Saturday, April 18, 2015

Enticed by JA Belfield Tour w Giveaway!!


Book info:
Title: Enticed: A Holloway Pack Mini
Author: J.A. Belfield
Release Date: April 16th, 2015
ENTICED is a FREE short story that will enrapture both Holloway Pack fans and virgins alike.
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Happy Birthday to Ethan.
Or is it?
Gifts aside, Ethan’s morning hasn’t been anything to write home about. Sure, life is good, the pack is staying out of trouble, he finally has a mate who boils his blood … in a good way.
Except Shelley hasn’t called. Hasn’t come by. Didn’t even bother to join her son and his girlfriend for Ethan’s annual I’m-a-year-older breakfast.
What Ethan doesn’t know is that Shelley has plans. Plans that have been in progress for weeks. Ones that Ethan will never see coming, and that she’s banked on him not knowing a thing about.
She can only hope her secrecy doesn’t force his inner wolf to the surface—at least, not too early.
*Can be read as a standalone.
Sinking down onto the edge of my bed, I worked a finger under the flap and took out a regular old birthday card with a chimp on the front and a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ printed across its top in bulky orange letters. Nothing romantic. No hearts. No confessed feelings. No nouns pronouncing who the recipient might be to the sender.
Though, what could she get one with, anyway? To my boyfriend? My face screwed up at that title. My mate? Somehow, I doubted they did those at Hallmark.
Even so, I found myself opening it, like some part of me hoped she had more to say with her own words than with those fabricated by some anonymous message maker.
Four envelopes marked 123, and 4 had been tucked inside.
Moving those out of the way revealed more of Shelley’s neat handwriting across the inner fold of the greeting card. A cryptic note of: ‘What? Did you think this was it?
I frowned, my eyes scanning downward to another little note.
Pssst, in case you can’t figure it out, the envelopes are number-ordered for a reason. Open them. You know you want to.
“What the hell’s got into you, Shel?” I muttered, though my lips twitched even as I set down the card and three of the envelopes, and ripped at the flap of number one.
No card sat inside it. No note. Just a tiny black rag of … I grabbed it between my two fingers and slid it out. Lace?
Lifting it to my nose, I sniffed. A faint whiff of Shelley lingered on its surface, but otherwise, it just had that new fabric smell I’d have expected from the stiffness of the strip.
Setting it aside, I lifted number two, tore through the stuck-down flap, and peered inside.
A couple of glossy photos peeked back, and I withdrew them. Stared at the first one. Tried to figure out what the hell the pinkish-but-not-pink, creamy looking whatever the shot seemed to be of. I shuffled out another from behind it—same thing. Kind of. Except the second one had a couple of ridges.
Only when looking at the third did I notice the faint porous-like indentations, the delicate downy-looking hairs, and realised it was a close-up of … “Skin? Lace … and skin?”
Despite my narrow-eyed frown, my lips curved. Shelley was definitely—definitely—up to something.
And experience warned it would be something really bad.
Or something painfully good.
My Review
Oh holy hawtness!! Let me start out by saying this is not for the younger crowd. And it's not for the weak of heart! And maybe you should read it in a cold shower!! And jeez Louise Ethan in more than HAWT and Shelley just went up a few notches in my book!! I also didn't know Ms J could get so down and dirty!! This one is a short story that is all about Ethan's birthday. It's supposed to be special. But, well things aren't turning out like usual. It's almost like no one wants to celebrate his special day... 

And I had to laugh because I thought Ethan was gunna turn into a 5 year old girl and have a temper tantrum :) Heaven forbid if he didn't get his way lol! No worries, I think you should read this no matter if you know this series or not, because it's totally awesome :) This is something special. You see, things are not always this HAWT! I loved that we get some nitty gritty dirty awesome sauce :) 

There's a little bit of the story line, but really, this one was written just for us fans. It's ok if you didn't read the first few books. I promise you will want to if you check this one out. So with that I'm saying if you're a fan of the Holloway Pack, or an Ethan fan, or you just want something hot and sexy to read- do yourself a favor and pick it up :) 5 WOLFY PAWS 

A little bit of Ethan :) 

My Special Post
Everyone likes a little something special :) I'm always talking about being cajun and loving my food, so today I figured I'd show you a yummy recipe or two to make you salivate a little more than you already have with that hawt piece Ethan :) This is how my family does birthdays- a yummy meal followed by scrumptious desert :) 

