Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alphas Unwrapped Box Set w Giveaway! A little of Santa's Naughty List!

Alphas Unwrapped: 21 New Steamy Paranormal Tales of Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Witches, Angels, Demons, Fey, and More
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: December 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Renee George
Boxed Set Description:
21 Paranormal Tales so hot, they're sure to make Santa's Naughty List! Now's your chance to own this LIMITED Edition Boxed Set for only .99 Cents. Grab your copy before it's gone! The alphas are hot! The heroines are sassy! These ALL NEW stories are guaranteed to heat up your holidays!

Bear Winter (The Pack Rules 8)
Michele Bardsley
After a vindictive wendigo nearly kills his brother and kidnaps his sister-in-law, bear shifter Gabe Pearson has no choice but to ask psychic and ex-fiance Hope Wheeler for help. Together, they will fight through vicious snowstorms, murderous shifters, and grievous emotional wounds to save Gabe's family--and get a second chance at love.
New York Times Best Selling Author, Michele Bardsley
Raging Winter: Max Denton Book 2 (The Gardella Vampire Hunters)
Colleen Gleason
England, 1922: Savina Eleaisa is certain the famous vampire hunter--and her former lover--Max Denton is dead. But when she follows a vampire to a Christmas house party at a large English estate, whom should she find but Max Denton, deep undercover--and not very happy to see her. "If Buffy visited Downton Abbey." --Laurie London
New York Times Best Selling Author, Colleen Gleason
Tristan's Escape: A Belador Novella
Dianna Love
Holidays stink when you're alone, but the only woman Tristan ever cared for betrayed him years ago. Sucker that he is, Tristan teleports another Alterant to Atlanta in December to propose to his girlfriend, and walks straight into an ambush ...along with the woman he vowed would pay for his five years of imprisonment. Now he has to choose between saving her and losing his freedom forever.
New York Times Best Selling Author, Dianna Love
Christmas Flame (A Flame Series Book)
Caris Roane
On Christmas Eve, vampire Officer Kyle Drake has finally persuaded the shy shifter, Verena, to go on a first date. His plans include a little mistletoe and a lot of seduction. But when a call comes in that a teenage girl has been abducted and Kyle and Verena go in pursuit, he fears the dangers of their world will once again force Verena back into her no-dating-ever mode...
New York Times Best Selling Author, Caris Roane

