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Sydney Somers FREEBIE, SALE, and goodies :)

So I recently became lovely friends with Ms Sydney Somers- she writes some awesome books!! So, today I wanted to share that she has some goodies out and about! Let me show you :) 

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Hi everyone! 

The second Spellbound book, Don't Let Go, is now available on Amazon and on sale for 2.99 for this weekend only, then it's going up to it's regular 3.99 price. And not only that, but Say You're Mine is FREE this weekend on Amazon. No Kindle device? Click here.

Next month watch for the re-release of my out of print novella, By the Light of the Moon. I'll be posting the blurb on my website and Facebook soon, so stay tuned. Right now I'm working on the next gargoyle book, Primal Bounty and I'm having a blast writing Vaughn and Elena's story. She is a wild heroine and it's fun watching her push Vaughn's buttons.

DON'T LET GO Sneak Peek

Private investigator Finn Calder would sooner take a Lancaster witch out to dinner than work another cheating spouse case, and that’s saying something considering the long-standing feud between their two families.
But when gorgeous Bree Jacobs lap dances her way into his investigation, Finn is convinced things are finally looking up. Until he realizes the woman he’s falling for may be the prime suspect in a brutal homicide.
Bree Lancaster Jacobs never expected to be attracted to a cocky P.I. with his share of family secrets. Not even an age-old rivalry can stop her from craving Finn’s touch. Forced to work closely with him to find the real murderer, Bree knows she’s in real danger of losing her heart to a man who could never love her.

“Did hell freeze over?”
Finn Calder didn’t glance away from the window and the fading sunlight falling over the city. “If it did, I’m not dressed for the occasion.”
His youngest sister Violet sighed and came to stand beside him. Dressed in a stunning red cocktail dress that was entirely too short for kid sister standards, she stared up at him in that quietly assessing way of hers that made him twitchy.
Wherever the hell her cop boyfriend was taking her tonight, Finn hoped they were leaving soon. As much as he’d miss the opportunity to torment the detective she’d gone and stupidly fallen in love with, Finn would rather skip the part where her love is magic vibes started to suffocate him.
“I’m talking,” Violet continued, “about the fact that it’s Saturday night and you’re working. You always have a date lined up.”
“I canceled.”
Violet snorted, perching herself on the edge of his desk, arms crossed. The look on her face reminded him of his mother and the time she didn’t believe that it was Finn’s older brother Dante who got red paint all over the clean sheets she’d hung outside to dry.
It certainly hadn’t helped Finn’s case that he hadn’t thought to use his magic to erase the evidence staining his own palms before she tracked him down in the lopsided tree house he and Dante had built.
But this time he wasn’t lying.
Violet cocked her head. “You’re telling me you canceled a date on a Saturday night with what’s her name?”
“Michelle,” he provided.
“MacKenzie,” Violet corrected with a grin.
He narrowed his eyes. She had set him up on that one. “Right.” He dropped back in the black leather chair behind his desk and swiveled it around in a circle.
“You’re actually telling me the truth.”
She could try not to sound so shocked. “Why would I lie?”
“I never thought I’d see the day my brother, the player, canceled a date.”
“It wasn’t going anywhere.”
“Your relationships never go anywhere. Wait, does dating for a week or two even constitute as a relationship?”
With a shrug, he grabbed a pencil and bounced the end on the edge of his day planner. He was bored and restless and should have jumped at the chance to get away from the same four walls he spent far too much time in.
Instead he called his date at the last minute, and for what? To sit here and feel envious of what Violet and Reece had? Damn, there really was something wrong with him.
“Are you working a case?” Doubt still flickered in Violet’s eyes, as though she figured there had to be another excuse for him ditching his date.
“I might be,” he said, relieved for the change in subject. Anything was better than dissecting why he’d chosen to spend a perfectly good Saturday night alone. “I have a meeting shortly, but that’s not why I canceled.”
He still didn’t know why he canceled. There wasn’t anything wrong with Michelle—MacKenzie. She was nice to talk to, easy on the eyes, wasn’t clingy. So what was his problem?
And why was he so fixated on examining this? Lots of guys just hung out and did guy things on the weekend. Drank beer. Watched sports. Maybe that was all he needed. Some guy time.
Finn reclined in the chair, feeling better.
“You know what Aunt Gertie would say about this, don’t you?”
Aunt Gertie had something to say about everything. “I’d rather not know.”
“She’d say it’s because you’re finally ready to find your soul mate.”
Finn felt his feet leave the floor, the reclined position of the chair carrying him backward.
Aequus.” At the last second the chair leveled out on Violet’s command. Her lips twitched. “I should have let you fall.”
Finn righted himself and the chair and stabbed his pencil at the door she’d left open when she walked in without knocking. “Go bug your boyfriend.”
Violet laughed and pushed off from his desk. “You know he’s still sore at you for your last stunt.”
Grinning, Finn recalled the minor change in hair color Reece had woken up to last week. He thought the pepto-pink rather suited the pain-in-the-ass detective, a well-suited nickname he’d used fondly until he and Violet started seeing each other. Now she expected him to actually be nice to the guy.
Luckily, he’d only received one e-mail from the Tribunal for that little prank. The three member council that governed magic use for all witches and warlocks in the Calder, Lancaster and Hastings families had, however, warned him a personal visit would be forthcoming the next time he used his magic against another without provocation.
A change of hair color hardly constituted as an act of malice from where Finn stood, but there was no such thing as a gray area as far as the Tribunal was concerned. Everything was black or white. And if it wasn’t “white” you could be in serious trouble.
Finn wasn’t interested in having his magic bound. The only thing more annoying than having to deal with the detective at all would be facing him daily and not being able to at least threaten to do worse than pink hair.
He shuddered at the possibility of it ever coming to that.
Finn tried not to dwell on exactly how much the Tribunal knew about him at any given time. Not one to be creeped out by much, the thought of any one of the council members poking around inside his mind during the more intimate moments in his life left him unsettled.
Violet had had her own brush with the Tribunal after a drug dealer and an old woman forced her to use her magic in self-defense. Not to mention they hadn’t been thrilled to find out a detective knew about their existence.
In the face of the unexpected circumstances surrounding Violet and Reece getting together, his sister had been forgiven for not first seeking the Tribunal’s permission to tell Reece everything.
Violet paused in the doorway. “I’d tell you not to work too hard, but that’s rarely a problem for you.”
Laughing, he winked at his baby sister. If Reece broke her heart, there would be pieces of him all over the damn city by the time Finn tore him apart. Then he’d really have the Tribunal all over his ass.
“Call me tomorrow.” Violet disappeared down the hall.
Ready to find his soul mate. Finn snorted. He believed in them as much as he still believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

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Keep watch as I'm reading these book RIGHT NOW, so I can talk about how awesome they are. In the meantime, don't forget to grab your freebie of book one, so you can get in on the action! 

Thanks Ms Sydney for letting me share your goodies!! :) 

Happy reading and Later Gators! 

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