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Happy Book Birthday~ Cornered by JA Belfield!!


And the blurb:

Daniel Larsen is playing a dangerous game, and he doesn’t even know it.

 A two-wheeled speedster. A little redhead in a bar. Evenings spent away from his pack. Innocent enough for most, but for Danny, the combination leads down a path of destruction and straight to a hell he doesn’t even see coming.

Entangled in a nightmare that started with his own brother and the cat he brought into their home, Dan’s driving himself toward a solitary existence—except for the curvaceous Olivia Fanella. Seduced by his new companion, and happy to ignore the divide growing between himself and the pack, Danny is oblivious to the trap being laid out for him.

Before long, Danny’s integrity gets questioned. His loyalty gets questioned. Hell, he even questions himself.

On top of that, just when he believes life might be going a little better, he gets served the roughest shot he could never have imagined—not even in his worst nightmares—and Danny has no idea how to come back from a hit like that.

**Cornered contains scenes that some readers might find upsetting**

 CORNERED is available NOW.

Meet Daniel Larsen and fall in love a little!

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My Review 

I'm one of the very fortunate people who get to beta read for Ms Belfield. Let me tell you how this one went... I had to read it twice, because the first time, I was so into the story, I never even thought to look for plot holes- she didn't have any- or misspellings or even little boo boos. And if you look around you'll see a quote by me describing this book. I wasn't lying with this quote but the book is so much more than that.

First I felt sorry for Danny. I know he was taking the Kyle and Brooke relationship  hard but then I was mad because he needed to figure out that mates are just as serious a relationship as brothers. Then I felt sorry because he really was sad that he felt Kyle pushed him away and chose Brooke over him. I know it’s a protection  thing but Kyle never tried to help the situation, though I like brooke even more now :) Then I literally cried for him. So, if you hadn't read the last book- SHAME ON YOU- Kyle did something not so nice. Instead of being a man about things, he hid and when the family found out he got hostile and Danny was the one who took the brunt. And then if you remember the crazy biatch from Caged, well you'll remember she never died. And boy does she cause some serious hell for the Holloway pack. Oh my God, I cried. For a guy because Danny seriously broke my heart. I never want even my worst enemy- I don't really have those but still, to go through what Danny did. And Ethan and Kyle- thank you!! For sitting in a truck all night :) Damny owes you for it but I commend you!! Lol! 

Now Olivia, I like her tons. She's actually normal, by normal I mean human. No specialties about her except that she's extraordinary in her own right. I think she is perfect for Danny and wait til you get her shocker at the end. Seriously, I whooped out loud when Olivia finally tracked Danny down and laid that little tidbit on him. Oh yeah it's gunna be a wild ride lol! I know that the books coming will be epic. And yes, you will actually see my real name in this book. The author had a contest for naming a character and I won and my character is going to have some serious goodness coming her way in the future- I just know it!! And this last little thing- I've read all kinds of books, and all of Ms Belfield's included, I'm still obsessed with Ethan, but I think Danny and Liv have beaten every other book's sex scene. Not because it's super racy or even majorly erotic, but because it's the most heartfelt and realistic. When the person you are falling for finally gives themselves to the other, it's not going to be perfect or spot on, nerves and insecurities will be there and Ms Belfield captured it beautifully!! And passion- can't forget that part and it's full of passion throughout this whole book!!! 

When I sent in my thoughts for beta reading I have Ms B. 5 scenes that made me feel the most, because this one is definitely more emotional than the rest. You'll have to read why. And when you finish, let me know how your jaw dropped so we can discuss this!! The writing skills this woman has is sometimes just awe inspiring. I'm a huge werewolf fan, but Ms B doesn't just focus in being a werewolf, people have friends and family and jobs and responsibility and that makes it so much more real and effective. Hell Danny meets my character at small diner, and sometimes people forget when writing to portray the little things. I love this author. I love this series. And I'm damn sure recommending it!! :) 5 WOLFY PAWS!!! 

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