Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Happy Happy Book Birthday~ Warrior's Duty by Justine Winter!

Title: Warrior's Duty
Series: Nature's Destiny #4
Author: Justine Winter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 17, 2016
Death. Destruction. Demons.
War was officially declared.

Blade’s rebirth into the world became something we truly weren’t prepared for. And I felt guilty. Blaming myself for not getting to Lara in time. 

She was gone. Nature’s Destiny was grieving.

In the midst of our woes the battle was brewing. Incubi kept coming. Hell beasts were slaying. And the demon master was another step closer to winning.

With an army of supernatural beings in my arsenal I was optimistic that we were enough. We had the prophecy and my fortitudo on our side.

Whatever happened there was one thing I knew for certain.

The end had come.

He yanked me by my chains, my wrists bled with the cold, silver metal cutting into my skin. My bare feet dragged along the stony ground, covered with scrapes from the uneven surface. He pulled me to follow like a dog on a leash, tugging my manacles harder than was necessary. 

I kept quiet despite wanting to scream the dark, dank dungeon down. He always found pleasure in my pain, so I’d learnt to conceal it. My lips were incredibly tender from biting into them to stifle my groans.  

“Why hasn’t she come yet?” The woman yelled the second I entered her presence. She never came further than that, didn’t want to dirty her precious clothes. I was always to be brought to her.
“She’s deciding,” I answered.

“No, she’s clearly made her choice. You screwed this up for us!” The woman’s hand lashed out, marking my face as her slap connected with my cheek.

“I didn’t! I did everything you asked of me.” I was desperate for her to loosen my binds, to let me out of the dreary cell for good. There was no chance I was going to risk exposing myself. My freedom was all I wanted, what I hoped for during  the long hours of torture and loneliness.

“We won’t survive without them!” The woman paced, biting her perfectly manicured nails. “Take her back to her cell,” she  ordered my torturer. “I’ll have to force the pretty wolf’s hand into helping us.”

“NO!” I yelled, using all my strength to fend off my chain-holder. “No, don’t do this to me!”

My Review

I am still devastated but so is everyone else. Luna is depressed to the point that people are getting scared. Riley is in morning but he's begging for his wife to be just that, his wife. He needs her now more than ever. The world is collapsing around them. Luna is supposed to be this big savior but everyone and everything is falling apart. Oh and fair warning, not everyone makes it out alive in this one either. And I tried really hard not to cry, but that's impossible because this is the last of this series. I am beyond devastated, there are no words. This one was completely phenomenal. It's going to solve every single problem and loose end and wrap up you've thought of throughout the whole series. It was majestic! We have everything you can think of, wolves, witches, magic, dragons, vampires, demons, immortal guardians, and a wonderful cast of characters. 

I wasn't sure how Luna was going to pull it off. She almost didn't, and she didn't have loss and casualties along the way. I was scared for Riley. He's lost so much already and I didn't want him to lose even more. His wife is struggling, one sister is gone, and the other sister is going off the deep end. Friends become enemies, enemies become kinda allies, friends get rescued, die, and save the day. I thought the last book was emotional, and it was, but this one gave my feels the feels. It was mind blowing with so many things that I felt for so many different reasons. But at the end of the day, I want to see a HEA for Riley and Luna. I want to see them continue in a non world devastation moment ;) I want to see Sky thrive. I want to see the rest of the pack grieve, mourn, and then live. Not just survive. Every character in this series has had an impact of some sort for me. Even the bad guys. We will meet them for real this time and I must say, I was surprised at that ending. 

But all things must come to an end, and I hope one day we see some kind of continuation of everyone. I want to cry just thinking about not seeing more, so I hope Ms Winter takes my words to heart- one day PLEASE give me more Riley and Luna. I will reread the series over and over until then. :) and for everyone else, if you want a spectacular story of beautiful werewolves who just want to save the world so they can live with those they love, then you should read this one. I will say it many times over, this series of one of the best I've ever read- EVER!! There's not enough PAWS to give this one what it really deserves. I'm busting out the rare 6 PAWS! Because it has surpassed the scale with 5! I absolutely adore this series, these characters, and especially this author who has become more than just a wonderful writer, she's become a friend. Ms J, thank you for letting me read your books and always giving me wonderful world to fall in love with. Many many wishes for more to continue in the future. 


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