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Mistletoe & Hollywood Blitz w Giveaway!

Mistletoe & Hollywood Book Blitz

Mistletoe & Hollywood Cover
Mistletoe & Hollywood Cover

Mistletoe & Hollywood
Jack Eversea and Evan Weston, two of Hollywood’s hottest young actors had their hearts stolen by regular down to earth girls, and we lived and laughed and loved their stories in the Eversea Series and in the Desire Resort Series. But what happened when the books were over?
How did each couple choose to spend their first Christmas? Was it sexy, emotional, stressful or heartwarming?
Perhaps it was everything and more…
My Star, My Love (An Eversea Series Novella) by Natasha Boyd
Movie star, Jack Eversea, has decided to brave his history with England and take the love of his life, Keri Ann Butler, home to meet his mother for Christmas. He’s been back in California and Keri Ann’s been busy with art school, and they are desperate to spend three weeks together over the Holidays.
But Jolly Old England does weird things to Jack. And despite his super sweet “twelve days of Christmas” gift giving, Keri Ann can’t quite work out of he’s about to propose or regrets bringing her home. Is he still questioning whether she can handle a few paparazzi, or is he doubting Keri Ann’s commitment to their future?
The magnetic couple is back in a fun, sometimes poignant, and super sexy story about acceptance, love and how to make love quietly in a creaky old house with one’s mother down the hall.
Many Times, Many Ways (A Desire Resort Series Novella) by Kate Roth
Vacation is over.
Danielle was escaping her monotonous life at a sexy beach resort when she first fell under the spell of Hollywood hunk, Evan Weston, but now they’re trying to make their relationship work in the real world.
While they’re both hopeful for what lies ahead, the only question is whether or not their desires for the future are one and the same.
Things have always moved quickly between Evan and Danielle, but Danielle can’t stave off the lingering anxiety she has once she finds out about Evan’s big plans—and even bigger Christmas gift. Can she continue to let go of the worry that plagues her so the man of her dreams can give her the life she never imagined she’d have?
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My Star, My Love by Natasha Boyd

When Jack kissed, it was a melody rushing through me. The build of a chorus that thrummed in my blood and beat in my chest, my body at one with the resonance as it built, layer upon layer, like a song one could feel more than hear.
I didn’t just taste the sweet almond and coffee taste on his tongue that rode like white caps on the flavor that was uniquely Jack. I was in the cathedral of Jack. His presence surrounded me with perfect architecture to take the burning want he created with every slide of his mouth and every tightening of his hands holding me to him, soaring and whipping around me until I was trembling with the force of it. And flying along side it. Along side him.

Many Times, Many Ways by Kate Roth

I watched her stare out at Lake Ontario. The water was still, the pristine surface looking like a black pool under the moon as snow was still falling with no end in sight. I slipped my arms around her from behind and looked out at the water with her.
“I’m kind of obsessed with the kitchen. This place is gorgeous. And there’s a pool, which means you’ll probably have to bring me back in the summer,” she said quietly, letting me hear the smile in her voice. A breath fell out of me and I pressed my forehead into her shoulder as I grinned.
“It’s really beautiful in the fall,” I said with a sigh.
She hummed and then her body stiffened. “How do you know?”
“I’ve been here before.”
Her shoulders fell under my touch and I couldn’t stand keeping it from her for one more second. “Oh,” she said solemnly. 
I let go of her and moved to the nightstand where I’d left the box. When I turned back to her, she was holding herself with her arms across her body.
“You okay?” I asked.
Her head wobbled and she gave me a weary smile. “I just don’t like thinking about you sharing this place with anyone but me. But it’s okay. It’s a great house, so I see why you wanted to bring me here too.”
I breathed another small laugh and moved to her smoothly. The moonlight painting her from the windows made me weak. She was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. My hand rose to brush her cheek and her brow wrinkled at me. “Do you know how much I love you?” I asked.
Danielle’s teeth scraped at her bottom lip and she shrugged.
I rolled my eyes and smirked. “Oh, come on. You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger and you know it, Sassy,” I teased.
When she cracked a smile, I swallowed thickly and held the little red box out to her. She stared at it for a moment, breathless, and then she looked up at me again, her eyes full of uncertainty.

Natasha Boyd
Natasha Boyd

Natasha Boyd
Natasha Boyd is a writer with a background in marketing and public relations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and lives in the coastal Carolina Lowcountry, complete with Spanish moss, alligators and mosquitoes the size of tiny birds. She has a husband, two sons and a cat named Tuna. Eversea is her first full-length novel.
Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads
Kate Roth
Kate Roth

