A little about ME! :)

 So Hello, My name is Maghon (it's pronounced May-gun, for everyone trying to figure it out), though a lot of my blogger friends call me Mags! And I don't really know very much about making/having/writing blogs, but I love to look at everyone else's so I thought it would be fun to have my own, with my own opinions! :) I am a veterinary technician, (I have lots of fur babies). and I am VERY passionate about animals and books... so I'm pretty sure that's what most of my blogs will be about :) I am a very friendly kid, born in Abbeville, Louisiana (and still live there) and I'm still close to my family. If you have any questions, please ask :)

This is me. Yes, what I really look like LOL, taken September 5, 2014. 

this is me and Xander ( my oldest :) ) 

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