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Ophelia Adrift by Helen Goltz!!

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About the Book:
Ophelia Adrift
Title: Ophelia Adrift
Author: Helen Goltz
Publisher: Atlas Productions
Pages: 185
Genre: YA Fantasy
Ophelia’s first love might be her last.
In her wildest dreams, Ophelia Montague never imagined she would leave the city, her friends, her school and move to a seaside village. But when her parents die in an accident, that’s just where she finds herself—ensconced in a rambling house on the beach, with her uncle, Sebastian, his boarder—nineteen-year-old Adam Ferrier, and two Great Dane dogs named after shipwrecks. By the ocean's edge she meets Jack Denham who seems to command the sea and the moon—and if he has his way—Ophelia, too.
You can purchase your copy of Ophelia Adrift at Amazon.
Book Excerpt:
My room was beautiful, dreamy even—but I felt bad for liking it, as though I was being traitorous to Mum and Dad. I moved to the window and looked out over the ocean. An incredible feeling of loneliness swept over me and I grabbed my chest; I don’t know why, I knew that wouldn’t help. As if reading my emotions, Agnes moved closer to me and I stroked her head.
The sun would soon set across the ocean; the shadows were already long across the rocks. Then I saw movement at the base of the rock ... a person, a man with fair hair? I turned back but there was no one there.

My Review

What a fascinating story. Ophelia is 16, and recently an orphan. She's leaving her home and everything she knows to go live with her uncle. Sebastian is a little eccentric but overall I loved him! The new house is magnificent and I loved the atmosphere. The land and sea and the most wonderful dogs just made my day! Ophelia may have been a little broken but her relationship with her uncle, his dogs, and the wonderful view from her new home started the healing. And Adam is her uncle's boarder who never seems to be around lol. But when Ophelia goes to school, she makes friends with holly, Harry, and peggy. And the school boy wonder has his eye on her- Chayse. Being the new girl was both great and horrible all in one. While different, Adam and Chayse really don't like each other and Ophelia doesn't get why.  Until she meets Jack doing a school project, then everything really changes. 

There is so much to offer here. The characters are excellently written. I fell in love with them all. And it's like meeting new friends who become family, you want to wrap them all up and keep them close. The scenery is absolutely stunning and the vivid way the author painted the pictures in my head made me want to just jump through the pages!! And the plot, I wasn't sure what o was expecting but I loved it! With some surprises that kept me on my toes, I couldn't put this one down. I'm thrilled to find out there's going to be a second book meaning this will be a series of some sort and I'm dying to read it!! I loved this one! 5 PAWS!! 

About the Author
HELEN GOLTZ is an Australian author of eight titles. Helen studied English literature and communications at university and has worked in print, television and radio. She is published by Atlas Productions and Clan Destine Press and is the founder of Atlas Productions—a boutique imprint promoting all genres and the love of words, and The Reviewers—an Australian book review website featuring a by-invitation panel of reviewers.
Her latest book is the YA fantasy, Ophelia Adrift.
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