Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Book Birthday A Bet Worth Making by Heather Hildenbrand!

A Bet Worth Making by Heather Hildenbrand

(Book 2 in the Grayson County Series)

Jordan DeWalter has her future mapped out—build the most impressive architectural design portfolio in all of New England, and use it to one day open her own firm. But when her father unexpectedly passes away, her plans, and her heart, are broken. Now, if she wants the money once promised to her, she’ll have to return to the town that threw her family out over twenty years ago in order to get it.

If there’s one thing Jordan despises more than small towns, it’s small town people.

Casey Luck has spent his life skating by on charm and a devil-may-care attitude. Never one to take life too seriously, he’s kept secret his dream of building custom dirt bikes. Instead, he fills the role his family expects: tractor mechanic, farm handyman, comedic relief. But, deep down, Casey’s restless for something more.

Then he meets his new roommate: Jordan.

Their attraction is instant, but Jordan’s not fooled by the chemistry between them. When the summer is over, she’s out of here no matter what. In fact, she’s willing to bet on it.

Will their undeniable connection be the push they both need to break free of their pasts, or will Jordan’s wager on their failure ruin the future for them both? 

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My review 

So I've been a stalker- I mean fan- of this author for a good while now. She never ceases to amaze me. Though I'm normally strictly a fantasy/paranormal book reader, when you have a favorite author, you'll read any of their goodies. And this is just that- a goodie! It's a beautiful love story that while make your heart just bust. She took a city girl- something I'm very much not- and dropped her in the country- something I am!! And sometimes, the country is the most beautiful place to live. And find yourself. And Jordan did that and so much more in this book. 

Jordan wants to be an architect and she needs to finish something before she starts something new, like make amends with some people she has no desire to see much less talk to. And Casey is the good American boy next door. He follows the rules, works on his farm, handy mans the things that are broken. And yet he wants to be a bad boy- well kinda. He loves motorcycles. He likes fixing them, building them, riding them. And yet he knows he'll disappoint those around him if he says he wants a life of motorcycles instead of farm fields. And these two, being polar opposites can't help but attract each other. And their romance is sweet and real and oh so heart warming. 

The writing is perfect, as I expected. The story is a wonderful notch in Ms H's belt, and I love that she's got her fingers in so many cookie jars. There's some people who would never read fantasy, so they would miss out on how great a writer she really is. But with this series, other genres have something great with her name added to it! I recommend this one! Pick it up, even if you've never read a book by her before- trust me- it'll change your mind! Well done my friend, well done!! 5 BEAUTIFUL PAWS!! 

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