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Unholy Creations Review and Giveaway!

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Unholy Creations
by C. Shell
The Associates #1
Publication Date: October 14, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
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Unholy Creations


My name is Kara Radcliff and I’m a witch. Not the pointy hat and black cat kind that you see on Halloween, but a true spell casting, sneaker wearing, party loving, kick-ass witch.

Until two weeks ago, that is all I was and all I ever wanted to be. My expectations in life didn’t soar higher than graduating college and finding a decent job that would help pay off my mounting student loans.

All of that went out the window when I received the invitation.

I've been selected to compete for the chance of a lifetime. If I win, not only will I fulfill the newly vacant spot as an Associate, but I will be leaving my family behind to go live and work alongside the four Rulers of our paranormal community. I will be trusted in helping them keep our kind safe and hidden from the humans and those among us that prefer to cause trouble and mayhem. Every society has hoodlums, our kind just happen to cause more destruction than most.

Being an Associate is an honor. The job is dangerous and will require me to go up against Fae, shifters, witches, and vampires that are much more powerful and stronger I could ever hope to be. I love kicking butt and casting spells, but even I have my limits.

On top of everything, I seem to have caught the attention of two of the Rulers. Only I could go from having no men in my life to having one too many. Neither man is used to hearing the word, “No”, and although my mind says the word often, my mouth and body keep saying, “Yes”. What is a witch to do?

Am I up for this new challenge? Yes.
Can I handle the danger? Yes.
Will my heart survive the journey? Maybe.

This is my screwed up story. This is my crazy life, and this is the just the beginning.

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About the Author

C. Shell

I have loved books and romance novels since I was in high school. The happy endings and endless possibilities are alluring and addictive. I currently reside in Texas and when I am not thinking up my next bad-boy character I am working in the community rescuing dogs while being a wife and mother to my wonderful family.

I invite you to ask question, keep up to date with my latest books and give me your feedback.

My Review
Dude, this is a FANTASTIC new series and I am DYING for book two! Way to kill me with suspense on that ending. And though it's not a real cliff hanger, there's definitely a whole lot left to want :) Cuz you know, you gotta wait for the big bads to come to town :) And this is a great story. A girl, who knows she's a witch, and knows about the supernatural starts out competing for a spot in the coveted governing agency. Everyone wants to work for them. And when there's a spot open and she's invited to compete, she jumps at it. Even if she doesn't really want the spot, she also can't say no. And then all hell breaks loose. It's a story full of suspense, and intrigue, and it's also quite funny. And even though I am all Team Wolf, I know some of you are gunna be Team Vamper! Yeah, I can't lie, even the vamper is cool :) 

So, Kara Radcliff is in college for supernaturals. She's smart, funny, has no filter so her sassy mouth gets her into trouble, and she was raised by two bad ass witches, her  mom and grandma. I also feel a little sorry when she chooses her man, because she's definitely a take no crap kinda girl. LOL. AND she has the coolest best friend, Vivien, who is a fae. She is all of a sudden in the spot light of the big council agency when some of her powers start manifesting and she has abilities she didn't know she had. And there's some really bad vampires out to kill a whole lot of people, and they all think she's the key to stopping them. Oh boy. Let's just say she's hilarious in her reactions, and I also envy and don't envy her being between the sexy vamper and werewolf alphas. I mean, I wanna lick them both :) 

Yes, I am Team Derick, Alpha Werewolf, but I won't lie, even I can admit that Cam, the Vampire Ruler, is hilarious and sexy as well. I do say it's going to cause lots of hilarious tension. The sweet protective alpha wolf vs the bad boy sex appeal master vampire. And Kara just doesn't understand why all of a sudden they all want her for some reason. The council wants her to stop the bad vampires. The men want her. Her mom and grandma are freaking. This is getting crazy! 

Here's the kicker. We have 24 hours to get our ass in gear because the ish is gunna blow up the damn fan. LOL. There's some fun humor thrown around, but there's also a whole lot of tension and suspense in the plot. Kara maybe grew up a supernatural, but like I grew up American, I don't know every single thing about our government. She has very little time to learn her powers, skills, and the council rules before things get seriously bad. 

I am now a huge fan. Please please don't make me wait to long, I really need book two, like ASAP!! :) 5 extremely awesome WOLFY PAWS!! 

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