to provide answers, forcing Rosaline to take matters into her own hands.

Rosaline travels to the O.C., but finds more questions than answers.

Deemed an Outcast territory, Rosaline falls in love with the kind, gracious people of the secret division. When she meets key residents of the O.C., they reveal the Ministry had banned them forever once they chose to leave. Now, as ruler, Rosaline is faced with the depth of United America’s corruption.

When she meets Dex, an unconventional but intriguing member of the O.C, a shocking revelation unfolds...

Dex doesn’t hold an ounce of traditional charm. Covered in scars and wearing a permanent scowl, he shows glimpses of tenderness only toward his younger sister. But there is more to Dex than he is willing to reveal, and his secrets may bring the downfall of United America.

Will Rosaline stay in the O.C., where she is free of the pressures of presidential responsibilities? Or will she return to her position and take on the Council?


My review 

Ok, so let's talk awesome sequel!! I was already a fan of Roz from book one, but seeing her take on this huge responsibility by herself- yes she goes to the outside community and stays there- was just awe inspiring. You see, she needs to know what happened to make the outcasts exactly that, outcasts. Why were they banned. You know almost immediately it isn't because of war threats. You just talk to a few of them and they are awesome people. They weren't requesting a lot, a little less lies, a little more privacy and some respect. The group is a wonderful addition to the characters that were from book one. We see Kevin Masters, who has become a favorite of mine, and Sebastian, my crush, as well as Molly and Wes, but not so much as before. Roz is learning to stand in her own because sometimes, you can't tell your best friends everything and that means making choices without help. But we also get to meet Dex and his little sister. She absolutely broke my heart. That poor little girl is broken- and wait until your had the bomb dropped on you of who she is. And who her brother is. And that big Ole secret might just tear apart the whole relationship Roz worked so hard for throughout the whole damn book. I think my heart broke for Roz in the last chapter because it really is heart wrenching. She was willing to give oh so much just to have not just Dex and his sister, but the whole compound freed and Dex couldn't even tell her who he was. I am completely heart broken. And I also see Roz loosing, or staining, a good friendship because of him. But I'm also ranting.... Roz has grown so much and a part of me is so proud of her. But another part of me is sad, because her fun spirit, her loving kind dance party days may be over because of what she has seen and learned. But I'm so proud of her fight!! I'm so very very proud of how she stood up to the council members. I'm cheering for how she find so much love and kindness for everyone and yet sometimes she forgets to take care of the little things for herself. 

The writing is just fabulous. I never thought such a simple concept could have me glued to the pages and begging for more. I'm such a fantasy buff- fantasy action, fantasy mystery, paranornal horror... Seeing a trend? I like the high energy type books and yet, this one is different but it's just as cool. With conspiracy type mysteries behind closed doors and the fact that the dystopian world has made a 16 year old president and she is doing a better job than any adult man has ever done is just plain neat! Yes I said neat! I absolutely must have book three as soon as humanly possible because I just KNOW it's going to blow my mind. I want so many thing for Roz and her friends and I want a happily ever after but I have a feeling the author is not going to give me an easy out here. I honestly don't know if Dex can continue to be so pretty as I thought, not after the ending. And I am cheering for Kevin and Nat ;) and even Wes has a chance.... But Dex, is he is worth it, better get his act together because I feel like he left a tornado disaster path when he came through the doors for Roz to clean up and fix- mostly in her heart. Yeah I'm taking this secret really to heart but I think it's because I had so much holding on to them making it through. Anyways I loved this one!! :) 5 PAWS!! 

Caharcter interview with Sebastian Green

WELCOME Sebastian Green!! First, tell me a little bit about yourself and your life… Thanks for having me! Most people see me as a pretty simple guy really. I love having fun and keeping things light. Only the people closest to me know how deep my waters really run. I’m 100% the job. My life, my friends, everything revolves around the Ministry and keeping my Country safe. My father worked as the head of the Ministry of Defense before Masters took over and he has always been my hero.

Tell me how you feel about Roz and the parts you play in her life... At first I was attracted to her like most of the men at the Ministry. She’s beautiful and feisty which I freaking love in a woman. But after working with her I saw a side that she didn’t let most people see. She became my little sister almost overnight. I love her like I do my family, but have a deep need to protect her and keep her from harm…not just because she’s the President and it’s my job but because she is innocent and pure and all that is right in the world. 

