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Thomas: the Le Beau Brothers series by VA Dold Review!

Le Beau Series
Book 4
V.A. Dold

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: April 10th 2015


Number of pages:  211
Word Count: 63838

Book Description: 

Julia is happy with her place in the shifter community as the owner of the famous shifter bar, The Backwater. But the life she's created for herself isn't enough to satisfy her crazy-ass mother, Lucinda, who shops her and her sister, Krystal, around to the pure blood shifters like pieces of meat. Only a born shifter mate is good enough for her girls.

Thomas James has his hands full as the shifter king's head of security. He certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend during the first annual shifter gathering. He had the king and queen to protect, not skirts to chase.

A childhood of emotional and physical abuse by his birth father has left Thomas emotionally unavailable and uninterested in romantic relationships. His father Tim’s cruelty to his mother and brother molded him into an extremely protective person. No one messes with his loved ones without answering to him.

Even though Julia and Thomas are destined to be mates, the obstacles standing between them and their happily-ever-after seem insurmountable.

Lucinda insists Julia stay away from the filthy human.

Tim is trying to kill every one Thomas loves. The mysterious Benevolent Sovereign, who is trying to overthrow the throne, has sent swampers to attack Thomas and destroy Julia’s livelihood.

With family like theirs, who needs enemies? Will Julia and Thomas’s happiness be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin or will they forge through - obstacles be damned.

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About the Author:

V.A. Dold Amazon best selling author of the Award winning Le Beau Brothers series.

Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was publicist to the authors, owning ARC Author & Reader Conventions. Still is.

Her idea of absolute heaven is a day in the French Quarter with her computer, her coffee mug and the Brothers, of course.

A Midwest native with her heart lost to Louisiana, she has a penchant for titillating tales featuring sexy men and strong women. When she's not writing, she's probably taking in a movie, reading, or traveling.

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My Review

This one is coming in really close as my favorite of the series so far. I happen to love Cade, but Julia is the coolest female wolf so far!! I loved her story, and I'm so pumped it was Thomas who snagged her. I kept going back and couldn't figure out why one brother would be gifted to be a wolf and the other brother would stay human, well now I know. And if you don't know what I mean, this is all explained in the previous books, so no I won't tell you. :) This is definitely a great wolfy book, as well as being so damn close to my home town, and to top it off, there is a ba-jillion sexy were wolf dudes running around! It's fantastic :) And this one kept me on my toes because I really thought it was going to come down to some serious character deaths! Well Played!! 

Now, Julia, she is kick ass. She's tough as nails, but she can cry like a baby when she needs to. I love her spirit, and I'm so freaking pumped that she got out of her mother's whims and even more pumped at the end that her sister is getting out too. But anywho, Julia runs a bar down the swamp. Yep, you gotta take a boat or run through the forest as a wolf  to get there. SO COOL! But when she meets Thomas at Stefan's wedding, she knows he's the one for her. And of course that wedding was awesome :) She's willing to give in to almost anything Thomas asks, she can't help it, but he sometimes asks a little too much. Lawd that boy had me wanting to slap him a few times. :) No worries, he came around. Thomas is a great addition to the Le Beau family. His mom mated Cade, the oldest son. So, it's becoming a totally awesome big ole happy family. Thomas is kind of hard. He's had a really rough child hood, we all met that crazy Tim in book one, and then he was in the marines, and now he's the head of security for Isaac LeBeau, our lovely alpha. He's taking his king's throne back, so trust me, he needs security now. This is so fun to watch, Julia is all laid back, Thomas is all rigid corners. :) It was fun to see them go at it. 

I love the characters so much, they play so much into the stories. And though each book is a different couple, we get to see all the previously mated couples in all their glory. And I love the matchmaking with Emma and Isaac. They are so damn old and yet they still giggle and plot like teenage high school girls. It's hilarious to me. And the plot twists. And the magnificent action. This one is almost the most action packed so far. We all saw the crazy swamper wolves, but I was not prepared for our previous enemy to break through those curses to do that. I was freaking out a bit. The romance is HAWT as always. And it makes for such good happy endings. And though there's no cliff hanger, there's more to come. The writing is excellent as always. This has become a must have series for me. I can't help it. I need it! :) And I can't wait to see how Texas is going to play into all of this :) Oh boy, Road Trip for book 5!! I can't wait. 5 EXCELLENT WOLFY PAWS!! 

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