A little Cajun Fettucine- I made this last night :) with shrimp and crawfish, sorry we ate some before I took the picture LOL :) 

  • 1 large bag of noodles- I like the twisty or penne noodles for this
  • butter. Yeah the real shit, a good bit. At least a table spoon :)
  • some green onions- I like a handleful but this is optional
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 onions
  • a pound of seafood- whatever you want, shrimp, crawfish, crab, etc or chicken is really good too :) if you wanna be healthy or just like it :) 
  • a large block of velveta cheese. or you out of towners, something similar. 
  • 1 tablespoon of flour or cornstarch but flour works better
  • seasonings- I like an all in one mix- we have tony's LOL 
  • a nice sized pot with a cover 
  • a little milk, just whatever you normally drink 
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom- optional and or some fresh chopped mushrooms
Let's cook it :) 
  1. I like to chop my onions and garlic, stick the butter in a cook those babies til they turn a pretty golden brown color. Real soft, almost mushy. We say sautee or caramelized. Do this in your nice larger pot. 
  2. While this starts, go a head and boil your noodles. Do this in a separate pot
  3. Once your onions and garlic is ready, add your cream of mushroom, then start adding your cheese. I chop m cheese so it melts easy. as you stir, add your spoon of flour. and milk, while stirring so it doesn't stick. I still have my stovetop on almost high, but you could keep it medium to try the first time. 
  4. Once you have a nice even, non clumpy, sauce, add your seafood. Stir it good and put on medium for a few minutes. I do this just to get the sauce soaking in the seafood. I am terrible for measuring and timing things hahaha
  5. start adding your seasonings. Some just like salt, but I'm a red and black pepper kind of girl. with some romsemary and basil leaves too :) I like to grab things from our garden :) 
  6. once everything looks pretty, add your noodles. stir really good, make it nice and smooth. then put your fire on low, cover the top, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. this lets everything set. take some bites, add some seasonings for flavor. If you don't like your sauce, because it's thick, or needs a little more, add a little more milk and stir it really good again. 

Nummy Coconut Cake!!
Rave Reviews Coconut Cake Recipe

  • 1 box or pack of cake mix, I like the vanilla or white, but yellow cake works too :) 
  • 1 pack of instant pudding, vanilla, bavarian cream, or even banana or coconut, I'm sure you could get creative, I use the first two
  • 1 1/3 cups wat
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup veggie oil
  • 2 cups- or more if you're like me- of coconut shavings
  • 1 cup of nuts, I use pecans but walnuts, almonds, things like that work too 
  • 4-5 tablespoons of butter I use 5 :) 
  • 2 cups of flaked coconut
  • 2 tablespoons of milk
  • 1 1/2 cups of confectioner's sugar. we call this powdered sugar down here
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extra
  • 1 8 oz block cream cheese
  1. preheat over to 350, 175 for C, and spray or grease 3 8 or 9 inch pans, make sure they match, all round or all square LOL I did match them once it and it was a disaster but fantasticly tasty hahahaha 
  2. blend all the goodies, cake mix, pudding mix, water, eggs, oil in a big bowl. I use a mixer, but whatever suits you. I mix a while it's gotta be smooth. Then stir in a little flaked coconut and nuts. the pour into the pans. 
  3. bake for 35 minutes. adjust this time to your oven. :) Then let them cool for like 15-20 minutes. 
  4. for the frosting: melt your butter on a  stovetop on low. Add the coconut flakes and mix, it'll turn golden color. you will stir the whole time, it burns easy. then I use a cookie sheet to spread it to cool 
  5. then mix milk, cream cheese,  and powdered sugar, mix it well here too. also add your vanilla  and your spread out coconut. 
  6. once you have your cakes on top of each other, spread frosting. Here's a little something I like to do. I use vanilla pudding in my cake mix, and then a second box of the bavarian cream and make a filler in between each cake. it is awesome this way!! once you have your frosting, take your little bit of coconut shavings and sprinkle on top :) 
  7. I got this recipe here-- I just changed a little bit of the goodies LOL you can follow the original or try it my way, whatever you feel :) 

Giveaway Details
Prize: 1 Signed Print Copy of ENTICED for your reading pleasure (and it will bring pleasure)
1 ENTICED 6×4 Coverart Print for your viewing pleasure (because Ethan is work viewing)
1 Thornton’s Viennese Truffle Bar to enjoy whilst you devour Ethan (as you will want to devour him)
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