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Broken Blood by Heather Hildenbrand w Giveaways!!

How do you defeat an enemy that knows your every thought … even as you think it?

Broken Blood (Dirty Blood Book 5) 

I thought watching my Werewolf boyfriend get arrested for murder was the worst experience of my life. But then I was knocked out and dragged off to a cell of my own by the very people who were supposed to protect me from danger.

I thought being held prisoner in solitary confinement for weeks on end was the worst experience of my life. But then a visitor came, and I realized I’d been wrong all along. There are worse things than torture and death. Much worse.

He wants my blood. More than that, he wants to get into my head. To use my bond to control his army, to wipe the world clean of anything with dirty blood. I can’t let that happen, but if I don’t he’ll kill every single person I’ve ever cared about—beginning with my Werewolf pack.

The prophecy said I would have to make an impossible choice, but I must be doing this wrong—so far every choice I’ve made has only led to more pain and danger and death. Hunters are pitted against Werewolves and I’m alone in my war against Gordon Steppe. I can’t fight him off anymore; all I can do is try to keep him out of the important places. And I’m failing at even that.

I thought the demons were out there, clearly marked and clinging to the shadows. But they’re not. The monsters are within the ranks of those sworn to protect. The enemy is among us.

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COLD BLOOD (Dirty Blood #2)
Cold Blood (Dirty Blood, #2)
Sometimes Family Can be the Death of You

Wood Point Academy is not at all what I expected.
For one thing, it looks like a cross between military school and Buckingham Palace. Everyone stares, the floors shine so bright you can see your reflection in them from a mile away, and no one smiles.

At least I’ve got plenty to take my mind off the fact that my psycho cousin, Miles De’Luca, keeps calling and declaring his love and promising to come for me just as soon as he’s destroyed anyone standing in our way. Wes isn’t going to like that idea. So between Miles, Wood Point’s evil welcoming committee, and the drill sergeant hottie trainer from hell, I just keep asking myself, how did I end up here?

Guest Post, A POV from Alex!! :) 
Cold Blood Chapter Twenty-Five: Alex

The radio crackled out some country song that was nothing more than a tenor voice whining for more whiskey. I didn’t pay it any attention but I didn’t turn it off, either. The background noise helped numb the fear that had settled so deeply into my chest, it left an ache similar to what I imagined a heart attack to feel like.
Tara had almost died.
I couldn’t shake the image of her lying on her back with that … thing hovering over her, about to take a bite. Each time I allowed myself to remember, the memory swept me up and threatened to overwhelm me. I took a steadying breath and gripped the wheel tighter. I had to think of something else—anything else—to distract myself.
Unwittingly, another image floated in my mind. Tara in the hotel room we’d shared for a few hours. So much of her skin bared. Bruised. Swollen. It had been both beautiful and horrific seeing her that way. And then lying next to her, sleeping, and the kiss … it had been more than I’d hoped for, her kissing me back.
She certainly hadn’t kissed me back that day in the woods. Then again, I was pretty sure she’d been in shock. I hadn’t exactly planned it, but the way her face looked in that moment … fear of Miles, complete trust in me. And then she’d been angry. There was nothing more beautiful than an angry Tara. Or so I’d thought until she’d kissed me the way she had in the hotel room. The memory of that feeling would warm me for many, many nights to come.
“How bad is this going to be for me, exactly?” Tara asked.
I kept my gaze trained on the road but her question jolted me back to harsh reality. The kiss was over. Our time together, blocking out the world and pretending it didn’t exist, was over. We were almost back to school.
“That depends,” I answered her.
“On what?”
“On our method of entry. Do you want to announce your return?”
“Um, do I have a choice?”
I knew what she was asking and I’d already worked out the answer. The shoulder widened just ahead. Perfect. “Yes.” I pulled over and got out.