Invisible Betrayal: Invisible Recruits Novella
Mary Buckham
Street savvy Jaylene Smart is spending her DC holiday on a snatch and grab assignment to terminate a threat, but it beats sitting alone in an empty hotel room. Her target is way-out-of-her-league-powerful Herm Kane and stealing from him sends her into the dangerous underworld of preternaturals she never knew existed. Surviving will depend on teaming up the same sexy Herm Kane, the man she just betrayed.
USA Today Best Selling Author, Mary Buckham
White Witchmas
Dakota Cassidy
It's Christmas in Paris, Texas, ya'll! Prepare for a magical journey perfect for the holidays!
USA Today Best Selling Author, Dakota Cassidy
Nether Blue
Claudy Conn
Magic has always been a part of Calico's life, but now because of it, she is on the run. Ahead, more danger. Enter Brodie, a prince from another realm. Will saving Brodie, trap her or save her?
New York Times Best Selling Author, Claudy Conn
Fur Ever Yours
Melanie James
When a dangerous female shows up in the middle of the night, Rafe's world is turned upside down. Was she sent by a rival clan to rip apart his pack, or just his heart?
New York Times Best Selling Author, Melanie James
Christmas With The Beast
Rebecca Hamilton & Conner Kressley
Christmas heats up for a Beauty and her Beast when they find themselves at the top of a homicidal Santa's naughty list.
USA Today Best Selling Author, Rebecca Hamilton
USA Today Best Selling Author, Conner Kressley
Bite of Frost (A Dragon Blade Novella)
Gena D. Lutz
After Jericha Frost is thrust into a paranormal existence she knows nothing about, she learns that the scorching blood from an infuriating dragon-shifter is her only hope of survival.
New York Times Best Selling Author, Gena D. Lutz
Fang Chronicles: Esha's Story
D'Elen McClain
Vampire politics are not exactly what Rondy expects when he enters the dark world of immortality and killing a deadly, out of control tigershifter is not his idea of fun. When fate intercedes, Rondy and Esha fight her inevitable death and take the brief time they are given to search for a miracle that would topple the childless world of vampires.
USA Today Best Selling Author, D'Elen McClain
Her Dragon's No Angel (A Dragon Guard Novella)
Julia Lake Mills
Take one snowbound dragon combine with one Christmas Angel, throw in a healthy dose of an attraction only the Universe could have conjured and top with the largest blizzard in a hundred years. Now sit back and enjoy the show! This one's gonna be a bumpy ride!
New York Times Best Selling Author, Julia Mills
Winter Guardian
Dawn Montgomery
Ashley Baker never forgot the icy December night he came into her life. Her fallen guardian angel with wings dark as sin destroyed a beast from her worst nightmares, and then disappeared into the storm. When the beasts return, so does the guardian, but this time he's the one in trouble. Wingless. Mortal. The spark of attraction ignites into a flame that threatens to consume them both, but will it be enough to save them from the hell that awaits if they fail?
USA Today Best Selling Author, Dawn Montgomery
Dark Wolf Rising
Stephanie Rowe
Shifter Cash Burns has been on the run for ten years, hiding a dark secret. When his childhood sweetheart, who he hasn't seen in over a decade, is targeted for assassination by his wolf pack, he's the only one who can save her...but at what cost?
New York Times Best Selling Author, Stephanie Rowe
Covert Cougar Christmas
Terry Spear
Bridget Sinclair, Special Agent with the Cougar Special Forces Division has a mission--permanently stop two shifters from distributing a new drug in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While investigating, she rescues Special Agent Travis MacKay. Winter advisories are in effect for the Christmas holidays, but that doesn't cool off the sizzling heat spiraling out of control between the two agents as they covertly team up to take down the drug-runners.
USA Today Best Selling Author, Terry Spear
Lori's Wolf Pack, Rolf's Wicked Winter
A K Michaels
Rolf is Beta and has managed to escape the Pack for a couple of days 'alone time'. However, Fate has other plans for him and he soon finds himself in a situation he never envisaged. Finding a mate is surprise enough, but she is on the run, and those that are looking for her are only a day behind.
New York Times Best Selling Author, A.K. Michaels
Legendary Lover - Arctic Plunge
Candice Stauffer
Glorious friction sets Northern Alaska's winter air ablaze when Dean Lawless, an alpha lycan, finds Jayne Dekker, his double-crossing mate, and takes the ultimate plunge
New York Times Best Selling Author, Candice Stauffer
Ravished by the Alpha: A Christmas Cull (The Cull Book Three)
Renee George
Single by choice, werewolf Lizzy Langston has never been a fan of Christmas. But when Coy Vega chooses her tribe's lands to hide from the drug cartel over the holiday, she is drawn to his dark nature and, oh yeah, his yummy six-pack abs. It will take a Christmas miracle to survive below freezing temperatures, Colombian hit men, an accidental culling, and each other.
National Best Selling and Award-Winning Author, Renee George
Bound by Joy (A Cauld Ane Christmas Novella)
Tracey Jane Jackson
Kenna McFadden has waited more than two hundred years for her mate and she finds him in a most unexpected way. On a mission to find his missing niece, prince Gunnar Baldersson finds someone far more precious to him. Join in their bonding as they fall in love while celebrating the sweetness and joy of Christmas
New York Times Best Selling Author, Tracey Jane Jackson
H.M. McQueen
An unbreakable bond with a handsome immortal Protector, drags Rachel Andrews into a world she never believed existed and has no desire to be part of.
The actions of one night drastically alter the course of his long existence. Torn between his feelings for Rachel and his life's calling, Roderick Cronan comes face to face with the fact that he is losing both.
Amazon Best Selling Author, Hildie McQueen

Yule's Fallen Angel
Sky Purington
Sparks fly as a sexy fallen angel turned warlock tries to free a feisty witch trapped between life and death. But rekindling lost love comes at a price. Now it's time to beat the clock against a yuletide curse with a midnight deadline of December 25th.
Amazon Best Selling Author, Sky Purington
Fun and Games:
My Reviews!! 

Overall I give this 5 Stars. There are some really great stories in here!!  There should be a little something for anyone who likes reading Paranormal. A few of them are cliff hangers, fortunately there aren’t too many of those, but there are some that are part of a series, so it's a great way to introduce you and entice you to read more of that author's works. I will also tell you that if you don't like one story in the middle, don't stop- keep going because there are some great stories all throughout!! 

  • Bear Winter - Michele Bardsley
This was a fun and short read. It's definitely part of a larger series of books with more to it and I really liked Gar and Hope. Love and romance go hand and hand in this one. 



Raging Winter - Colleen Gleason
3.75 Stars - This story was good, I’m not really a big fan of stories that take place in this era and I found Max to be just a tad dreary and full of angst for an Alpha. It was a fascinating take on Vampires and hunters drawing on names in history that are quite famous, a nice twist. It was an interesting quick read, but again did not grab me enough to want to purchase more by this author.

