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The Glass Ceiling by Julie LaVoie w Giveaway!

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The Glass Ceiling
by Julie LaVoie
Release Date: December 11th 2015 

Summary from Goodreads:

Pickaxes, grime, and watery oatmeal are all sixteen-year-old Heart has ever known. Growing up in the tunnels, the only breaks in her muscle-aching monotony are the numerous nights spent cramped in a metal box. Stupid runaway mouth. But when strange visions and a hidden map hint there’s more to life than she’s been led to believe — boys being one of them — only one thing weighs on her mind. Escape.

Yet freedom is a tease. Heart merely trades her small prison for a larger one — a transparent dome controlled by the Guardian, an aging leader bent on creating a genetically perfect race. Heart's birthmark on her shoulder? An abomination that carries a lifetime sentence of slavery for females.

Refusing to let a glass ceiling deter her, Heart searches for a way out of the dome. But unraveling the Guardian's secrets is a risky endeavor. Human skulls atop crude sticks serve as a warning: treason is punishable by death. When her new friends are captured, and escape is just an arm’s reach away, Heart must decide. Take the freedom she so desperately wants or save her friends’ lives?

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My Review 

I almost passed this one up, but I'm glad I changed my mind. This is something very cool and unique. The leading lady- Heart- is definitely a great heroine and her journey is just so cool. Almost like hunger games- minus the games part. No one is watching for fun, this is really their lives. She lives in the tunnels- and is sheltered, but when she finds an escape, she goes into the tunnels. But this world is a dome and nothing is anything like what she lives before. Everyone could be your enemy- though she does make a few friends, and she was condemned to being a slave by something so simple as a birth mark. This makes her flawed therefore less. And she hates those who've done this. The ruler has taken away free will and controls everyone. No one lives, works, or does something outside of their roles. Except Heart. But you see, if she brought the tortures of living as a slave was bad, if she is caught, there's nothing short of death she could wish for. 

Now I would love to say a lot, but I seriously won't spoil this one because it's so unique. I loved finding things out as I read. It's written so creatively and yes I know we've all read something dystopian or post Apocalyptic but this one is just different and I liked it. It's got a lot of learning curves for the characters as they grow and there's more than just a basic plot line, many little sub plots that kept me on my toes. And there's always the twists and surprises that make it so much cooler. You can tell the author put a lot into this one and I loved it for that reason. Learning about the characters and this special world made for a great read so 5 PAWS!!! 

About the Author

Julie lives in historic Saratoga Springs, NY with the man of her dreams and their boys. Being surrounded by males, she overcompensates by owning everything pink. From her clothing, to purses, to even her pots and pans. She just can’t get enough pink. 

She enjoys taking long road trips with her family to the beach and to amusement parks. She has one cat that she showers with kissy-baby talk, but who only returns a non-amused glance every once in a while. It’s her third cat to act this way, so she’s wondering if perhaps she should get a dog next time.

From a young age, Julie’s vivid imagination constantly invented story lines. But it wasn’t until she began working in a career that required zero creativity, that her need to write poured out like a dam bursting. And she’s been writing ever since.

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