Friday, March 6, 2015

Something fun, a little personal, and If you're looking for reviews...

So, today, I have something to show you, something else to ask you, and maybe just some fun things :) If you followed me through my previous blog on wordpress (Happy tails and tales) you may already know a few things about me. I've done some random things that I've posted about. Well, I just wanted to share a few things here, too. :) Sometimes, it's nice to know who's behind that compute screen. 

First up, I saw the coolest thing today. I got an email from an author, asking if I would like to review their book. I get emails decently often so I love seeing what I'll get. This is the cool part. The author told me how she found me. This website called Published to Death... 
VERY COOL WEBSITE by the way. You see, she found me on a list this blogger has done. She made a list of blogs and what the reviewers read and how they want to be contacted. She did this on her own. I am SO DAMN IMPRESSED!! So, if you are an author, you may want to check the list out here

Yep, I'm a good way down the list, but I am just honored to have made that list, because who knew that people even knew about me. LOL I read and review as a hobby, so I never realized my name floated around that much. She's very organized as well, with names, site addresses, review policies (like the one I have at the top of the page) how to contact, as well as what the review prefers in genre.

So with that said... pass that around. There's never enough words going on about books. :)

Next up... I'm gunna give you some fun and some personal goodies. So, I know people see me talk about being cajun and loving food. I will prove it in a moment. BUT I know all kind of people love food. So, I am wondering. Would you guys like to see me post some recipes? Of course they will be along the lines of how we do it here in south Louisiana. That means, forgive me, I don't do the fake shit. Yes, I really call it that. I am not your kid to ask how to do it "low cal" hahahaha We use real butter and the fattening goodies around here. I will tell you how to make it taste exceptionally good! Like moan embarassingly in public good hahahaha :) We also do some things that are not always "normal" to a lot of places. After having friends from other states and places, I learned that people don't always know what rice & gravy, boudin, gumbo, etc are. Dear God, I could cry when people don't know about the "good shit" as I love to say.

Below, I am going to list a voting poll. I am thinking maybe once or twice a month, I would do recipes. It's really just a way to give yall goodies. Yes, we say yall. I think maybe we could find some things we all like. LOL Maybe I will open it to guest posts from some of you if any one is interested to what you guys love to make. :) LOL Now, let me tell you how this little crazy came about.... So, my grandma had a pretty intense surgery (again) this week. My grandpa is like me- he freaking loves to eat. LOL But taking complete care of someone who is recovering doesn't leave time or energy to have good food, especially if you have to cook it yourself. And yes we can all make quick fixes, but around here, that is in emergencies hahahaha So, I decided that the night before I would go all in, and cook lots of things. My mom and her sister did the same. I swear we cooked enough for an army hahahaha BUT, I took pictures. I'm also gunna have to start paying attention and not throwing things in pots because I'm famous for not measuring things LOL... Yes, I will list what I'm doing with the pictures. I was cooking multiple things all at the same time. :)

This above is all the prep I did for a soup I love. A lot of people may know of the Zuppa Tuscana soup from Olive Garden. Well I found my own little recipe to tweek and then I also get to pick most of this stuff out of my grandparent's garden. We live next door to each other on our cattle farm :) Now, we just raise what we need, so there's lots of love put into things. :) The big pot above is where everything meets but my onions and butter are sauteeing in there. The skillet has italian sausage and bacon cooking. My Kale was frozen, so it's defrosting. LOL We grow and freeze around here so things stay fresh. 

This is my pot roast in my slow cooker. This is the first time I've cooked it like this. EVERY THING in this pot, except the bottled seasonings, came from my yard. Yes, the roast came from my yard too. I cry every year when we pick a cow because I'm killing a friend. :( It's hypocritical I know, to kill animals I am an activist for, I know that too. But we eat, and I refuse to buy things that I don't know where they came from or how they were treated. No factory farming or mistreated will be eaten here. Now, with that said, potatoes, carrots, parsley, garlic, some seasoning, and I cooked it all night. Holy goodness, it was fantastic :) 

And in case you wondered, that's my Pat O'Brien's glass with some yummy wine in it, because I liked to reward my hard work hahahahaha :) I figured you would need a little proof to know that when I come home from taking care of everyone's pets, I come home and cook just like everyone else. I don't cook big like this often, but between me and all my food, and my mom's, who cooked 3 things, my grandparents had several different meals, and that's one less thing to worry about :) These are the kind of things I would post recipes. Some people are like me, single, or small families, and some people have large families. So, there would be different kind of things. I cook weird things, my grandpa is a pie baker, my aunt is a phenomenal baker-brownies are her specialty- and between us, there's a whole lot of recipes I could fill you up. LOL I'm also willing to take requests as well. If there is something you would be interested in seeing, I would take that into account too. 

Now, one last thing. On the personal side, I've done some re-imaging lately. You see I was born this cute little blonde child. Yeah, I was cute and sweet, and innocent. 

See cute little kid right! HAHAHA And then I grew up.... 

And then some things happened that changed my life- both for the bad and the good, and I needed a change. So, a year after that picture was taking, I was a little devastated and I wanted to look at someone else in the mirror, so I changed my hair... 

I scared some people because I went so drastically different. Yep, I went auburn with brown from blonde hahaha I've done different versions of this over the years. This one below was taken for my cousin's wedding this past November. Yeah, I don't wear makeup or fix my hair often, so I swear my whole family took a million pictures LOL 

And last week, my mom had been begging for YEARS for me to stop dying my hair dark and to go back lighter... So I gave it to her. LOL with a purple streak of course LOL 

So now you know ;P

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