  • Tristan’s Escape - Dianna Love
Im all about fantasy so o really loved this one. It's of course full of action and adventure and I loved the sarcasm for humor too! And I will warn you there's a cliff hanger but now I just wanna go read read this author's works so I can see what happened!! I would love to see more of Tristan and Mac! 
Christmas Flame - Caris Roane
I was on the fence for this one till about half way through. Once the action started and Drake and Vera got their steamy romance started it was much easier. I think I would need to read the series to better understand some of this one but I loved the little surprised and I am pretty sure I want to get my hands on the rest of the books in this series :) 

Invisible Betrayal - Mary Buckham
I really enjoyed this book as well but I will also warn you there's a cliff hanger here. I really liked the characters and I believe I will be chasing this series around as well! There's a seriously hawt warlock here and some turmoil that I think I need to look into more :) 
  • White Whitchmas - Dakota Cassidy
I liked this one with the humor and funny sarcasm. This one is more heavy on the romance and it's a fun read. I definitely giggled here and I happen to love magic so it was a plus for me! 
  • Nether Blue - Claudy Conn
Oh so this one had a fantastic word building with a great twist, and it's more romance prone as well. But I'll forgive that lol And I definitely want to see where this one will go in the future!! 
  • Fur Ever Yours - Melanie James
This one is a short story but I really liked enjoy Ms. James writing . A strong Alpha leader who cares for his people and he's willing to stand against evil and prove love conquers. I totally wanna read more of this one! 
  • Christmas with the Beast - Rebecca Hamilton & Connor Kressley
This story was pretty interesting. It wasn't one of my favorites but it wasn't bad either. I enjoyed it and found some good characters to follow. I loved the surprise and I think that was the awesome part! 
  • Bite of Frost - Gena D. Lutz

This story had a very descriptive beginning and sometimes it gave you a great feeling but sometimes k felt like I really didn't care about some of the things described lol I think that's because I enjoy a more action adventure type story so slower parts seem even more slow to me. But it didn't take away from the story and I overall enjoyed it. 

Fang Chronicles: Esha’s Story - D’Elen McClain
Oh how I love this author and everything she writes. Not relevant at the moment but if you ever get to read this author's dragon series- jump on that!!! I'm obsessed! Which is how I found this series which I also live! And there's so many fun types of shifters through the series and the new ones introduced here!! So I of course loved this one :) 
  • Her Dragon’s No Angel - Julia Mills

I absolutely loved this story. I haven't read anything by this author but I will now. And maybe get some Kleenex too!! It's an emotional one that's beautifully written! 
  • Winter Guardian - Dawn Montgomery
I liked this story, too. The writing was good and the story kept me interested. There's some intriguing characters and definitely a unique look on things in here. I am curious now about the other books by this author and I may have to look into that :) 
  • Dark Wolf Rising - Stephanie Rowe
Another favorite and I loved this story. And I'm gunna pout because I totally want more of this one. Werewolves are of course my heart, dragons and gargoyles coming next so this one was perfect for me!! The romance was great the mystery and action fantastic and I love learning about the packs and how they work! 
  • Covert Cougar Christmas - Terry Spear
I liked this story, and I've read a few other books by this author. Definitely always delivers and I live the action and how we finally get a leading lady who can back it up and help lead with the guys! And this series is always fun!
  • Lori’s Wolf Pack, Rolf’s Wicked Winter - A K Michaels

Ibreally liked this one too but of course we're with the wolves again. I loved the plot, my heart broke s little for our leading lady and I totally love the pack "issues" and dealing with them. 
  • Ravished by the Alpha: A Christmas Cull - Renee George
I ended up loving this story! It started out a little slow but it definitely got better and I'm glad I'm always one to finish a book no matter what. And man was I emotional here. It's a beautiful love story and even has some great humor to keep your spirits up. 

Bound by Joy - Tracey Jane Jackson
I liked this story. There's some great characters and I think it hurt me that I haven't read anything surrounding them before. I felt like I kept missing something. And there's a good bit to keep up with. So I can't say that I didn't like it or it was written bad- exactly the opposite, I was just a little lost lol 
  • Choices - H.M. McQueen
I'm gunna say this is a humorous one because i laughed a lot. I think it was supposed to be sexy and romantic but I giggled and I'm ok with that. But there's a cliff hanger and I think I just wanted a little more. 
  • Yule’s Fallen Angel - Sky Purington
I liked this one. It's definitely got one of the most unique character twists with a fun plot based on a rebelling of A Christmas Carol and I over all thought it was great!! I laughed so much here too!And it's emotional to keep you gripped to the pages as well! 
  • Legendary Lover - Arctic Plunge - Candice Stauffer
This one was a little hard for me to catch on to.   First there was a story about a werewolf mates and an evil vampire. Then suddenly that story ends and a completely different story starts, and I kinda didn't get it. Maybe it was me missing something and I think there's some good parts and a potential to be really good but i was just lacking that extra substance. 

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