Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Book Birthday~ The Queen's Flight by Jamie K Schmidt!


Title: The Queen’s Flight
Series: Emerging Queens, #2
Author: Jamie K. Schmidt
Genre: Paranormal, Urban-Paranormal Romance
Length: 246 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63375-368-6
Release Date: November 16, 2015
Imprint: Select Otherworld

Courts, queens, and sexy dragons with wings…

Viola Pierce has never had particularly great luck with guys. That is, until the day she shifts into a glorious, deadly, three-headed dragon. As it turns out, Viola is a dragon Queen. But when she’s abducted by a greedy dragon who wants to breed with her, Viola begins to realize the dragon world is filled with betrayal, deception, intrigue, and danger…

As a rule, Sergei hates Queens, but Viola’s beauty and humanity reach something deep within him. Something he should not be feeling. When she names him her protector and consort–quite by accident–Sergei has no choice but to accept. Now they are bonded for life…with a growing attraction neither of them could have imagined.

But the dragon court is ruthless…and what doesn’t kill Viola will only make her more dangerous.


  My Review

I have totally fallen in love with this series. It's so much fun. It's full of action, and mystery, and suspense, with hawt romance, and some serious creeptastic bad guys. And I am all about jumping aboard this rollercoaster! 

 So, we take off right where book one ended, learning more about humans and dragons living together after some dystopian like event has changed things. There are only supposed to be 5 quuen dragons left in the world, but at the end of the last book, one of those dragons did something magically crazy and it
s having a ripple affect around the world. So now, we are meeting new queens who have no idea what's going on. And lots of male now want to claim these queens for their own purposed. So, they all must learn how to acclimate to their new world, keep themselves safe from kidnappers and creepers, oh, and figure out what to do with themselves LOL Viola is one of these new queens. She works for a dragon, but when she all of a sudden shifts in her office building, she is freaking out. And her boss, he plans to keep her, as is. And when her boss's best friend shows up to help him, he can't help it, he switches sides to help Viola against his BFF. So that's how we meet Sergei. And Sergei really doesn't want anything to do with any queen, ever, because of his past. I totally side with him on this one. But neither of them can stay away from each other. She wants him, and he wants to protect her. But things always get complicated.  
This one is just as good as the first, and we get to see some of our favorite characters from that book. I loved this new little posse working together to help the queens, and keep the old queens from over ruling what's right. And meeting new hunky dragons. LOL But this one, the bad guys are definitely more... just more. I can't tell you without spoiling things. And we learn even more about this world the author created. I am totally in love with this series and I can't wait for more!!    5 AWESOME DRAGON PAWS!!