We left the truck and began our hike through the darkened woods. It took my eyes a moment to adjust and then shapes of trees and the familiar, yet narrow, path came into focus. I kept my steps small so she could keep up and led the way.
She asked me about the logistics of returning this way: the truck, the wards (as if they worked anymore). I could hear the irritation in my voice as I answered her but I couldn’t help it. We were almost back to reality. There was so much to say. And she’d rather talk about the damned truck.
 She must’ve caught on because I heard, “Alex, wait.”
I kept walking.
Her hand closed over my arm, my skin heating automatically where her fingers touched me. Right now, I hated my body. 
“What’s your problem?” she demanded.
“Nothing. We’re almost back to school. I assume you’ll want to forget about anything that happened between us once we’re there. I’m simply switching gears to accommodate.” I felt petulant and immature saying it, but I didn’t care.
“Switching gears to accommodate?” she echoed. I could hear her temper rising in her voice. Something in my gut warmed in anticipation of a good fight. “What are you, a robot?” I kept my mouth shut, willing her to go on, to say something that mattered. “I didn’t say anything because … well, it’s complicated. You know that.” She paused. The fire had gone out of her voice. “You haven’t said anything, either.”
“You’re right. I guess I figured I made things clear.” I let sarcasm drip from my words. Baiting her.
She laughed and my nerves pricked. “Have you ever actually had a girlfriend? Because you really suck at this.” I opened my mouth to snap back a retort, but she went on, “Don’t answer that. Seriously, though, you can’t kiss a girl and expect her to automatically know your feelings through osmosis or something. Besides, when I met you, you hated me. And now you’re kissing me. So, pardon me if that leavese me a little confused.”
“I didn’t hate you.”
“Pot-ay-toes, pot-ah-toes. You were disgusted, at least.”
I shook my head and the words were out before I could stop them. “You don’t disgust me, Tara. You amaze me, impress me, surprise me, entertain me. You definitely don’t disgust me.”
I clamped my mouth shut, horrified and elated that I’d finally said it. I couldn’t take it back, no matter her response, but I didn’t really want to, now that it was out there.
She didn’t answer and my heart plummeted to somewhere around my knees. “Do I do any of those things for you?” I asked, hating how desperate I sounded. And felt.
She stared at me, the whites of her eyes barely visible in the darkness. “Yes,” she whispered.
My heart soared. I wondered if he could hear us from where I knew he waited in the trees up ahead. I hoped so. Something twisted inside me really, really hoped so. I allowed myself three seconds to enjoy my triumph and then reality came crashing in around me. “And does Wes do any of those things for you?” I asked, trying not to choke on the name.
“Yes,” she repeated, her eyes darting away.
I changed my mind. Hopefully he couldn’t hear us.
The ache in my chest returned—for different reasons. It was my own fault. I’d known the answer the moment I’d asked.
“I think it’s best that we leave it there then. For now.” She didn’t speak and I knew the moment was done. “Let’s get you back to school and focus on getting Miles.”
“Okay.” She sounded defeated.
Exactly how I felt.

My Review

So, everyone knows I’ve been a stalker for Ms Heather. In her own faulting, she encouraged it LOL and on top of that, I got to meet her, she came to Nola and we had a lovely lunch, gave her big hugs, and then tell her how much I love her hahahaha Now, that’s she’s giving me the ending to my probably favorite series of books, I’m pretty sure I can say that, I have a lot of things to say. And shockingly, I seem speechless when I try to say them. So, heads up, there may be some spoilers with things I’m about to go on about :) First, I am still officially Team Alex. I think I always will be. BUT before someone throws something lethal at my head, I am also Team Wes—FOR TARA!! Her and Wes really do fit so damn well together. He has redeemed his stupid, especially in this book. He finally admits that he needs to treat Tara as an equal and nothing less. And he’s just lovable ok. Come on, everyone loves this damn dude! Me included. But I will always be Team Alex. He will always be my broken bad boy who is too bad ass not to love. And hey, he’s freaking HAWTER than I know what to do with :) Now, with that said, I am thanking every star, Heather, and anyone who will let me thank them, because if you didn’t know this, I’m pretty sure my begging is the root, we are going to get a spin off. Yes, you heard me. We will see these characters again. No, Tara and Wes will NOT be the main stars but they will be around. And ALEX BETTER GET HIS OWN DAMN STORY… Ok, trying not to threaten here. LOL And one more thing…. Way to give me the most epic ending. We get happy times. I believe that the characters in this whole series have earned it! 

I love when a series finishes and the ending and wrap up leaves you so satisfied, not missing anything, and it’s a bittersweet but epically awesome moment. I am pretty sure I cried just a little bit with the last words. It is NOT the first or even tenth time I cried for these books. I reread this series multiple times. This one may be the hardest one to read. Things are falling apart, everyone is in a state of down fall, and things don’t look like there’s a way out or up. But of course Tara is kick ass, she always has been.

So, I gotta say, I’m terribly impressed. Characters that I haven’t been happy with have surprised me. Other characters I loved have given me hope. And most of the first half of the book is almost depressing. We knew Tara was gunna have to do a big face off with Gordon Steppe. I was not prepared for something so hard. But no worries. Tara finds a way, she always does. And it’s not some big crazy thing. It’s her team, her family, her friends, surrounding her, helping her, which always makes victory just all that much sweeter. And guess what, I’m ok with some of those deaths :). And holy shit batman, CORD! So, I didn’t really like her, but I felt for her. Now, I think I love her. Let the bad-assery begin!! And Cambria—the real Cambria must be smiling like a fool with her character’s turn out—but the character Cambria, I can only say I am over the moon with her turn out. Like seriously happy. And to Derek, Logan, Tara’s mom, grandmother, Jack, Fee, freaking Kane, the mean girl who turned into a friend, and the professors, and those werewolves who maybe weren't major in the whole series, but who have had some path with this ending…. Well played Ms Hildenbrand, well played!

If you haven’t read a book by Heather, I do believe you are missing out. She has a magical way with words. But mostly, it’s how much she puts into her characters that do it for me. You know, with Linc and Ven, there’s just as much charisma and depth and emotion as with Tara and Wes. That would be her other totally awesome series :) There is no other way to say this, other than to say I think you should read this series, especially for ALEX, because I am understanding that I'm not the only one who loves him, but any of her books in general. And if you met her, you’d know she’s just as awesome in person as she is behind those words. So with that, I don’t think there could ever be enough stars, paws, claws, for a rating. But 5 PAWS it is, because this has been one of the best rides! I’m so glad I accidentally picked up book one on Amazon, read it, and I haven’t looked back since :) well except maybe when I reread Alex’s awesome parts hahahahaha!!!! Thank you ma'am for always giving me the awesome!