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V Girl by Mya Robarts w Giveaway and Review!

 The V Girl

The V Girl

Mya Robarts

Genre: Mature YA dystopia, Dystopian romance, NA dystopia,

Coming of age

Publisher: V press

Date of Publication: June 2015


Number of pages:370

Word Count: 106500

Cover Artist: Kitfoster

Book Description:

In post-apocalyptic North America, rape and sexual slavery are legal. Lila Velez, desperately wants to lose her virginity before the troops visit her town, and can take it away by force. She makes plans to seduce her only friend, Rey, the most attractive man in her town. Lila does not love him, but he is the only man who has shown her true affection, an affection she is willing to take as a substitute of love.

Lila’s coping mechanism to her mother’s violent attack is her secret. A secret that will bring her closer to Aleksey Fürst, a foreign, broody man that she distrusts because his links to the troops and his rough, yet irresistible appearance. He offers Lila an alternative to her plans, a possibility that terrifies her…and tempts her in spite of herself.

All the while Lila will have to find a way to live in the constant company of death, slavery, starvation, sexual abuse and the danger of losing the people she loves the most.

Due to strong language, violent scenes and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Just then I hear sounds above the current noise. Steps on the river beach. I’m barely armed not to mention undressed and unprepared. My razors might keep Starville peeping toms at bay, but they’ll be useless against soldiers.

I hear steps approaching and I wade away. In no time I find myself far from where I left my clothes. My best chance to safely get out of this situation is to avoid a fight. I can remain hidden if I move to the other side of the river behind the rocks. If soldiers see me so vulnerable and naked, I’m doomed.

I need to hurry. I have to head home soon and make sure my dad and siblings are safe.

The steps sound like they come from only one person but I can’t be sure. As they sound closer, I notice they come from my right.

I don’t know what I’m more afraid of: the intruder being an armed soldier or the fact of being caught so exposed.

Trying to not splash attract attention, I put distance between me and the steps. Hiding behind some bushes and rocks, I submerge myself, leaving only my head above the water line.

I stand still. Several minutes pass and I hear nothing. When I consider it safe to leave my hiding place, I swim, splashing as little as I can.

Then I notice something that makes my heart skip a beat.

I’m not the only person here. There’s someone else treading the water. I can’t see how many people are around, but I can hear as someone else splashes.

A feel of panic rushes hot through my veins.

I’m surprised no one’s attacked me yet. Haven’t they seen me? Does the splashing come from Starvillers hiding from the shots as well?

For a moment there’s only silence. Then another shot startles me and I fight my body to keep calm. I swim as fast as I can, not caring about silence anymore. Better to put distance between myself and my possible enemies. The water and the current make my escape slow. I reach a point where the water is only at my knees and I’m hiding behind a trunk.

Then I see him.

A young man, so tall and built that for a moment, I think he’s Sasquatch minus the fur. The water only covers him around the thighs. No one in Starville, not even Rey, is so big or built. His strong muscles reveal years of military training and hint at the drug use that makes Patriot soldiers so inhumanly tall and big. Wet strands of sandy blond hair run down his broad shoulders. A tattoo on his back tells me he has been in combat and is to be respected. A soldier! Something tells me he’s alone.

My stomach clenches in panic. I’m terrified of Patriot soldiers. They are sadistic giants and killing machines. The tonics they take to build their muscles and stature make them extremely dangerous and violent. And horny.

I lose sight of him for a moment. He emerges in a different spot where the water is deeper. He is so tall, the water covers only up his waist while he’s standing. He must be at least seven feet tall. When he moves I can see his most private areas. Every part of him is enormous.

He’s in the very spot I left my clothes. I could wait for him to go, but what if others come to join him? What if they plan to camp here? I want to go home to check on my dad and the twins. The possibility of being discovered with no one to witness when he rapes me makes the hairs on the back of my neck prick. I won’t wait for the coast to be clear, risking discovery and gang rape.

He doesn’t seem to be in attack mode. The soldier is inclined and rubbing foam around his huge torso. He is bathing! I suspect he has a good reason to be unbothered by the shots. If he’s not startled, it’s likely whoever’s making the racket will take his side.

Suppressing the fear that runs through my veins, I force my mind to remain focused. For a moment, I consider attacking him while he’s so naked and defenseless. I’ve been practicing knife throwing with my rebel group. But I’m still learning and suck at it. I rarely hit the target. Besides, Sasquatch’s nakedness and apparent relaxed behavior are deceiving. I’m armed while bathing, so he probably is too. What if he alerts his companions?

I don’t stand a chance fighting against a trained unit of steroid-injected soldiers. At this moment my only advantage is my knowledge of the hiding places of this river. And stealth. I can do stealth.

He’s blocking the only way to get my clothes and the safer spot to get out of the river. There’s a gargantuan rock behind him that reaches not far from where I’m hiding. If I could climb it unseen, I could get back my clothes and escape. The only other option is to swim to the other side, where the current is too strong.

The soldier submerges frequently and emerges several minutes after. I pay attention to the soldier’s face. He looks extremely sad. Sadness isn’t an emotion I associate with soldiers.

When he rubs his face with foam and closes his eyes, I silently approach the low part of the current and climb the rock. I’m still naked and holding a knife awkwardly. If I can pass him, I’ll hide on the other side and then dress completely unnoticed.

I put my foot on the base of the rock. The water has made it smooth and slippery. There are few places to put my fingers and climb on. But I manage to climb my way up.

When I’m almost at the top, I toss my knife over the rock to free my hands. From here I can confirm the soldier is by himself.

Sasquatch is back under the water now and hasn’t resurfaced for a while. In spite of the danger, I’m impressed. He has lung capacity.

The higher I climb, the less visible I become to him. He finally emerges to take air, but I hide until he goes back under.

