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Happy Book Birthday~ Sexy Bastards box set!

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Book Description

For the first time ever, bestselling authors
Alice Ward and Helen Grey combine to bring you their complete collection of the
sexiest, wickedest books—guaranteed to melt your heart and panties! 

From hot and dominant soldiers to seductively
bad stepbrothers and billionaire playboys, this TWENTY-EIGHT BOOK BOXED SET
indulges every sensual desire you’ve ever had.

You know it’s true… everyone loves a sexy bastard

inside this mega-bundle: 

Alice Ward
Box Set (contains complete 5-part series)

Taming the Billionaire Box Set (contains complete 5-part series)

My Stepbrother, My Lover (complete standalone novel)

Love All Out—A Stepbrother Romance Box Set (contains complete 5-part series)

Stage Struck (contains complete 2-part series)

Helen Grey
the Soldier—An Alpha Military Romance (contains complete 5-part series)

Flaming Desire—An Alpha Billionaire Romance (contains complete 5-part series)

Taming the
Billionaire by Alice Ward 

“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted,” Drake
said, pulling off his shoes. He stripped down to his silk boxers and crawled
between the sheets. I moved to the foot of the bed and stood before him with a
coy smile on my face.

“Before you nod off, I have a confession,” I began.

Drake raised an eyebrow and returned my grin. “Oh
yeah? What’s that?”

“I spent more money today than you realized,” I told
him as I unwrapped the belt of my wrap dress. “I wanted to show you how much I
appreciate the way you’ve spoiled me today.”
The dress fell open, revealing the peach silk
lingerie I’d found in a small boudoir shop. The translucent fabric clung to my
curves, barely covering the crotchless panties beneath.

Drake pushed himself up in the bed and parted the
sheets, nodding for me to slip in beside him. “You look stunning, Chelsea. I
hope there’s more where this came from,” he added, stroking the soft fabric. He
brushed the silk against my body and my hair stood on end, as if electrified. I
reached between his legs and found him stiff and ready.

Drake lifted his hips off of the bed and slipped out
of his boxers. He tossed them to the floor before lying on his side and pulling
me into his arms. We kissed lightly, our lips barely touching, as the jet began
to move.

“I have an idea,” I told him, sitting up. Drake moved
with me as I fell back to the mattress, this time with my head near the
footboard. I wanted Drake inside me as the jet climbed to the heavens, and he
caught on to my plan without explanation. He left my side just long enough to
fetch a condom and roll it down his eager shaft. He returned to the bed and I
pulled him down on top of me.

Our lips met as the jet slowed to a stop again. I
knew we’d reached the runway and were waiting for final clearance. Drake held
me close and we kissed softly, our bodies pressed together. We moved in unison,
our bodies seamlessly joining as the jet lurched forward again. As we bumped
down the runway, Drake’s cock touched places inside me I’d never known existed.

“Oh my God,” I gasped as the force of the jet pushed
him deeper inside me.

The front of the jet lifted off the ground and Drake
wrapped his arms around me, holding our bodies together. I moved my hips in
circles, grinding into him as I planted my palms on the footboard to hold
myself steady.

“Jesus, Chelsea,” Drake moaned. “I didn’t know I
could get so deep.” His hips moved in instinctive, rapid thrusts as we climbed
into the sky. Essentially, we were hanging upside down, and all of my senses
were distorted. Drake wove his fingers through my hair and gave it a quick tug
just as his teeth clamped down on my earlobe. The mixture of pleasure and pain
was overwhelming. I bucked wildly against him and reached ecstasy just as the
plane righted itself. Drake let out an animalistic grunt and with one hard
push, he exploded within me. He immediately collapsed on the bed, gasping for

“That… was… amazing.”

“Yes, it was,” I agreed, reaching for the bedside
mini-fridge. I grabbed a cold bottle of water and took a long sip before
passing it to Drake. He finished it in two long gulps and wiped his mouth with
a sigh.

“So,” he said, pulling me back into his arms. He
fingered my silk negligee. “Is there more where this came from?”

I smiled and nuzzled into his neck.
“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

Flaming Desire by Helen Grey

I got right to the point. “I’ve been told that you’ve
alienated one of the doctors—”

“Doctor Linder?” Matt asked.

I nodded.

“He’s a prick.”

Startled, I almost laughed. “Didn’t take you long to
peg him, did it?”

He shook his head. “I didn’t say anything earlier
because I didn’t want to embarrass you for one, and for two, I’m not familiar
with how things work at this hospital. But I did see the good doctor leaving
the supply closet just moments before Vanessa did. I could tell by the look on
his face and the smirk he gave you what had been going on in there.”

I said nothing, surprised that Matt had seen and not
said anything.

“Look, I know stuff like this happens in the
workplace—any workplace. But what’s the protocol here? Has that happened

I nodded. “It’s a tricky situation,” I explained. “I
can’t report him without evidence to back it up. You see, Matt, we’re just nurses…
and as you know, nurses don’t have that much power when it comes to the doctors
and surgeons.” I shrugged. “Most of the physicians here are good people. Still,
there are some, like Doctor Linder, who take advantage. I’ve seen it happen
elsewhere too. Santa Fe General is not unique.”

“He’s an arrogant ass,” Matt said. “But your point is
well taken.”

I nodded and began to walk toward my car, not really
surprised that Matt kept in step with me. I didn’t want to be rude and tell him
to go away, because to be honest with myself, I didn’t. Still, I had to be
careful. I was his mentor, even if it was only for the next couple of days. We
would also be going on the ride-alongs with the paramedics in the morning. I
was supposed to set a good example, but I didn’t suppose there was anything
wrong with him walking me to my car, was there? Besides, it was getting dark,
and I appreciated the escort.

“So, Jesse—”

“Jessica,” I sighed.

“So Jessica, what do you do in your downtime?”

I glanced up at him in surprise. “Why?”

He shook his head. “Just an attempt at friendly

We were steps away from my car now. I pulled the keys
from my purse and pushed a button on the remote. My headlight and taillights
flashed, and then I pressed another button. The back window popped open.
Reaching for the door handle, I opened the door toward me. I looked up at him
only to find him staring at the contents stowed behind the rear passenger


He grinned. “For one, I just didn’t expect you to
drive a Jeep,” he said, shrugging.

“Really?” I asked. “And what exactly did you expect I
would drive?” Was he flirting?
“Oh, I don’t know, a Camry maybe, or a Ford Focus.”

I frowned and made a face. “I do a lot of driving
between here and Colorado—”


I tucked my purse inside a plastic storage crate near
the door like I always did, wondering why he stared so curiously at the items
in the back. “Yes,” I replied. “I have several friends up there and we get
together several times a year—” 

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