Tell me a little something about your job, other than the just the basics. The job is about hard work and dedication but it’s also about brotherhood. I’ve been doing this job for almost 20 years but I still feel like it’s home. It’s never gotten old or become a burden to me. The guys I work with are my brothers, my best friends and the only people who will ever really get me. Masters and I trained together once we were placed and we hated each other for two years. I thought he was a smug bastard and he thought I was a clown who couldn’t take anything serious. We were both partially right and we let it get to us. My father refused to let pettiness come into the job. He made us do everything together. Eat, sleep, work, piss…you get the point. He said until we fixed our differences we would be attached at the hip. Not wanting to be the one to break first we went on hating each other for another six months. My girlfriend who I’d been in love with since I was thirteen tragically died at the end of my third year at the Ministry. People didn’t know what to say, how to look at me or how to treat me. I despised it. It was hard enough to have my life ruined but to have to relive it every time you saw someone’s face, the pity written all over it…well it was unbearable. By noon my first day back I was done. Just done. Masters didn’t say a word of condolence, didn’t show any sign of pity and as far as I knew he lived under a rock and didn’t know what happened. We went through the day attached at the hip as usual with our scowls in place and nothing said. When it was time to go home Masters told me to meet him in the training room before I left. He let me beat the crap out of him. He just stood there yelling at me to hit him harder, to get the rage out….and get it out I did. All over his face, his ribs. I beat him to a bloody pulp and after that he became my best friend and my father saw the true leader in him, the ability to know what to do and get it done. 

How'd you choose exactly this part of the military division? It was chosen for me but I can’t say it wasn’t exactly what I wished for. I’ve always lived on the edge, pushing myself harder, faster wanting to achieve greatness. To me, protecting The President and the Country is the most honorable job there is. My father always taught me to be a man of honor, what better job is there? 

Hmmm, is there anything you’d like to tell me, maybe a little secret, or any cool hints about the upcoming future? ;) I might be loveable now but by the end of the end of the next book you might wish I never existed. 

Out of all the characters in this book series, who is your favorite? Do you think you're the coolest? There’s always a fan favorite to read about but sometimes it’s the side characters that are the most funI’m alright, but Adam’s is a favorite of mine. He’s a pretty cool cat and great to have watching your back…I give him a hard time for being a newbie but the kid is good people through and through.  


We all love Supernatural, so which Winchester brother would be your BFF? (Don’t hate me but I’ve never seen it! *Hides*)


I have to tell you, I have a little crush on you, what do you look for in a lady? I know you are a little bit of a ladiesman, but seriously, what are you looking for if you could have a lady?Awe, you are going to make me blush Darlin’, But cooking is right up there on the best thing about a lady in my opinion. I don’t really have a type, I just love ladies and I appreciate the fairer sex and everything about them. Their curves, their softness, the way they smell…But I also like a good dose of sass and a dash of crazy to keep me on my toes. 


Or you single? Do you think you'd like a date with a nice southern Cajun lady? Ok, I can't lie, I'm not really nice, I'm a little crazy, but I cook really good :) LOL

Sounds right up my ally! If theres dessert after dinner I’m in! 

This or that...


A. Coffee addict? No, Im more of a sugar addict

B. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverageI’m just an average joe all I need is a nice cold beer and I’m set. 

C. Favorite Food? Anything I don’t have to cook and a side of apple pie. 

D. If you had to chose Coffee or Chocolate? –don’t laugh, I don’t like chocolate so it’s quite easy for me, but a LOT of people NEED both LOL Don’t like chocolate? I might have to reconsider that date. I Would choose chocolate, huge sweet tooth remember

E. Beach or mountains? Mountains

F. Winter or summer?  Summer

G. vampires or werewolves? Can I say neither

H. Cold or hot?  I am hot blooded so I love the cold

I. Favorite color? Gray…is that considered a color?  

J. Night or day?  Day

K. Moonlight or sunlight? I love to hike with the sun on my face so sunlight…although there’s a lot to be said about the romance of the moon ;)

L. Boxers or briefs? Who says I wear either


Thanks so much for hanging out with us, Sebastian!! I’m a huge fan and I can’t believe you took time to come visit me! Anytime, thanks for having me this was fun! 



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