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Trail of Dead Review!

I am so excited to host this stop, because I've found a new series I love!! You know I love werewolves, but this also has magic and suspense and a wonderful world of fun! Let me show you!! 
Trail of Dead (Incarnate, #2)
Trail of Dead (Incarnate #2) by Cristy Rey

The Pastophori of Iset has set a trap for the Incarnate…only she doesn’t know it.

Burned out from being on the road again, a directionless Sunday finds herself inexplicably drawn to Salt Lake City. There she finds herself in a curious state. For the first time in her life, Sunday feels normal. She can walk around free of anxiety that she will be set-off by her inhuman sensitivity. She can be intimate without overheating. Are the days of the Incarnate finally behind her?

Cyrus has not handled losing Sunday well. For eight months, the werewolf has been a shadow of himself. His pack is concerned and his closest friend, Marcus, believes that Cyrus is in danger of being lost to his humanity. When their Alpha confesses that the Pastophori of Iset has set a trap for Sunday, Cyrus goes into full-gear trying to get her out of it…but he has to find her first.

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My Review

Oh man do I love this series!! :) Sunday's back on the run, from Cyrus, from the patophori, from herself. But she feels the need to get to Salt Lake City. She's having dreams to rescue a child. Her dreams freak me out. But then when she gets there it's like her powers went away and she's completely normal. She even made a friend and has a hot new boyfriend. She doesn't even remember Cyrus. Except the pastophori are there and they're making her come to them. Sunday doesn't even know what's really going on. She's so happy to be normal. All I'm gunna say is THANK YOU MARCUS AND CYRUS!! Marcus, because he won't let Cyrus die or go so far into depression without Sunday that he's willing to risk his life to save his best friend. And Cyrus, because he finally figured out that he can't live without he and he's gunna find her before those evil monsters do. Man, does he have a huge surprise coming to him :) and angel, along for the ride, makes me wanna hug him for being so cool!! The action and suspense is definitely out the roof in this one. I don't know if I've ever read a book this fast. I was dying to know what would happen. Especially when you start figuring out who each of these new people in Sunday's life really is. How her new friend, her new boyfriend, her new name, her new town, is all literally wrapped in a big bow around the same box of crazy. Dude, this is like a wonderfully plotted plan of evil years in the making. I was quite stunned how it all play out, but let me just say I literally cheered like my favorite team just won the damn Super Bowl at the end!!! Like YES!!!!!! The writing is flawless and I am loving the new additions of characters and supernatural creatures. Witches, werewolves, seers, the humans don't stand a chance to be this cool :) man I so don't wanna wait for book three but I'll just stalk the author until it comes out! And I wanna know what's gunna happen to dani and Deborah and our new friend in Deborah's son. :) it's getting real and the wolves are ready to howl! 5 MIND BLOWING PAWS!!

Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate, #1)
Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate #1) by Cristy Rey

After five years on the run, Sunday has finally settled into a seemingly normal life in Columbia, South Carolina. What her two best friends don’t know is that Sunday has a secret past. She is the Incarnate, a conduit of mystical energy transcendent of the mundane and the divine. For most of her life, she served under Bernadette, the most powerful witch in the Northwest.

Her power is terrifying, and what she remembers of her past—and what she doesn’t—haunts her. In the year that she’s been attempting to be anything but the Incarnate, Sunday has fought her abilities tooth and nail, but it’s been worth it. When Sunday joins her friends’ coven for an innocent gathering, Sunday discovers a darkness hidden beneath the blanket of the coven’s magic and she is determined to find out who is behind it and what she has planned.

For the last four years, Cyrus has been the point man on the contract to recapture the Incarnate and deliver her to the Pastophori of Iset. A gifted tracker and a fearless werewolf, he harbors a wild, inexplicable passion for the Incarnate that has driven him to hunt her. He was one of the original captors that brought her to Bernadette when his obsession with her began.

Having found her, Cyrus and his pack find themselves torn between two objectives: take her by force and deliver her to yet another group of fanatics, or help her uncover the traitor among her coven.
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My Review

So I have another new series I love. This is such an interesting book, because not everything follows the "norms" of the supernatural. You have a woman, who is let's say in lamens terms a very powerful witch. She has been on the run for a very long time. From the people who kidnapped her when she was a teenager. Now, she's made a life for herself, with friends, and the people she was running from have found her. Except not everything is as it seems. 

Sunday is an incarnate, which is like a witch but more. She is the embodiment of power, all smashed into her little self. And when she can't control that power, things blow up, people die, toasters fly, hehehe. Or so everyone believes. She was kidnapped and tortured by a very power hungry woman. That same woman made the entire supernatural community believe that Sunday is evil and will kill everyone. All Sunday wants is to be normal and left alone. But she can't remember everything from her past, including where she was kidnapped from, and who she really is. And then two things happen to spin her life back into chaos. She lets her new friends bring her to a witch coven meeting, and she feels someone evil plotting against these nice people. AND then she meets Cyrus, a werewolf, who happens to feel that Sunday is his mate, even if he's supposed to re-kidnap her and take her to her doom. She just wanted to keep her friends safe, and instead she's put her head back on the chopping block. I like her, alot! She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe from harm, even if it means dying herself. And then this crazy attraction to Cyrus. 

Cyrus is a werewolf, who's a tracker. He's been tracking Sunday for a very long time. He was actually the one who found her the first time she was kidnapped and brought her to the mad woman. He never quite got over the fact that his bringing her there got her tortured. At first, he truly believed Sunday was the evil people he was told about. But when he finds her, touches her, gets to know her, he finds that she's not evil at all, and all that hate and rage he was holding on to, is a moot point because she's his mate. So now he's in a big pickle. Does he protect his mate, or finish the mission he has been on and put her in mortal danger? And is he going to help her with the evil witch, or just let everyone die that Sunday cares about to get his mission done? And just when you think things aren't over the top crazy enough, another plot twist will blow your mind!! 

This story had me glued to the pages. I needed to know what would happen. I cheered for Sunday, I prayed for Cyrus, and I had hope for something good to come from this. The writing is fantastic. And I can't believe the ending. Oh man, my heart hurts. And this is only the beginning. I am jumping right into book two because this is gunna be even more epic than the first story, I just know it :) 5 MAGICALLY WOLFY PAWS!! 

About the author
 Cristy Rey
Cristy Rey is the author of the romantic urban fantasy Incarnate series. Taking Back Sunday, Trail of Dead, and the prequel novelette, Edge of Seventeen, were released in 2014. The third full-length installment, Wolf Parade, will be released in 2015.

She also writes and publishes unconventional romantic women’s fiction. Her first standalone, Weeping Angels, is available now, and her second, Heart Grow Fonder, will be out in winter 2014/2015.

Cristy lives in Miami, FL where she is a reader and writer most of the time, and a knitter much less of the time than she was six months before she took up writing again. She writes the books that she likes to read. She describes her writing style as riot grrrl Jane Austen sprinkled with a little magic. There’s always a killer soundtrack running in the background of her novels – all you need to do is turn to the playlist to know what’s up. 

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I hope you guys check this one out!! I can't wait for book three! Happy reading and later gators! 
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