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Casual Curses and Meticulous Magic Review!

My original stop was HERE on November 25th, but I've been a crazy person so I am behind on some of my reviews, so today, I am going to share my review :) 

Casual Curses & Meticulous Magic (A Gramarye Novel Book 1)
Casual Curses and Meticulous Magic
The Gramarye Series
Book I
Lee Roland

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Highland Press                  
Date of Publication:  September 24, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9916439-2-9

Number of pages: 292
Word Count:  92,000

Cover Artist:  Iris Hunter

Book Description:

What happens when a dysfunctional witch and a tough PI work together to save an aging apartment house filled with ghosts, dragons and one oversexed house plant?
Spirits, spells and mayhem…Magic rises in the Gramarye

Melian Devlin is a witch who often resorts to exotic and slightly illegal methods of acquiring money to maintain the 300-year-old Gramarye, the stone apartment house that’s her heart and home. Her life is a series of skirmishes that occasionally end with her behind bars. 

Titus Moran is a no-nonsense PI who makes big bucks busting insurance fraud schemes.  So how did he wind up in a tortuous battle to keep Melian out of jail?  Did the delightful young witch with her gray eyes and magic at her fingertips enchant him—or does the Gramarye hold greater mysteries.  

Titus will enter a new exciting world when he joins Melian in her quest to save the Gramarye.  Melian will fumble along in her usual impulsive way, leaving a trail of disasters behind her.   If they’re lucky, they might survive.

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My Review
So, I love this author from her other series, the Earth Witches. I LOVED this series, so when I saw that she was coming out with a new series, I literally jumped at the chance on the tour. This author has a way of giving us kick ass heroines that may be flawed, but are wonderful because they won't give up no matter what. Plus, they are usually so very interesting. And I am so glad that I was not disappointed and this book met my expectations! It's a great new series, and this just reinstates that this author is a must have!! Mel is awesome and she definitely has some obstacles to overcome! Plus, everything that can go wrong does, and yet she keeps on going :) 

Melian is a witch, who has some trouble with her powers when she isn't as home. A little flame burns a whole damn building down. And then somethings she works on go just fine. We haven't completely learned everything yet to Mel, but there's some fun going on. It starts with her getting arrested. The cop who busted her has something personal against her, and on top of that, to spy on her, to frame her, he moves into her apartment building that she owns as her neighbor. Like it's not enough he wants her to rot in jail, he's going to harass her at home too. Then, her crazy Uncle bails her out, but as a blackmail deal. She must do something that is suicidal to make her bail out even. He's scary, but I don't think he's completely all bad, just not always all good. And her Uncle Rat makes her take a babysitter, who has her hot and bothered. And one more thing, she is in charge of the Gramarye, the building she lives in, that is a sentient building with a serious amount of power keeping the witches in power. And she has a dragon living upstairs, a crazy sex-crazed plant owned by a botanist, and a succubus that is just creepy. 

So, Titus is Mel's babysitter rfom uncle Rat. His mother is marrying the Rat, and he is forced to be Melian's side kick. Actually, the Rat needs him to be her protector, but he's not allowed to tell her that. He's pissed and he won't do it, until he meets her, then he can't seem to keep his mind off her, or his hands :) I actually like him a lot. He's almost a bad boy mysterious type, but he's actually nice, and charming, and he's loyal to Mel. And he stands up to the Rat. So Mel likes him. LOL. He's trying to solve his father's murder, which is the suicide mission, and while doing that, he also begins unraveling a crazy conspiracy plot by another evil witch who wants to put every other witch on their knees, and the Rat and Mel are on the top of his list. So, not only does Titus have his hands of with Mel's job, he's falling for her. I also love that he lets Mel be Mel, except in her apartment when it comes to cleaning. he's so OCD and she's so damn messy LOL. It's freaking hilarious!! 

There is some romance, yes, it is was good. It' made the story better. But there's ass kicking magic flying around, and some totally awesome animals, like hell  hound rejects, Sara Jane, the crazy donkey, the hilarious cats from the sky. I mean, way to play everything to the awesome extreme! And the plot, well it's perfect, because it's starts as a little mystery, then builds up into this climatic ending that yes leaves room for more books but has a full ending. No cliff hanger, no missing things. Oh, I know there's going to be more, because now, Melian has a lot of changes to over come, but it's gunna be awesome for more. The writing is so fantastic. I love the way this author places her words, and though there is romance, and sex, it's not like an erotica, where you know every single detail. I kind of liked that. It has romance, but still is in the UF genre, with action and magic and everything is so well rounded. I totally can't wait for book two. GIMME!!! Maybe gimme a nice werewolf boy I can drool over LOL! 5 MAGICAL PAWS!! 

About the Author:

Lee Roland is a full time writer who lives in North Central Florida. She loves the peaceful rural area where she shares a home with three small dogs who think they are pit bulls and an evil cat with sharp claws.
Lee writes stories of urban fantasy and paranormal romance where strong men and women battle the wickedness hiding under the surface of the modern world.  Her characters are passionate in life and love and are formidable enemies to the malevolent criminals in their worlds.

Her first series, the Earth Witches, was published beginning in 2011 by NAL.  Her website, offers samples of the Earth Witches books and information on their world. There are short stories and news of any upcoming books and events.

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