Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Book Birthday~ Alpha Bear by Mandy Rosko!

A Bear's Hunger Won't Be Denied.....
Former Navy Seal Dane Green is in a bad mood. After being injured on a rescue mission to retrieve the alpha's mate and sister, and a fiery red head with amazing legs, he's stuck in bed. To make matters worse, the red head he was injured for while rescuing, is insisting on nursing him back to health.

It might be great if he didn't want to pull her in bed with him.

Lois Graham was afraid of Dane when he first kidnapped her. The bear shifter is large and gruff and everything she's not used to. Lois is a human, and the fact that shifters exist at all shattered her world perception. After Dane stood in the way of claws and teeth that would have torn her to pieces, Lois can't help but see him in a different light. Something between them has changed, and she's determined to find out what it is, why Dane looks at her with that soft expression, and to let him know that she wouldn't mind being pulled into his bed.

Dane already lost one mate to humans. He's not about to let himself get close to another, not when there are dangerous people out there who want to see him punished by hurting Lois. She thinks she's ready for this world, but she's not, and the best thing Dane can do would be to walk away.

Too bad the bear inside him has other plans for their mate. It has no intention of letting Lois go.

My Review
Oh my how I love this series and this one ended on a whammy!!! Ok first this is the second of the series and it has large shoes to follow! But no worries it's fantastic!! I also loved Garret but Dane well he's growing on me and I happen to just love Jax so I was curious to see if Dane would meet up to Garret and Jax- and he did. Though I wanted to slap him multiple times hahaha but that's just a dude for you, so damn stubborn! Dennis- the bad guy- is still on his terror trail and this time he's upped the stakes. He's striking in public and he no longer cares who he hurts. It's not pretty. 

So, Miranda, now the alpha female, is happy that Lois her BFF, is gunna stay with the pack. But Lois is attracted to Dane and he's not nice, because he's attracted to her but won't have her. She's human, he's a shifter. Oh his dilemma. And Garret wants Miranda happy so Lois stays. Until Dane does something stupid and screws things up, but then something else happens and now, it's no longer just Lois in trouble. Wow! So I loved Lois because she's sure of herself while being human. She's funny and sweet and a good friend. And Dane, well he means well but he's stupid hahaha he let so much past and drama get in his own way and yes I do fault him for some things but not what he faults himself for. For being an alpha with so much power and accomplishment, he's worse than a teenage girl with his tantrums! And now I'm DYING for Jax's story next!!! Oh my!!! 

The writing is fabulous!!! I'm a new die hard fan- I'm luck enough to read her goodies- and I've purchased some of her other series while I wait now! Because it's gunna be EPIC- this next book. I want everyone to have a happy ending! Absolutely great addition to the series!! :) 5 PAWS!! 

Alpha (Book ONE)
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