Kate Roth
Inspired by music, film, art and the wealth of stories she has heard through her career as a professional hair stylist, Kate Roth decided to get real about her love of writing in 2008. She signed up for a course after-hours at the local high school called ‘So You Want To Write A Book?’. Indeed, she did! For years Kate had been dreaming up love stories in her head and she’d even managed to write a few of them down but it was that class that gave her the drive to finally do something more with her ideas. The ideas haven’t stopped flowing since. She enjoys writing in all sub-genres of romance and even has a few surprises up her sleeve for the future. She is a small business owner and lives in Indiana with her husband, Adam and their dog, Sampson.
Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads
Author Interviews
Natasha, First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….
Hi Maghon, thanks for inviting us on your blog.  My latest release is an extension novella from my Eversea series (a DUOLOGY) where my couple spends their first Christmas together.  Jack Eversea is an extremely famous actor, and A-list celebrity.  When I discovered fellow author Kate Roth had written a Hollywood actor story too, we had the great idea to bundle our Christmas stories together to give our readers an extra treat for the holidays.  The bundled ‘duet’ is called Mistletoe & Hollywood and features two sweet and sexy novellas.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?
I’ve always written.  I wrote short stories throughout my youth and put it aside for a while. I picked it up again about five years ago, just dabbling. Then in 2012 I started what turned out to be my debut novel. I started writing and didn’t stop and all of a sudden I had a book.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it? 
My first book was Eversea. I’d promised myself I would as a New Years resolution (I made the same one every year), and that year I stuck to it. It helped that the story kept flowing out of my typing fingers like it had a life of it’s own!  

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Yes!  Kristen Callihan wrote a really great one called The Hook Up.  Couldn’t put it down.  There’s a lot of rush to the market these days, and there’s so much out there, it’s hard to find the really good ones. So when I literally can’t put one down these days, I get very excited!   Oh and I wish NJ Frost would write another book. She’s written one novella that I fell in love with called Death of a Rockstar. It’s sad, but beautifully written. 

Who do you look up to as a writer?
Colleen Hoover and Sylvia Day. I think both of these women write exceptionally well. You rarely find a plot hole or a character acting out of bounds. Their storylines are tight and well thought out, and with either of them, even if the plot has been done before, I still feel as if I’m reading something unique. 

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?   No.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?
I learned to be brave and be myself.  I’ve realized that most of the time when people are mean or spiteful, it’s usually more about them than it is about me.  Putting myself out in the public eye has taught me that.  I’ve been lucky to have complete strangers fall in love with my book and my writing, so that helps me understand in a fundamental way that I have value and I can make someone happy with what I do.  Making people happy helps in a small way to make the world a happier place. To be able to do that is a huge reward.   

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you seems so trite. But I have such gratitude every day for readers who give me the opportunity to do what I do, and provide a living for my family, and take part of a burden for my husband. For my kids to hear that their mother has talent and works hard is a wonderful gift that my readers give to my family.  I hope I can continue to repay them by making them smile and their hearts beat faster! 

Kate, First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….
My story in Mistletoe & Hollywood is called Many Times, Many Ways and it’s a little glimpse at my characters from Last Resort and Best Laid Plans after the end of those books. Natasha Boyd approached me about doing this joint release because we are both fans of each other’s work and our male MCs both happen to be actors so it seemed fitting. I was so happy to get the chance to show just a little bit more of Danielle and Evan’s journey for my readers. I saw in a few reviews that people said they would miss them so this is the perfect way for me to satisfy anyone craving a little more Evan Weston and his sassy girl.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?
I always enjoyed reading and writing in school but in junior high I started writing fiction for myself and my friends (romance, mind you). I jokingly say that it’s because I was too old to keep playing with my Barbies but I still loved the drama of a love triangle or long-lost romance.

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?
My first novel, The Low Notes, is a teacher/student forbidden romance. I was taking a writing class and working on something else at the time and this idea just come flooding my mind. It was an idea I’d started and abandoned over and over since high school. Once I started working on it and set out to finish it once and for all, it consumed me. I’ll always be in love with that story.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
Every one of my novels has a least some tiny thread of inspiration drawn from real life. It’s either a bit of myself and my personal experiences or those of people I know. Some things are such small details they aren’t worth mentioning. But I’m definitely inspired by real life and real stories.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I recently read an awesome serial by Vanessa Booke. I also have had the privilege of pre-reading for Leigha Taylor. Both are authors that need to be checked out.

Who do you look up to as a writer?
Well, cue the cheesy orchestra, but I look up to Natasha Boyd. I’m also incredibly inspired by Gail McHugh, RK Lilley, Katherine Applegate, and Judy Blume.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
Not a word! I am so incredibly proud of Last Resort, Best Laid Plans and Mistletoe & Hollywood.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!
I’m reading (as she writes it lol) Please, Sir by Leigha Taylor. It is HOT! I’m almost always reading a romance title. I enjoy other genres but I cannot get enough romance. Ever.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?
I designed the cover! I’m so proud of it. It was a join design effort between me, Natasha and her assistant Julie. I’m so happy with how it came out and the great response it’s gotten from readers.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?
I always learn something about myself when I’m finished with a book. It seems I always end up teaching myself a lesson. Through Danielle’s journey in the Desire series I learned to let go of some of my own anxiety (though mine is nothing like what she experiences lol!!).

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?
That is a tough one! I think I’d like to be a combination of all of my heroines. I love them all in a unique way. I can’t possibly decide.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?
Some of my favorites that I think everyone should read are Hushed by Britni Hill, Collide and Pulse by Gail McHugh, Stripped by You by Marissa Carmel, Better by Carey Heywood, and of course the Eversea series by Natasha Boyd J

Thank you!!! Without the love and support and kind words of the readers this job just wouldn’t be the same.  

We’re thrilled to announce a Book Blitz for the Contemporary Romance collection
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