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Happy Book Birthday~ Kiss of A Dragon, Fallen Immortals by Alisa Woods!


Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1)

I am a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke…

...and I am dying.

Five hundred years is truly enough for a man like me. A monster. Yet a ten-thousand-year treaty will die with me, if I don’t spawn a dragonling to take my place. My two brothers are no use in this task. It falls to me, the eldest by a hair’s breadth, and yet, I cannot face the horror of another sealing. Another death. Another woman’s blood on my hands.

I was saved from death in a dark Seattle alley by an impossibly beautiful man who swooped in on golden wings. Now he’s taken me to his lair, opened my eyes to a world of immortals I didn’t know existed, and given me an impossible task - find him a mate. Then, and only then, will he set me free.

He needs her more than he wants; she wants him more than she should; and the fate of both the mortal and immortal worlds depends on them not just repairing their hearts, but finding a Love that’s True…
The Fallen Immortals series is a modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels. Lucian and Arabella’s story is told in the first three books of the 9-book series, with more planned for Fallen Immortals after that.

releases July 5th!



Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1)

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My Review
I loved Lucien and Arabella! Ok so dragons are very rare in shape shifters and without their mates they die early, though they live significantly longer than us humans. And Lucien is the Prince and he knows he's dying, until he meets Arabella whom he wants her to help him find his mate except he is seriously drawn to her. And she to him. She can't help it, he saved her life. But she's broken. Man she also broke my heart until Lucien fixed it all better with some of the steamiest and most romantic loving I've seen!! High five to this dude and can I have one- mainly one of his super hot brothers!! I'm all for swooning over them too lol! And when something else happens to Arabella, Lucien will do anything to save her and keep her. 

I am totally loving this new series. I love the dragon prince brothers and I can't wait to see them all find mates. I loved that Lucien helped Arabella overcome her fears. And I totally liked his swim spot. This author's writing has become a major favorite of mine! I recently purchased all the books I was missing in order to catch up on the ones I haven't read! Seriously good stuff plus she has my two favorite shifters- wolves and dragons!! Since this is a new series, if you haven't read anything by her before just grab it!! You'll see some things from the other series making you want to check them out but nothing that will make you feel lost!!! 5 DRAGON PAWS!!! 

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River Pack Wolves

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One hope to save the shifters of Seattle.

Jaxson has to claim a mate or step down as alpha—but his dark secret will kill any mate he claims. Olivia’s a half-witch with a secret of her own. Wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT… and their secrets could destroy them both.
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Shifters in Seattle

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Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?
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Christmas is a magical time… and a hard time to keep secrets.
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Episode 1

He's a broken alpha. She's his sexy intern. Can he keep his paws off her?

Episode 1

Will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?

New Adult Paranormal Romance Author

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