Review Request, Rating System, and General info for those goodies!

So, if you are interested in me hosting you and/or your book, I would love to. LOL I won't lie, I almost strictly review fantasy/paranormal genres. I don't think it's fair for me to review something I'm not really interested in, BUT I am a big believer in everyone loving something different, and that's ok. A lot of my followers like things I don't, and I like things others don't. So I will gladly spotlight your book, even if I don't read it. 

You can ask for this one of two ways... one, the contact form on the front will come to me, or if you want to email me directly, since I know a lot of authors like to tell me about their books and leave links, you can email me at Gimme a day or so to get back to you, as I work a WHOLE lot, but I will get back to you. 

My rating system uses PAWS. I draw, horribly, some wolf paws because they are my favorite animal. :) Plus I love werewolves!! LOL I usually stick to the 5,4,and 3 paw ratings, as I don't feel ANYONE who wrote a book deserves less than three paws. Yes, I said that, even if it's horrible, it still deserves recognition. I WILL N OT rate you less than this, because one is just plain rude. Come one, really. And two stars, well I don't feel that's enough for all the work you put in. And that's just me. If you are wanting crappy reviews, maybe I'm not your kid, LOL, but I will be honest. If I don't like something, I will say this, just in a nice way, because people are way too mean now a days. 

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