Alpha Wanted: Part 1 is OUT EARLY!

Here's all the juicy stuff you need to know. The cover and synopsis, plus that all-importantbuy link. Oh, did I mention it's only .99c/99p?And of course, it's free in KU. Part 2 will be released a week today (April 3rd), and part 3 a week later (April 10th).
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Alpha Wanted 1 OTHER SITES

Agent Kira 'Midnight' Knight is a force to be reckoned with at the Paranormal Division of the Secret Intelligence Service. She's a fierce werewolf, highly intelligent and maintains quite a smart mouth.

Lieutenant Colonel Ryker 'Storm' West commands a small team of elite werewolf soldiers, including his Military Working Dog, Nero. He's logical, loyal and deadly.

When the Director of P.D.S.I.S assigns Kira the task of recruiting Ryker to the agency, conflict soon compromises the logistics of an easy case.

With a fiery relationship bubbling between them, they're faced with a tough decision.
Follow orders or follow their heart.

**WARNING! This is part 1 of a 3-part serial. The story expands through each part where it'll eventually conclude in part 3. Nothing is resolved until then. Due to mature content readers are advised to be 17/18+**

My review

Oooohhhh!!! I loved this one! It's just the first few chapters so we're just getting to become acquainted with out new lovely werwolves!! I loved Ryker and Kira!! Kira is hard and a little cold, but she's learning that her lack of family and love has been causing her more pain than helping. Ryker is awesome! Though he's ruthless he is also fun loving and he had an awesome team! His dog Nero is my most favorite!! 

I can't wait to read part I I!! 5 PAWS!!!