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The Summer Marked by Rebekah L Purdy w Giveaway!

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Book & Author Details:

The Summer Marked by Rebekah L. Purdy
(The Winter People #2)
Published by: Entangled: Teen
Publication date: September 22nd 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

The sequel to the chilling Winter People returns to the world of Faerie, and is a romantic and enchanting follow-up.
Salome left humankind behind to be with her boyfriend, Gareth, in the Kingdom of Summer. But now forces of darkness are rising. Her happily-ever-after is coming apart, and the Kingdom is on the brink of war.
Newly-single Kadie Byers is on her way home for Thanksgiving, imagining a visit filled with hot chocolate, a hot guy for a little rebound action, and some girl time with her bestie, Salome. Except she receives a message from Salome with two important words: PLEASE HURRY.
When Kadie rushes to help Salome, she’s ripped from the human world and pulled into the kingdoms of Faerie, where she’s shocked to learn that Salome’s monsters are real, and that she’s now at the mercy of one extremely vengeful Winter Queen…
Now both Salome and Kadie must find a way to survive the deadly chaos…or lose themselves to Winter’s deadly, icy grasp.


My Review

So, I liked the first book pretty good, but the second book, WOW! Yeah, I can't believe I'm gunna say this, but the first book has nothing on the second book. I about lost my mind 48 times in this one. Seriously, this is a major contender for a favorite! I can't believe everything that happened in this book. I can't believe this, or that, or that, and another that. LOL I know I actually want to spoil this book for you because it's so good and I just wanna blabber it to the world LOL 

Ok, let's try not to spoil too much. Salome went with Gareth to the Fae world, left the human world, and she knows nothing of what's happening on that side now. But all is not as well as she thinks. But neither is her own present. Gareth is almost immediately summoned by Nevin to return  to the Summer Palace and Salome must return with him. It's not safe, not with people trying to kill her. But it's not just going to the palace, because Salome learns so much on her journey there. But when she gets there, most are thrilled that she broke the curse, but some of the more important people there want her dead- she's a human. Oh and a kicker, Nevin wants her as his queen. Well, that's just complicated. It's not at all what it seems and for once, I didn't try to jump into the book to kill Nevin myself, but we'll get to that. Because Gareth must do  his duty, and that leaves Salome with out him. But she is well on her way to climbing to the most important person in the realm, oh and she has some new friends, and enemies to boot. I really liked who Salome is turning into. She is growing and learning and standing on her own, and though she loves Gareth more than anything, the choices she makes in this one will blow your mind, fry your sock, and just about break your jaw! Well, mine did. LOL

Kadie, Salome's best friend, is in trouble in the human world, but soon finds herself in trouble in the Fae world thinking she's rescuing Salome. Yet Salome is no where to be found- she doesn't know. Now, Kadie, I liked her, I did. But at the end of the book, let's just say a lot of things change and I don't think she's so good for Salome anymore. It's not longer a good fit for either of them to be friends, or hell, even acquaintance. I couldn't believe this part either, because I really liked Kadie in book one, and though she is selfish, she was always there for Salome. Not anymore. And now, with Kadie captured by the evil queen, some things are really changing, and so is Kadie. 

Now, with all this said, we get to see different sides of Nevin and Gareth. I learned alot about them, but we also meet Etienne, Darach, and Gwenn, who is Gareth's sister. I loved the two men, but I didn't like Gwenn, till about half way after meeting her. There are new characters but quickly they grew on me. There's places in the fae world are important and I think there will be serious need for them all in the future book, which I am dying to read now. 

The writing is beyond amazing here. I am so impressed. The world that was built here in the faerie world is magnificent. And the character, they are always so important to me, were absolutely phenomenal. This is beyond a doubt why I love this book so much, because they are so well done. Even the bad guys get love from me, because they are so well thought out, down to every evil deed done. And the plot line, well, with the twists, and mysteries, and suspense, and heart breaks, I don't know how else to say this, but holy smoke! It was just a whirlwind of awesome. I never knew what was coming, or saw it until my jaw was dropping. So, I don't know how else to say- READ THIS BOOK!!! Seriously, it's awesome. And heart breaking. And frustrating, and hauntingly beautiful. Yeah, I'm going with that. 5 MAGICAL PAWS!!!

Rebekah was born and raised in Michigan where she spent many late nights armed with a good book and a flashlight. She’s lived in Michigan most of her life other than the few years she spent in the U.S. Army. At which time she got a chance to experience Missouri, Kansas, South Carolina, and California. Rebekah has a business degree from University of Phoenix and currently works full time for the court system. In her free time she writes YA stories, anything from YA Fantasy to YA Contemporary Romance. Rebekah also has a big family (6 kids) she likes to consider her family as the modern day Brady Bunch complete with crazy road trips and game nights. When not hiding at her computer, Rebekah enjoys reading, singing, soccer, swimming, football, camping, playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with her family and gazillion pets.

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