Friday, June 26, 2015

Desert Fate by Anna Lowe Review!

Desert Fate (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, #3)

Author: Anna Lowe
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Title: Desert Fate
Series: The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, Book 3 (this is a standalone 
Length: 50,000 words
Release date: May 7

Kyle Williams is just a lone wolf trying to settle in to a new skin. But 
when the brown-eyed girl from his past turns up, bloodied by a rival 
male, the instinct to protect overrides everything else—including duty 
to his pack. 

Stefanie Alt is a woman on the run, and fate is hot on her heels. The 
only one who can help her is the neighborhood bad boy she once knew. But 
even after one hot night under the desert moon, Stefanie isn’t sure she 
can trust him—or herself. 

There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of 
shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love. 

My Review

I love this series!! I still haven't read book one but I loved book two and book three sealed the deal for me. I freaking love all these characters so very much. I especially loved seeing the changes that happened since the ending of book two! And for you new comers to the series- no worries!! You can pick this book up with no problems at all. You'll be like me, wanting the others just because!! Plus, I'm a huge werewolf fan so ya know! I think this book had been the most suspenseful so far. I loved how it was life or death almost all the time with that big ole threat of the big bad wolves hanging over their heads. 

Stephanie had a good life... Until her job took her to the wrong client. Who went psycho on her! With teeth! And now, she's freaked out and has no where to go and no one to help. So she runs. And ends up near Twin Moons. And into the dust of her childhood friend. She is also losing her mind. Or so she thinks, because she has all this weird now. A voice in her head, heightened smells and sounds. Odd feelings. She's also so normal that you can't help but love her. She's a little broken, but just a little- like we all are.  She's lost all control and sense of being. Until Kyle- who throws her off balance and makes her feel things she doesn't grasp. Well, until she literally grasps and then it's all whirlwinds from there hahaha!!

Kyle is beautifully broken. He's had so much hurt and so much isolation, even if it's self inflicted. He's strong and caring and he's alpha in a crazy way lol he had the same thing. He was attacked. He not only understands Stephanie's situation, but he feels for her, and not just pity. He's always lived on the outside, including from the pack. He's an excellent book boyfriend. His fears come from his life and his endurance has stemmed from those bads. And goods, because he remembers Stephanie and her friendship helped him then. Her love healed him now. It's so damn romantic I actually cheered!!! They are each other's ying and yang. And regardless of obstacles and persistence of shouldn't, they found a will. 

And with the plot. Well, crazy men make crazy wolves. Oh and high five to our lovely pack for, even late, showing up to the party!! I loved that part most!! And though I talked about suspense, the romance was beautiful. The healing of love and friendship is very significant and it's also real emotion. Everyone wants love and acceptance and I've found it with all these wonderful characters!! This means the writing is damn good. Lol just in cased you missed my insinuations :) With that said, I'm basically begging for more! I absolutely cannot wait!!! 5 BEAUTIFUL WOLFY PAWS!! 

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