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Happy Book Birthday Cloaked in Blood by TF Walsh!!

Cloaked in Blood
T.F. Walsh
(The Wulfkin Legacy #3)
Published by: Crimson Romance
Publication date: May 9th 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal
The daughter of a sultan alpha, Selena Kurt agrees to an arranged wulfkin mating to protect her sister from a dangerous alpha from the enemy clan. To her surprise, her match is Marcin Ulf, the next in line for the Hungarian throne . . . and the wulfkin who broke her heart years ago.
Marcin is just as shocked to learn he’ll be matched to the enemy’s daughter and the woman he’s never forgotten. Before they can be paired, however, they’re drawn into a tournament where Marcin will compete to free his estranged imprisoned brother, while Selena battles for the life of another wulfkin alpha. Both intend to seize this chance to save those they’re fighting for – even if it means facing off with one another just as their romance rekindles.
Will tribe loyalty triumph, or will they realize they’re better off as a team before it’s too late?
Cloaked in Blood is the book 3 in the Wulfkin Legacy series, but can be read a stand-alone-book.
Wulfkin Legacy Series:

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Cloaked in Secrecy (Book #2) – Out now

Cloaked in Blood (Book #3) – Out now

Cloaked in Christmas – End of 2016
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Then another wulfkin entered the room behind him. Solid, tall, and all shoulders.
And suddenly my heart hammered so hard the walls seemed to be thumping too.
Windblown hair draped over his shoulders, tawny brown strands reaching halfway down his chest. His shirt was torn across his shoulder. Blood stained the fabric, worn as a badge of honor for whatever heroic deeds he’d accomplished.
Our gazes locked, and he stopped midstride. It was like a sucker punch to the gut. All the air left my lungs, leaving me light-headed.
Sea-spray blue eyes, darker than I remembered them, searched my face. Shock crammed behind his gaze as his cheeks blanched. He’d had no idea I was coming here—it was written all over his frozen expression, the way his mouth fell open, his breath hitched.
My wolf prodded me, stirring inside, well aware of who stood before us. Marcin had grown into even more of a wulfkin god: muscular, strong cheekbones, and a chest broad enough for me to sleep across. All I could think about was touching him to make sure he was real and not in my imagination.
Move closer. Take him.
I shouldn’t, yet every molecule in my body fought against the logic that said stay away.
Sure, I’d planned for this very moment and even practiced my nonchalant response in front of the mirror. Except now, my voice was wedged somewhere between my toes and head. My body shook with the desperate urge to be pressed up against him, feel his hungry kisses, and listen to his wicked whispers. I struggled with the charge in my veins screaming that I should run to him, throw my arms around his neck, and forget the past nine years. Forget that he tore out my soul. Forget that I mistook him as my mate because he’d lied to me. Abandoned me.
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My Review

I love this series!! Ok so i was prepared to hate Marcin on Enre's behalf. We all know how evil his father is- actually it's worse in this book because you see first hand so many horrible things Levin did and still does to his sons and those around him. So when Enre and Daciana are taken prisoners by Levin, Marcin will not let his father win this time. He will save his brother! Oh and his father is forcing him to mate with the enemy-whom he still loves but cannot trust because her pack tried to kill him! And now there's so many damn secrets and secret plots, I never thought this would end as well as it did. Seriously, I thought it would be horrible. 

I loved Marcin- he's nothing like everyone thought he was. He's smart and kind and caring- I dunno how being raised by that monster- but I guess he saw exactly what he didn't want to be with his father. He really did care about other shifters and other clans, but he had to almost fake everything so his father wouldn't kill him or his brother before he could help. I liked that after all the crappy lies Selena told- she had reason- he still wanted to look for the best on her. Selena is stuck between a rock and a hard place. One hand is trying to help her father secure peace so Levin doesn't slaughter her whole family and packs, the other hand is keeping her sister safe , and lastly is knowing Marcin is her mate but not getting close to him because she believes the lies people tell her- that he never loved her and never wanted her to begin with. Blah! She was such a smart and independent girl with kick ass fighting skills and yet she was STUPID!! She almost got herself, Marcin, and her two pets- which are super cool btw- killed because she was gullible! She let her father manipulate her, her sister walk over her- though innocently- levin berate her and pushed Marcin away so many times. I know it sounds like I didn't like her, but I really did. I just think she should have actually used her brain and her mouth once or twice and several of those issues could have been avoided lol but then I wouldn't have glued myself to the pages to read this one!! 

Seriously, the twists and turns at every corner had me shocked! You will never predict what's gunna happen in this one- seriously, I kept thinking- I know how Levin can screw this up- and then BAM- it was ten times worse lol. The writing is excellent and I absolutely love how it finally all came together. With Daciana and Enre and Marcin, finally somehow there's the sunrise after the nightmare from hell! I'm seriously also hoping that Vincent can get a story as well- you'll meet him with Marcin and I totally look forward to seeing more from these characters!! It's been so much fun and I'm not ready to let go yet! :) 5 WOLFY PAWS!!! 


Author Bio:
T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she's always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.


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