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Happy Book Birthday~ Avenging Heart by Desni Dantone w giveaway!

Avenging Heart (Ignited #4)

by Desni Dantone

Release Date: March 8th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Kris Young wants nothing more than to be a normal girl. Thrust into a life she didn’t ask for, and faced with a future that she does not want, she sets off an adventure that she hopes will lead to her freedom. With her best friend’s life, the future of the Kala-Skotadi war, and her own soul at stake, failure is not an option.

Old and new allies unite on a quest against the demigods and Kris’s half-sister, Circe, the mastermind behind it all. Together, they fight to sever Kris and Alec from their evil ties once and for all, and rescue Callie from her own doomed fate. But Circe has other plans for them.

When an unexpected loss strikes the group, will Kris lose the will to go on? Or will a need for vengeance drive her to finally succeed?

Find out how the story of Kris, Nathan, Alec, and Callie will end in the epic conclusion to The Ignited Series, where, in the race against time and evil, all bets are off . . . and no one is safe.

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Reader Question: Who in your 'real life' has influenced your characters? OR who are your characters based off of in 'real life?’

Desni Dantone: The main characters are all 100% made up. I have no Nathan or Alec in my life...unfortunately. Gran was somewhat molded from my own grandmother, who passed while I was writing Ignited. I had intended for her character to only be mentioned in passing, but she wouldn't stay away, and has now wiggled her way in as one of the favorite minor characters.

Reader Question: Did you like or dislike Micah as much as readers did?
Desni Dantone: Not at first. This was one of those occasions where the characters threw my outline out the window. He kept wanting to be a pain...so I went with it. He was a fun semi-villain to create though.

Reader Question: This series has been amazing. Can you give us a hint to any future projects?
Desni Dantone: I have a single book planned with Alec's POV, which will include most of the cast of Ignited, and will pick up shortly after Avenging Heart leaves off. It will be different from the others in terms of what paranormal element you will be seeing, and a little more mature in the romance department. I'm excited to get into Alec's head for an entire book!

I'm also simultaneously rewriting a duology I started ten years ago as a New Adult romance, which takes place during the Vietnam War.

Reader Question: Whose POV is your favorite to write?
Desni Dantone: I've enjoyed writing from both Kris's and Nathan's POV, but I have more fun with Nathan's. Because he guarded himself so much in the first two books, I was relieved to let readers know what he really thinks.

Reader Question: What are your favorite scenes to write and your hardest scenes to write?
Desni Dantone: The scenes where the characters interact with each other are my favorites to write. My absolute favorite scenes are the ones between Nathan and Alec. I've enjoyed seeing the reluctant friendship between them grow. The hardest are the action/fight/battle scenes. I usually rewrite them multiple times until I'm happy.

Reader Question: Where do you come up with the story lines from? They are so good!
Desni Dantone: Fantasy worlds have been playing out in my head since I was a kid. I had gotten used to it, and experimented with writing a few of them down over the years. One day - I think I was in the shower - this scene popped into my head. (It was one of Kris and Nathan at the cabin.) I couldn't shake it, and obsessed about it for days. Every day, I daydreamed a little more, adding to their story, and how they got to where they were. Next thing I knew, I had the plot. It literally hit me out of nowhere.

Reader Question: How do you start a story? With a plot or with the characters
Desni Dantone: The characters. They hold the story together, I think. If a writer, or reader, doesn't care about the characters, the plot - no matter how exciting - won't hold your attention.

Reader Question: What has it been like for you since the inception of the Ignited Series? How have you been able to adapt to the Indie lifestyle i.e. working, writing, family life, communicating with fans etc...
Desni Dantone: It was hard at first, balancing a "real" job with writing. Then I quit my day job to focus on writing and family. Having three small children is very time consuming, but I find time to write every day. Even if it's only a few paragraphs. It's been a fun ride, and I'm so happy with this path I've chosen. I've met so many new people in the indie community, and that alone makes it worthwhile.

About the Author
I live in the quiet, middle-of-nowhere Everett, Pennsylvania with my husband and three sons.

I've been writing since I was eleven, after I swiped one of my mom's Dean Koontz books. I still remember the first one I read; it was called Darkfall, and kept me awake most of the night. Anyway, I was totally inspired when I learned that he came from the small rural town I called home (true story, I swear!), and started writing freaky little horror stories because I wanted to be just like him. I gave the stories to my mom to read. I don't think she was as impressed as I was, but she put on an encouraging face...and that was how my writing obsession started. 

After years of writing for a hobby and taking creative writing courses, I've published my first novel, Ignited. My dream is for Dean Koontz to no longer be the only bestselling author from my little middle-of-nowhere hometown. 

You can check out more about me, The Ignited Series, and my upcoming books as they become available at:
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