Monday, June 15, 2015

Broken Lies by Claire Vale Review!

Broken Lies (Broken, #1)
Broken Lies by Claire Vale 
(Broken #1) 
Publication date: March 10th 2015
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

Scientists predicted it would take seventy years for the Arctic Shelf to completely melt. In the end, it took less than five. We lost thirty percent of our land to the oceans and a big chunk of our structure to panic and anarchy.

The Melt crippled us.

But it was the Arctic Virus at the bottom of The Melt, trapped for millennia in the darkest depths of ice strata, that broke us. The real flood was the Living Corpses. A population of billions turned to soulless, rabid shells within months. That’s what washed away the human race as we know it.

Born into a post-apocalyptic world, Lake has grown up in the last city standing. Governed by what used to be the Queen’s Cold Stream  Guard, vaccinated against the threat, life in Windsor City is both harsh and fair. The rules are designed to strengthen the city and ensure survival.

Lake’s future is planned out with opportunities and unfair advantages and then there’s Ash—her best friend and hopefully more. Things could be worse, considering she’s living past the end of days. And, sometimes, she could definitely do with being a better person, which was what drafting into the Guard for two years of service was supposed to be about.

But she has no idea what she’s signed up for. The city is more vulnerable than she’d ever imagined, on its knees at the mercy of a megalomaniac organisation, and she’s just been chosen to pay the price.

My Review

I thought this was was such an interesting concept for a story. And it's something that could really happen, so it's great to see what someone else views as the action reaction response to what global warming could cause. And of course it's cool to see zombies. Oh wait, they are called living corpses-LC- here. And we're not on home soil, we're in England, kinda, which I caught on with some of the spellings and things that were described oddly LOL We start out several years after the flood, when everything started being covered by water from the polar ice caps melting. Things are different. The government built a wall for war protection but instead it helped saved people from drowning. 

Lake is a teenager, in her last year of schooling, about to go into the world for her apprenticeship. There hasn't been too many sightings of LCs but they are still around. When the ice caps melted, it released things that turned normal people into raving lunatics who eat each other. So, Lake was originally supposed to go into the fashion world, but then something happens and her options begin wilting. Lake is a little naive, but at the same time so rational. She wants things to be by the book, black and why, cut and dry. You see, she thinks that if everyone follows the rules, things will be like they are supposed to. And her BFF Ava is hilarious, and I love her. And then there's Ash. At first, all you know is that he's her best friend, maybe love, but he's been drafted. And I'm still not sure how I feel about him yet. And there's another guy. I hope we get to pick the other guy LOL well, maybe that is how I feel about the first guy :) hahahaha 

I liked the writing. Yes, it has a hunger games feel, but the writing style is different and the concept is different, but the dystopian feel matches. I actually really liked it. I am thinking I definitely want to read the next book. With that said, 4.5 Living Corpse PAWS :)