Saturday, September 19, 2015

Water Rites by JR Pearse Nelson

 Water Rites (Water Rites, #1)

Water Rites by J.R. Pearse Nelson
Publication date: March 9th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

In the centuries old struggle for territory between selkies and finfolk, Lorelei Dorian is something new.

Secrets, once uncovered, can change everything. And they will for Lorelei Dorian. She thinks she’s a normal girl, with a talent for swimming and an unparalleled adoration for math. When a new friend confronts her with her true nature, her world will never be the same. Instead, a whole new world awaits her. Can the selkies and the finfolk share the sea – and Lorelei – or will they tear her to pieces as one more pawn in the long game hidden under the waves?

My Review

Well, the first thing I wanna say is-- please hurry with book two. Seriously, some crazy went down at the end, and though there's no cliff hanger, it leaves some WIDE OPEN crazy left to finish, and I seriously can't wait to see what will happen. But I am getting ahead of myself. I happen to love mermaid stories, even mermaids are the bad guys, and they are, kinda, in here. Selkies are the nicer folks. :) But again, hold up. This is Lorelei's story, where her mom left her, her dad is kinda lost but a great dad, her grandma is hilarious, and the boy who she thought was weird, is not only like her, but is awesome! Oh and never judge a book by it's cover. The cover is beautiful, but it made me think things, predict things, before I started reading and I was so wrong, which made it even more fun to be so surprised.

Lorelei is a high school girl who loves to swim. She's the best on her team at school. She studies hard. She doesn't cause trouble. Her mother left when she was little and she struggles to remember her. But she has dreams of her and her mother swimming and something about skin and danger and transformations. Well I can't spoil everything, but things aren't always so easy or predictable. Lorelei is something different than the rest. But we won't find that out til later. Here's the problem with Lorelei, there's one boy who goes to school with her, Vardon. He always seems cold and weird, but one day offers to help her in class. And a lovely friendship blooms, maybe into something more. The other problem is another boy, Clay, Lorelei doesn't know him, but he knows her. And he's going to make some major issues for Lor and Vardon. This is how things unravel. It started with normalcy, so much it could be real life. becoming friends with someone at school, learning about life. But when some things happen and Lor really starts to find out about who her parents are, and who them makes her, she kinda goes into a spiral of crazy.

The characters are well done, and I loved the story. It's plot was quite unique as was the versions of selkie and finfolk. Now don't confuse these for the disney versions, they are hard core and finfolk are not exactly mermaids, there's some differences and some major not so nice minutes. I loved this. I loved the big guy, the king, at the end. I will not spoil anything but I seriously look forward to seeing how his little gift to Lor is going to turn around, maybe bite someone in the derierre. I also really liked the writing. I want Lor and Vardon to work out, but I don't see Clay giving up so easy, and now with both worlds knowing about Lorelei, things are no longer going to be so easy for her. People are always out for themselves, and Lor is loyal and self sacrificing. She wants to protect those around her. I seriously cannot wait to see where the author is going to go in book two. I really really wanna read it! So should you! :) 5 PAWS!!!