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Kissed By Fire by Danielle Annett w Giveaway!

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The Highly Anticipated Sequel to Cursed by Fire is HERE

We are thrilled to announce the release of Kissed by Fire by Danielle Annett, an action packed Urban Fantasy novel that will leave you wanting more with the turn of every page!
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Title: Kissed by Fire

Author: Danielle Annett

Series: Blood & Magic #2

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: September 15, 2015

As Friend of the Pack, Aria Naveed should be untouchable, protected by the most influential group in the Pacific Northwest. But someone is unleashing rogue vampires to hunt her down, and she is determined to find out why.

When Aria gains command of Sanborn Place and takes on a case involving a mysterious paranormal, her life is put in more peril than ever as she finds herself bound to an influential power player. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet, but must tread carefully as she traverses the streets of Spokane, WA, or risk being overwhelmed by the forces moving against her.

As the only known pyrokinetic in the area, Aria is in high demand, but not for her services. It seems that to those in power, she’s worth more dead than alive, and if a mysterious enemy has their way, she won’t live long enough to find out why.




Fire called to me, tempting me to bring it forth, to destroy my foe in one quick and easy strike. It would be too easy. There was something very wrong about this, about a newly made vampire walking the streets of downtown Spokane as if he were on a leisurely stroll. The change had to have been recent. Blood soaked his light-blue shirt, leaving a large stain over his chest and the left side of his body. If I’d had to guess, he’d been changed within the last few hours. His skin hadn’t turned the pale milky white associated with the undead yet.

Before I could think further, he struck. In a split second, his once jerky movements morphed into a flash of speed as he launched himself at me. I twisted out of the way but was too slow to avoid his second strike. He grabbed me by the back of the neck, flinging me across the road like a rag doll. My body collided with a parking meter, the near frozen metal splitting my cheek and knocking the air from my lungs.

I exhaled a vicious curse before drawing my twin daggers from the thigh sheath beneath my dress and jumping to my feet. My dress rode up, but I couldn’t have cared less at the moment. I was just grateful that despite the dress, I’d managed to wear the blades. Warm blood seeped from my cheek and my ribs ached with my movements.

He charged again, and this time I was ready. I allowed my attacker to get close, his hands brushing my shoulders right before I sank my first blade into the soft flesh of his stomach. My second pierced his chest, but I missed the heart. With my blades still imbedded, he squeezed my shoulder, the pain explosive. I heard a distinct pop before my left arm went limp.


My brain took a backseat as adrenaline flowed through my muscles. I kicked out with my left foot, the heel in my shoe sinking into his calf. His leg buckled under the assault and I pulled free, losing my heel in the process but retaining one of my blades. The other remained in his chest.

My left arm hung loose at my side. My right lifted and was ready with my dagger, dark-red blood dripping from its point. His eyes glowed an even deeper red, fangs descending farther to cover his bottom lip. You might as well put those back, mister. You won’t be making a meal out of me. Hot blood surged through my veins. I hastily kicked off my remaining heel, ignoring the discomfort of the snow and gravel beneath my feet. I needed to move faster.

When he struck again, I threw myself to the left, my right arm coming up and slashing his throat in a swift motion. A gurgling sound emanated from his throat, but I knew it wouldn’t last. He would begin healing almost immediately.

Damn vampire. I needed to disable him somehow without killing him. My fire was calling to me and I shoved it down with everything I had. I could not light him on fire. I was determined to find out who had turned him and why he’d been set loose. I moved to deliver another blow, a deep stab to his stomach once more, but just as I moved to strike, a deep growl echoed through the streets. Another predator making itself known. Like an idiot, I turned, and the moment of distraction cost me as I felt the vampire sink his teeth into my raised forearm. A scream escaped me, and then the growl turned into a thundering roar.

I watched in suspended silence as Declan tackled the fledging vampire, bringing him to the ground, the crunch of bone loud to my ears as his body hit the pavement. He’d taken a mouthful of my flesh with him when he’d gone down, and blood flowed freely from the wound, staining the ground red. I tried without success to staunch the bleeding with my left hand but couldn’t get my arm to corporate.

Before I could stop him, Declan brought his hands to the vampire’s neck and, in one quick movement, snapped it. The sound made me cringe. He rose from the body and kicked it once. He grunted in satisfaction when the body didn’t respond.

As though a switch had been flicked, I snapped out of my daze, fury and so much frustration rising to the surface. “What the hell did you just do?” I yelled at him. Don’t light the Alpha on fire. Don’t light the Alpha on fire. I repeated the mantra over and over in my head. It would not bode well for me to attack him right now. No matter how much he deserved it.

Declan looked taken aback for a moment. “I saved your life,” he said.

Urgh. Moron! “No, you didn’t. You ruined it. I cannot believe you just snapped his neck like that, without any thought.” My temperature rose and I had to take a calming breath to contain myself. It didn’t help much.

