Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Sixth Domicile by Courtney Ruggles Review!

The Sixth Domicile (The Domicile Series Book 1)

In a future ravaged by greed and war, The Domicile has emerged. A new civilization governed by clandestine Elders where citizens are united by white masks and uniform identities. To remove one’s mask, to go outside the Domicile, to show defiance, means being sent to the Meurtre, a horrifying death sentence.

Q437B doesn’t follow the rules. She craves sunlight, dares to love her childhood friend B116A, and – the most forbidden of all – has seen the true face of her beloved beneath the mask.

But when Q becomes an Adulte, The Domicile threatens to take away everything that makes her happy. She is forced to marry an abusive soldier who demands she conform. Whispers spread about the unconventional lessons she teaches her new students. And when Q openly disobeys the Elders, the people become restless, questioning the truth of the world in the wake of such defiance.

Rumblings of discontent stir as others begin to follow the path toward their freedom. The Revolution has begun, and Q is the spark that ignited the flames.

Author Bio
Courtney’s love for writing started pretty much when she learned to read, which her mother would tell you was a feat in itself back when she was in the first grade. Once she aced those flashcards with vocabulary words, Courtney’s writing took off. And her love with it. In school, she was always writing short stories on a word processor (What?? Word processor with floppy disks?). Oh yes, she literally had a card filing case full of floppy disks.
Now getting her Doctorate in social work, she’s used this education to help her writing some of the gritty issues entwined in her stories. When Courtney isn’t writing her next book while drinking coffee, you can find her doing homework (drag) with chocolate chip flavored coffee, reading series of books (because school books are only so interesting) while drinking pumpkin flavored coffee, playing with her little boy, or daydreaming of future beach houses while drinking some other scrumptious flavor of coffee.

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My review

Wow!! This one was a crazy ride for me. In a world where the elders control every single thing it's amazing to have someone with a rebellious attitude. Q wants freedom of choice, specifically to love B. I hurt for them as Q is forced to marry an abusive husband and watch B marry a perfect wife. Not that their love dies, it gets stronger. And then there's a twist. 

I loved seeing the relationships build and grow and seeing B and Q find their paths. It's a beautiful but heart wrenching story of love and hurt and beliefs and family and fighting for your freedom. I loved the story and the writing is great! I'm dying to see wherever book two will take us as there's a major shock at the end of book one. Removing those masks had so many significances and I'm excited to see them nice forward. 5 PAWS!!!