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Jaxon won! Now let's kick @$$ in Round 2!! With giveaways of course :)


 Jaxon vs Bowen  Round 2 Match 3

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Top 5 Reasons Why Jaxon Westgate is the Ultimate Hero


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Bridges Burned is the second book in the Going Down In Flames series. Jaxon was a serious ass-hat in book one (Going Down In Flames) but by book two he's discovered that Bryn is honorable and has developed a deep seated loyalty towards her.

1. Jaxon is a Blue dragon. Once you've won Jaxon's respect he will stand by you until his last breath. (And look hawt while doing so.)

2. Jaxon looks like the all american male who should be walking down the beach carrying a surf board. Golden tan skin, Blond tousled hair, bright blue eyes. Check out these photos of how I imagine Jaxon.

Serious sexy young man

3. Jaxon can be fierce one moment and gentle the next. Here is a moment in the book where he came through for Bryn when she was injured.

Jaxon climbed into the pit and placed one arm under Bryn’s lower back and one under her knees. “I’ve got her weight.” … “Look at me, Bryn.” Jaxon held her gaze. “You can do this.” In a swift motion, he pulled her upward and cradled her to his chest.

4. Favorite Jaxon quote when Bryn asks him if he has to be so condescending.

"I strive to be just condescending enough but the balance is hard to maintain."

5. All snarkiness aside, Jaxon is fiercely loyal and fights to protect those he deems worthy. Here he is defending a friend.

"If you ever refer to Rhianna as damaged again I will do all within my power to make your life a living hell."

If you enjoy fiercely-loyal yet snarky, golden-skinned, blue eyed men who will defend you until death, then vote for Jaxon Westgate.

Find out more about Jaxon in Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon

And if you need to see why he won round one, here's some goodies to show you :) 

Why you should vote for Jaxon

Hello everyone!!! Today I get to Champion a Book Boyfriend Favorite!! You see, Entangled is doing something awesome. They are pitting hero characters from their published books against each other! YAY! And I chose Jaxon from the Going Down in Flames Series by Chris Cannon! Today, Jaxon is going up against Bowen from Risking It All. by Tessa Bailey. We won round one, so now we gotta win round two, so I am expecting all my cool followers to help me promote him. And of course that means getting down and dirty, though that’s just me, as Jaxon probably would never stoop to those levels hahahaha!!!! So, Let me tell you a little about him, and below that I’ll show you how to vote and his books!!

Appears in: The Going Down in Flames series by Chris Cannon
 Bridges Burned (Going Down in Flames, #2)
The wonderful author so graciously let me show you some AWESOME pictures of how she sees Jaxon, which also fits my brain as well. So Here we go!

One-sentence summary: honorable, slightly stuck up, HAWT, blue clan dragon shifter

Physical description: tousled blond hair, bright blue eyes, golden skin like a surfer. He looks like the all american boy next door

Description from the wonderful author:  Jaxon Westgate is the son of the man Bryn’s mom jilted. He’s been raised to despise her because she damaged his family’s reputation and standing in the dragon community. THEN, Jaxon’s mother and Bryn’s grandmother scheme to set up an arranged marriage between the two. Neither Bryn nor Jaxon is thrilled with this idea.
Jaxon is loyal, honorable, and arrogant and did I mention that he’s hot?

His weapon/swoon-worthy moment: With Bryn hurt, Jaxon comes to the rescue…
Jaxon climbed into the pit and placed one are under Bryn’s lower back and one under her knees. “I’ve got her weight.” … “Look at me, Bryn.” Jaxon held her gaze. “You can do this.” In a swift motion, he pulled her upward and cradled her to his chest.
— so without spoilers, I think this exact moment is where I fell for Jaxon. Because you see, I actually despised Jaxon in most of book one. Until the end. And at the end, and going into book two, you are getting to see Jaxon as a person, not just a dragon. Yeah, he’ some kinda HAWT!!!

My Favorite Jaxon Quote:
He looked at his shoes while he spoke. “I suppose it’s too late to suggest you adopt another kitten, instead?” His tone was dry, but there was truth in his words. ~Bridged Burned
My Second Favorite Jaxon Moment:
“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but your brand of insanity rubs off. In the sixteen years I’ve been alive, I’ve never seen my mother in her pajamas. It’s disturbing, and it’s your fault.” ~ Going Down in Flames
My third, but not last favorite Jaxon Moment:
Jaxon draped his jacket over her legs. “Can you sit up?”…. “Tell me I didn’t flash the entire class.” “About a third of them know you wear stockings. I’ll keep the information about the bumblebees to myself.”