“Why would I think about it? He had his fangs buried in your arm. I’d expect a little gratitude here.”

I stormed past him and crouched beside the vampire, tearing my blade from his chest. I wiped the blade on the edge of my dress before sheathing it. It was already ruined so a little more blood couldn't hurt it. I needed something else to focus on aside from Declan’s stupidity or I was going to lose what little control I had. I skimmed my hands over the now cold body, checking the pockets of his shirt and pants to find anything that may provide me with some sort of clue.

“What are you doing?” Declan asked, obviously annoyed.

Join the club, buddy. I was pretty damn annoyed myself.

“I’m looking for information,” I bit out. “It would have been much easier to just question the vampire but no, you had to go and snap his neck and be all ‘I am tiger, hear me roar.’” I threw my hands in the air in frustration.

He snarled beside me. “I saved your life.”

“No. You interfered. I’m a pyrokinetic. Don’t you think if I’d wanted him dead, I’d have lit his ass on fire as soon as he got close? I wasn’t trying to kill him. I was trying to disable him, and then you had to come out here all hot-headed and kill him.”


My Review
Holy nightmare! I about had a fit when this one ended! Really, I wanna know what's gunna happen NOW!!! I mean, there's a good bit of crazy going around, and I have totally fallen in love with this series. We picked up right where we ended in the first book, and it started with a whammy! This is the second book, and it's as good, if not better, than the first!! 

So, Aria Naveed is trying to deal with her powers of fire. She is also trying to cope with a loss that rocked her. After the attack on her that killed someone special to her, she is trying to get moving again. She knows she has to do it, but no one ever wants to go on with that loss. But the world keeps moving, and vampires are being sent as assassins after her. So, she moves on, or tries to, and ends up getting into something series, like really serious, like OMG, did that just happen?!?!?! Serious! And she doesn't even get along with the local alpha, though her best friend is a wolf and in his pack. But the alpha offers her protection from the assassins. She can stay near her BFF and have a nice place to be. But this is gunna cause a stir as well. 

So, let me see if I can talk about some things without spoiling other things... Things are complicated but seem to be going ok. But the road to hell is always paved with good intentions, and when Aria gets hurt, to save her life, someone does something that is very very irreversible.  It's permanent and life altering and completely woah!! And she doesn't trust those around her, so she's in a not so nice place. And on top of that, her mother is not dead. Her mother is leading the bad guys. And that's some woah moments there too.  She's strong, but I don't know if all of this won't drive her nuts. She's trying to figure out who she is and what's she's worth, as well as learning to control her powers. And her love life, well, it's complicated. I don't know what to say except bad words so I won't say anything LOL!

The writing is excellent, fast paced and action packed. It's also got good suspense and mystery to surround it. This is the first that there's ever any major hints at a romance so keep in mind this is urban fantasy, though there will be romance to come because.... yeah, that happened. LOL I loved the plot line, I lost my jaw for a moment with that plot twist, and I couldn't believe how that played out.  This is an engaging story with a wonderful leading heroine. I like several of the side characters as well, and one character that I want to love but just can't seem to let go of the things he's done. I want him to be a good guy so bad. No, no names or hints. Intrigue and suspense is a big part of this book, so it will stay that way with my review. I seriously need book three, like ASAP! I need it, not want it, need it. With that said, 5 WOLFY PAWS, all though maybe I should be saying tiger paws after this book :)

ABOUT BOOK 1 in the series
Cursed by Fire_ebooklg 

Released: Jan 28, 2015

It has been six years since the Awakening and peace in Spokane, Washington is still tenuous at best. The vampires and shifters are all vying for control of the city and the humans seem to be the ones suffering the consequences, or so it seems.

Aria Naveed has spent the last two years of her life fighting to make the many wrongs of the world right, but soon finds out that the humans aren’t as weak as they appear and may be a more terrifying foe than any of the other races combined.

When a stranger rolls into town with trouble on his heels, Aria finds herself trapped in the middle of a battle that could cost her more than she has bargained for as a fight for justice turns into an unexpected fight for her life.


 My 5 PAWS review for book one is here!

What Reviewers had to say about book 1:

"I thought Cursed by Fire was an awesome read and a great introduction to the series. I can't fault it in anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more."

- Book Passion for Life

"Oh my GOODNESS! I completely devoured this book in one siting it was THAT GOOD!"

-Cocktails and Books Blog

about the author
10247481_10203664436108711_5163031660130450692_n.jpg copy 
Danielle Annett is a reader, writer, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and Characters. Born in the SF Bay area, she now resides in Spokane, WA, the primary location for her Blood & Magic series.
Addicted to coffee at an early age, she spends her restless nights putting pen to paper as she tries to get all of the stories out of her head before the dogs wake up the rest of the house and vye for her attention.
You can learn more about Danielle on her website at or follow her on facebook at and on twitter @Danielle_Annett
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