Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moon Justice by Ryanna Hawk Review!

After Aurelia Fridell's horrid torture in Fractured Moon, she travels with her mate Ceithin Starkley to Alaska to recuperate and learn all she needs to know to hone her new shape-shifting skills. The couple's peace is disturbed by hunters pleading with them to find out what kind of animal is killing their livestock. A hungry Kodiak seems to be the culprit, but not everything is what it seems.
New developments at home force Ceithin and Aurelia to abort their investigation, unwittingly leaving the Alaskan people to fend for themselves against an angry enemy while they return to Connecticut to thwart a madman planning revenge on the Fridell family, with horrendous consequences for all of mankind... 

My Review

I loved the first book, but it was seriously heart wrenching. Well this one, is the healing side. We pick up with Ceithin and Aurelia staying in Alaska. He's trying to teach her how to co adapt with her new wolf side and also for them to just be mates together. She needs to heal, and so much of her family and friends and home keep bringing up the bad instead of the good. Except that she has to go home. When the locals ask them to help with something scarier than them, it not only freaks Aurelia out, but then she gets the call that says it's time to return home. So, poor baby girl, she has so much to deal with but she's taking it like a champ. And Ceithin is so generous about it. 

So I was hoping that Aurelia would get home and things would get easier, but no, things get spiraled out of control. And there's a whole mess of things that broke my heart. Aurelia's family is in its own trouble because there's a whammy about Chris... from book one. There's some things going on with Aurelia's brothers and I want to hug them. These events will blow your mind. They flipped mine. And Her BFF I am so excited that she came back!! YES!! And the climax, finally something happened to the bad guy that was deserved, though I wish it would have been... more. Yes, I'm all about the extreme gory, ridiculousness LOL and it was still awesome. And I definitely want to know more about our little Kodiac problem in Alaska with Garrett, and Mars, and I'm hoping there's something about that coming soon. 

I loved the writing, and how Aurelia didn't just fix herself from her torture. She is trying to heal not just the outer wounds but the inner mental wounds as well. She's one tough chick. I love her. And I can't wait to read the next book of this series! I really do love this one!! :) 5 WOLFY PAWS!! 

About the Author  @ryannehawk 

Ryanne Hawk writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal stories. She blends humor, horror, and interesting worlds, in order to bring you entertaining reads sure to make you think, squirm in your seat, and laugh out loud. Ryanne Hawk is the alter ego of author ER Pierce.

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