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Happy Book Birthday A Perfect Bond by Lee-Ann Wallace w Giveaway!

A Perfect Bond
Fallen Star Series
Book 3
Lee-Ann Wallace

Genre: Erotic Romance and Soft Science Fiction

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Date of Publication: March 1, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-4874-0595-3

Word Count: Aprox. 26,000

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Book Description:

When Destiny walked through the doors of a bar on the science station Elmertia works on she thought all her dreams had come true, until the mysterious man disappeared without a trace. Tormented by that one brief contact she throws herself into unlocking the secrets of an alien’s nanites until an ultimatum from her employer threatens to lose her not only her dreams, but her future.

Drawn to the small female he met by chance Manik searches for a reason to return to her station. When the crew of pirates stumble across a woman in stasis floating in space who has cranial implants and nanites the medic has found the perfect reason to return to one of the universes most knowledgeable scientists and the female who has been haunting his thoughts.

With time running out on her research, Ellie is shocked by the sudden arrival of her mate and his proposal, but she has more to lose than her life’s work. Being with Manik might cost her everything including her life.

I pulled Manik through the front door, past our lounge room and down the short hall to the last door, my bedroom. The soft lighting of night had flicked on when the door had opened and allowed us to see our way. Prixy would normally be watching something on the holo tube, but the apartment was silent and empty. I’d worry about Prixy tomorrow, right now I wanted to strip Manik out of his clothes and explore every inch of his body with my lips and tongue.
The door slid closed behind him and I realised I needed to explain a few things before we could get started.
Bonding happens when mates come together for the first time,” I said as I turned around and stood in front of him. Reaching for the edge of my top I pulled it off over my head exposing my bare arms and my sleeveless support top to his view.
I don’t know how much it will affect you, but once bonding is complete I won’t be able to sleep with another man. I won’t get aroused by any other man and the actual act of intercourse would be painful for me.” I reached for the closure of my pants and undid them. I pushed the formfitting fabric down my hips and legs, my tail slipping free of the fabric, until I could step out of them. I was left standing in front of him dressed only in my underwear, with the spots on my upper thighs and shoulders in plain view.
I looked up into his eyes to see that they had indeed heated, they weren’t scorching yet, but were well on their way to getting there. A little shiver raced down my spine. This was it, the moment I’d dreamt about and fantasised about for three hundred and thirty-four cycles. He was finally here with me and we were going to bond.
Reaching for the hem of his shirt, I started to lift it in preparation of taking it off. His arms remained by his side, pinning his top down. I caught a glimpse of dark hair over the lower section of his stomach I’d exposed before I looked up into his eyes.
Manik?” Didn’t he want to bond with me?
Do you expect to lead, Ellie? Because I have news for you, I know all about bonding and what happens, and what it will mean for you and possibly me. If we’re going to do this, we need to get one thing straight. I’ll be in control in bed. I don’t mind being on the bottom, that’s not what this is about, what it’s about is you trusting me to have your pleasure in my mind at all times. Trusting me to know what you need and to give you as much as you can take.”
I stared up at him, my hands still clenched around his top. My body was completely on board with what he’d said, a needy throb had started between my legs, heat spiralling through my core. My head was trying to catch up. All the men I’d ever been with had enjoyed my bossiness in bed, even Stadden. Especially Stadden, he’d liked me telling him what to do. The thought of giving over the reigns to Manik had my stomach quivering in excitement, but my head was balking at the idea.
What if I didn’t like what he was doing? Could I tell him? What if I wanted it harder or faster, was I allowed to say something? Would he listen to me or just ignore me and carry on? I suppose there was only one way to find out, he was my mate and I had to trust that the Universe had given me the right man.
I dropped my hands and stepped back, suddenly unsure of myself. I felt self conscious and hesitant. I didn’t know what to do now. What did he expect of me?
I looked away from his penetrating gaze, for the first time in a very long time I felt out of my depth.
Warm fingers stroked up my arms sending tingles racing across my skin, they ran across my shoulder, up my neck and cupped my cheeks tilting my head back gently to look up at him.
Trust me, Ellie. I’ll never hurt you, I’ll always make sure you’re taken care of and I’ll always have your pleasure foremost in my mind.”
I searched his eyes and found only honesty there. Maybe I could be honest with him too.
I don’t know how to be this person you want me to be.”
You don’t have to change, Ellie, you just have to trust me.”
But I’m bossy and you said you want to be in charge.” I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. How could I be what he wanted and stay the way I was?
You can be bossy as much as you like, as long as you understand if I’m fucking you slow because I want to build the pleasure until you can’t take anymore and you tell me to go faster I’ll continue fucking you slow until I’m ready to go fast. I’ll hear you, Ellie, I’ll never ignore you, but I’ll also do what I want because I know how to make you purr.”

About the Author:

Lee-Ann Wallace spends her days drinking too much coffee and dreaming up her next sexy hero to write about. She grew up on a staple diet of romance books and dashing rakes who swept their heroines off their feet. When she’s not writing you can find her with her nose pressed against a screen reading everything from paranormal romances to horror.

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