Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Book Birthday~ Metamorphosis by Jennifer Carole Lewis!!


Ron McBride thought his life couldn't possibly get any worse.  He's been physically transformed, hunted across most of North America and is haunted by the failures of his past.  Now it looks like he's about to die in the Canadian wilderness.
When he wakes up in the tiny community of Bear Claw, he thinks he's died and gone to heaven.  Particularly when he meets Lily Charging Bull, a beautiful young woman whose family runs almost everything.  But there's a reason why no one has found Bear Claw before.
Lily and her family are skinwalkers, able to shift between human and animal form.  For generations, they've protected the lalassu who can't blend easily with human society, often lethally.  The question is, will they offer Ron sanctuary or will he vanish like last year's snow?

About the Author
 Jennifer Carole Lewis
I am a full time writer, full time admin person and a full time mother (which is at least two more times than I actually have but somehow I'm making it work while still finding time to watch TV and read).

I've always loved stories: watching them, reading them, or telling them. I've recently self-published my first novel and I'm very excited to see about making my dreams come true.

I like alternate realities, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, superpowers, alternative history and secret societies. That's what inspires my work.

My Review
I've come to really like this series! Book two is just as great as book one and I definitely could not put this one down! There's so much going for it, a great supernatural twists, some good romance, excellent suspense and mystery, and some action thrown around some magic :) See, a little bit for everyone! I love the take the author has on skinwalkers. They are not quite like shifters and weres in your normal paranormal stories and this are protectors and guardians. I love how the author has done this and what a great way she does it!
Ron is our main man, and he's running for his life. Now there's a lot of mystery about what he is running from. But this kept me in suspense of needing to know. And Lily is our leading lady. I love that she is strong and smart and funny. They have a wonderful relationship that grown. I loved that the skinwalker part is not so cliched either, with a bear instead of your normal wolf- now don't get me wrong I LOVE wolves, but it was just too cool how this one was done. And I loved how the locals took care of Ron and helped him. As a common goal, Ron and the locals are all dealing with the same issue, the bad people. :)
I really enjoy this author's writing. She has a way of captivating you and ensaring you with her words and endearing you to her characters. I definitely look forward to the next book in this series. I loved it!! 5 PAWS!!