Monday, March 28, 2016

Review~ Playing the Witches Game by Zoe Forward w Giveaway!

Today is my review day of Zoe Forward's Playing the Witches Game! I am so excited about this fantastic paranormal romance!! 


Playing the Witches Game Synopsis:


Even a good witch knows how to play dirty....

Pleiades witch Jennifer Marcos is certain that the host of Extreme Survivor is her soulmate. All she has to do is find a fake boyfriend, get on the show, and voila! She'll have her destiny. Unfortunately, she has to rely on ex-Russian spy Nikolai Jovec's six-foot-something of gorgeous, infuriating hotness. To make matters worse, the electric attraction between Jen and Nikolai is hotter than ever. But the only way Nikolai can protect Jen is by hiding the identity of her true Destined...him.

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My review 

I'm really starting to love this series. This book continues as the third installment and things are heating up. I love the twists in Greek mythology and the roles the gods play in the witches' lives. And there's always a unique and hot romance to follow :) we get Nikolai and Jenny in this one. Jenny feels like she's met her mate-Owen- but he tells her she has to go on a reality tv survivor show to be with him. Yeah I never liked him in the whole damn book. And Nikolai has been staying away from Jenny even though he knows she's his mate, and he's hers, because of a death threat and vision. He wants to protect her from his past that's deadly. Oh and the bad guy- did not see that one coming. Not until the end, because I thought it was the predictable obvious guy the whole time. Lol

Jenny is kind of the hood girl. She has almost no real romantic experience and she knows Nikolai is a playboy. She also is desperate to be with Owen and somehow convinced him to be her fake boyfriend on love tv. Thank goodness Nikolai is smart and recruits his brother and his wife and a few others to help them along the way. They make life savers, literally. Until the truths start piling up. Jen realizes that nothing is as it should be and she isn't sure who's trustworthy or right. But she knows Nikolai will protect her, she's just trying to protect her Heart from him. It's fun to see them fight! and I won't lie, the romance is great because it's not a whole wham bam thing. It's drawn out and slow, even if they want it, there's not even sex in the first sex scene. Lol I don't know if I made sense but I can't spoil it! 

I love this author's writing and I truly love this series. It's been fun watching the witches grow and finding their other half. And that little surprise at the end I can't wait to see what's coming next! I'm ready for book 4!! 5 MAGICAL PAWS!! 


Zoe Forward Bio:

Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. In addition to being a mom to one rambunctious kindergartener and wife to a conservation ecologist who plans to save all the big cats on the planet, she’s a small animal veterinarian caring for all the small furries, although there is the occasional hermit crab.

When she’s not typing at her laptop she’s tying on a karate belt for her son or cleaning up the newest pet mess from the menagerie that occupies her house. She’s madly in love with her globe trotting husband of ten years and happiest when he returns to their home base in North Carolina.



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