Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Happy Book Birthday~ Cheat by Gillian Zane!!

Cheat (Karma Inc. Book 1) by [Zane, Gillian]
Gillian Zane

Series: Karma, Inc.

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Karma’s a bitch…and her name’s Cassie. 

Working for Karma Incorporated might sound like the best job in the world, but there’s one really big catch: you’ve got to die to get it. Cassandra Mercier died at the ripe old age of twenty-one and is now gainfully employed by the Afterlife Corporation as a Karma operative. Her job duties include manifesting bad karma on unsuspecting victims. 

Two months into her internship Cassie is promoted and given her first solo case. His name is Bishop and he is a cheat.  He needs some bad karma, and Cassie’s the right girl for the job.

Inflicting a bit of payback on this cheat should be easy for Cassie, so she gets permission from her boss to do a little investigating on her own time. Investigating into her living life, the one she can’t seem to remember. The only problem, she is forbidden from doing the digging herself. Afterlife Corporation rule. She can hire someone to look into it for her, though, and that someone turns out to be Drake Greco. She regrets her decision the moment she walks into his office… 

My Review! 

This is the first book I've read by this author, but it's super fun! And it won't be the last! So, Cassandra dies, and wakes up Cassie in the afterlife, as she is offered a job, to work off her sins so she doesn't have to go to the hot place. Karma Inc gives people who deserve it their karma. Pretty cool right? Except, she still doesn't get everything that she's supposed to do. She's also really trying to remember her life before she died and she's missing a good bit of time and memories. But then she gets her first solo case... Bishop. 

Bishop is well a typical ass of a guy. He's a player, he's a douche, he's a bartender that is about to get what's coming to him in karma from Cassie. He's got a girlfriend, she's pregnant by him, he's cheating on her, and it just goes downhill from there. And it's Cassie's job to give him enough payback in karma that he figures it out and turns his life around and makes the right choices. And Cassie needs to figure out how to deal with her case and Bishop instead of trying to worry so hard about what's missing from her past life. The one where she's dead. 

I actually really liked this one, but I thought the first couple of chapters were a bit slow because we go several times from present to past, all after Cassie died but before and during she was processed. I usually like flashbacks, but somehow in this one I didn't. Maybe because they went back and forth so many times. HOWEVER, I'm SO GLAD I decided to get over the flash back problem because the book itself after that was great. I really enjoyed it and after the first few chapters, I also really enjoyed the writing style of the author. I think if the flash backs would have been together and all at the beginning, as like a preface, I probably wouldn't have been as frustrating, but please please don't take that as a negative. I'm a reader not a writer, and I still loved it. I also loved that there were some controversy and how Karma Inc really does its job. There's a reason everyone knows the saying about Karma :) With that, I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the future with this series and I will be scooping up book two! 5 PAWS! 

Gillian Zane

Gillian Zane is the author of the NOLA Zombie series. Zane is the pen name of a prominent blogger in the publishing industry, which will remain a mystery unless you Google it. Since she can remember her goal has been to become Master of the Universe and has decided to focus first on the literary world. Things are progressing nicely. 

Zane has been a freelance writer for the last ten years and has published a few non-fiction works, none of which was very exciting. Zombies are much more exciting and a way for her to combine her two current obsessions, hot boys with guns and Doomsday Prepping. When she isn't stockpiling MREs (Meal's Ready to Eat) or researching how to build a cistern on a budget, she's taking care of her little family and exploring the city that she loves, New Orleans. You can find Gillian Zane on twitter @GillianZane. 

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