I’m close to my goal when my feet become slippery traitors.

I fall to the water below me.

Butt first. Straight toward the soldier’s head.

  My Review
Let me start by saying this... This book is the most devastating, sexually frustrating, most arousing, absolutely horrifically beautiful book I've read in forever- or maybe just ever. I did not think I would like this book. I have my own tragedy from childhood so the mention of abuse and rape tend to steer me running in the opposite direction. Boy would I have regretted every word I didn't read of this book of I had passed on it. Now it's not light, short, or hollow. It's complex, terrible, haunting, tragic, and yet beautiful, loving, and magical all in one. This is a dystopian- but not a fantasy. That was my other doubt, as I strictly review paranormal/fantasy books. Let me make this clear before I go any further-- DO NOT PASS ON THIS BOOK!!!!! One more time- do not mistake a vague small blurb that you think you understand have you thinking that this book is not something completely magnificent. I did not think one should care so much about being a virgin, and thought I knew what was going to happen- no I was wrong. And I am both completely heartbroken and brilliantly captivated by the beauty of this book. Now- I will talk as much as I can about this book without spoilers because I think everyone should go into this book like I did- I never read a review for it on purpose- though I usually read a few before hand. I read the synopsis and went straight in and I was not only surprised, I was completely committed to every single word. 

I had a very surprising amount of conflicting emotions throughout this whole book. I laughed, I cried, I loved, I hated, I raged, and I completely broke down because it's inevitable if you even read a few pages. I am not sure I can express things without saying something that will ruin something else but I'm gunna try really hard. With the US bit longer that- it's split in two- with each side warring each other- some of the rules have changed. Rape is legal and condoned and completely almost celebrated with ceremonies- dear God I said some prayers while reading this book. Because of this- recruitment is a ceremony where the soldiers will take what they want, how they want, with whom they want.  And no one- nothing- can stop them nor can they run from it. Lila is set to have her recruitment ceremony soon- she's that age- and if she's a Virgin, she'll be forced to do things I never thought I could imagine. They call her V-girl like a derogatory name and she's desperate to make sure this first time, she has choices. So she is set to make her best friend sleep with her. But things don't always work out like we want- or even hope. Here and now- we want every girl to KEEP her v card for as long as possible. Lila lives in a world that if you possess that v card, it's a death sentence or pretty damn close to it. I will not explain this any more because you need to understand it from Lila. I think reading how she felt and what she thinks makes the world of a difference to get the full effect.  But I will talk about Lila. She's 18, she's pretty but everyone thinks she's strange so they avoid her and her family. Her dad is a doctor but it's a complicated thing in this time. Her was gravely injured in trying to protect Lila's mother, and that's a whole different category I can't explain. She has twin siblings whom I completely adored and fell in love with. Her best friend Rey is almost her saving grace, but he's her best friend, and they struggle through a whole heap of things throughout the whole story. I liked Rey, I wanted to cheer for him, but come on- Aleksy just stole the damn show from the moment Lila laid terrified eyes on him. He's a beautiful disaster and one that was so welcome. And sometimes- Lila needed a swift kick in the ass because when it came to those two in her life- she was so damn see-sawed with her feelings! Lawd I almost slapped her lol. But it's hard to judge someone when what they have over their hang is a life or death decision and can directly effect every single person connected to you.  When something so profoundly devastating happens to you- there's a lot of confusing things that will happen to you and your judgement too. And Lila won't be the only one who will have to deal with devastation in here. 

Now with the amount of frustrations here, there's only one real romantic sex scene. Notice I said romantic. Do not mistake this for a swoon worthy sweet romance. It's a romance but I will repeat tragic and disastrous and hauntingly beautifully brilliant. I have never been so heartbroken for so many different people. And if I can say one thing- do not so drugs- yes this means a whole lot if you read the book. But back on topic- when that romantic sex scene finally happened-I swear I was at a football game- hooting and hollering and crying like I won the game... I'm from the south ok- football is almost a religion lol along with food lol!! But let me say that I pretty much feared every other sex scene for good reason. This author does not leave one soul untouched! I am completely dumbfounded at how this author weaved her words to take something horrible and turn it to what it became.  And through it all- there was hope that hung on by a thread. And love that blossomed in the most hateful place of all. I freaking loved that part!!!!!! And most of all... Lila keeps her VGirl name- but virgin is not what it means, and I couldn't agree with her more! 

One small thing... I have to say this, I just can't not... There's some memorable moments that though I will completely befuddle your brain with, I must talk about them. They almost times... There are several and I swear I almost hyperventilated. The almost love of a best friend- though it turns to love but changes. The almost downfall of her sister and the true downfall of her other great friend. The love shared by that other couple- yeah I cheered for them. The right hand man and best friend if Aleksy and his complete tragic sacrifice for Lila- Tristan- if I could I would scoop you up, though there's multiple reasons you can't. The first kiss... Yeah I can't not mention that because it about blew my mind!! 

Ok enough- I think This may be the longest review I've ever written but I could go on- seriously-I have several more things I'd love to talk about. If you haven't noticed- the author has left an extreme imprint on me. That should say a lot to you about her skills of writing. I'm awed and amazed if you need a description. I don't know what else to say except read this. If only to show you that sometimes all you have is hope and you should hang on to it with every single piece of you that you have. And never let it go. Ever. And I will leave you with my 5 PAWs because this book should win awards- a lot of them. 


About the Author:

Mya Robarts is a bookaholic who regrets nothing.

She spent years trying to become a contemporary dance choreographer. Eventually she realized that she enjoyed writing her stories rather than dancing to them.

Robarts is obsessed with books that present damaged characters, swoon-worthy guys, controversial topics and happy endings.

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