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Stones and Finger Bones by Jessica Minyard w Giveaway!

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Stones and Finger Bones (The Black Towers, #1)
Book & Author details:

Stones and Finger Bones by Jessica Minyard
(The Black Towers #1)
Publication date: February 10th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Aurelia Barone, Jewel of Starry Stone, harbors no illusions about the purpose of her life as heir to the throne. But after two failed betrothals, she starts to feel like nothing more than a pawn being moved aimlessly about a game board.
Until the night she loses everything.

Kidnapped by a wise-cracking mercenary with more than one identity, Aurelia embarks on a mission across land and sea to avenge her father’s death.

But an evil is rising from the ashes of memory. Insidious magic is stirring. The dregs of a once-powerful nation are thirsty for blood and revenge.

They seek to harness Aurelia. To tempt her. To manipulate her.

And if necessary, to destroy her.


My Review
This is a new series and a new author. And it was great! I loved that I got all point of views from multiple characters because you got to see so much! You see the bad guy, the good guy, the main lady, and even a few on the side :) This one I couldn't put down because I wanted to know so much more and I can't wait to see what is gunna go down after this. But let me tell you! I totally was devastated at the end. So if you are looking for the happy, not so in depth story, this one isn't for you. If you want action, amazing story telling, and some heart wrenching moments that will blow your mind, this one is yours!! 

Aurelia is the Princess. She was raised to be queen. Her dad, the king, is a strong man and has particular views. But he's murdered and leaves the kingdom in utter chaos with a stand in king who will ruin it. And in the mean time, Aurelia is taken from her room, and dragged, because she needs to learn exactly what's going on and surrounding her life. She's been told a lot of lies. She's got some spunk and I loved that.  I don't know if all of her decisions are the right ones, but they were hers to make, so we will have to see what the out come will be after all that has happened. And a lot of things have happened. Rycen takes her, then sweeps her off her feet, then puts her in some conspicuous positions. LOL I loved their banter! And their adventure, because things changed, and Aurelia grew up and grew into herself. Who she is supposed to be. 

Rycen is awesome. He has some gall. He's got some attitude too :) And he's got some crazy friends in weird places. And he's connections open Aurelia's eyes. Like with the widow who saves him. This situation is the first real eye opener to her, and how life is outside the castle. And because of people and things like this, Aurelia is going to have to put some serious lives on the line, hers included. I really want to talk about some of the side characters, but I seriously don't know how, without telling you significant things that will ruin at least something for you. Just know that there's some very cool characters along the way. Gian, Carra, Serry, the captain, Benigo is my ultimate favorite... That's all you get, names :) 

The story is so well done, and told so beautifully. I wasn't sure what to expect really, but I loved it. I think the world building is fantastic and the atmosphere keeps you captivated in the story. My only hope is that "ending" in the end of the book. Please don't let that be the end! LOL Or there better be some really great reason, because I do not think Romeo and Juliet is romantic, it's freaking tragic hahaha I really can't wait to read book two!! :) AMAZING!! 5 PAWS! 


Jessica wrote and illustrated her first story in the fourth grade. “The Dragon of Grindley Grun” was about an evil wizard, a princess, and a dragon who was actually a prince. She likes to think her writing has evolved since that very first story, even though she still writes about magic and evil wizards...sometimes.

She likes to sing loudly and dance on occasion without being particularly talented at either. Her interests include reading, writing, procrastinating, animal advocacy, musicals, accessories, memes, Harry Potter, and sweet tea.

Jessica lives in Kentucky with a spoiled pitbull.

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