Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Black Sheep Shadow by Ashley Terrell!!

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The city lights blind your amazement.
The sound of the traffic challenges you to be alive. Families ask bystanders to
make magic and capture the moment with photographs. Newly engaged couples seal
their union by kissing under shooting stars while loving by crossing their

But if your heart was under arrest, wouldn't you want to embrace something to
feel like others?

Go insider the world of one courageous sheep as she discovers that her heart
was under attack by darkness. As she travels on a spiritual journey to
understanding her purpose, overcoming the undertones of low confidence,
self-acceptance, and the importance of inspiration, she rose against the odds
with forgiveness and strengthening her faith.


Your past does
not define your future.

In the dark, we
do not have shadows.
In the light,
we do.
Even me.
Even you.
Even sheep.

It is time out
for hiding the scars and pain.
It is time out
for disguising when we need help.
It is time to
stand up and embrace yourself.
Regardless of
Regardless of
Regardless of
Regardless of

You are who you
Your future is
what you want it to be.
You have a
shadow. You have an identity.
Even black
sheep have shadows.

God’s sheep are
only black because society locks us in a room with the light off.
What’s going to
make you determined
to turn the
light on?

 Here is my story.


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