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Happy Book Birthday Tiger's Peace by Loren Weaver w Giveaways!!

Tiger's Peace

Tiger’s Peace

Leroy has finally caught up with Victoria Novak, the only living Sorceress, after years of running and hiding.  But this time, he has no intent to let her go.  He’s kidnapped the Sorceress with no ransom. Tori hopes her friends at the FPD are searching for her, but there’s little hope they’ll ever find her.
When she’s thrown into a cage with a young weretiger with no control, things could get very messy very fast.  Tortured by silver bars on a silver cage, this tiger’s never seen the light of day. But it’s not just cruelty that made Tori and the tiger cell mate, Leroy is tormenting her with something.
Tori learns some horrifying facts about her new tiger friend, and now must escape with him to bring her Tiger’s Peace.
Novel Release Date: February 19, 2015

Victoria Novak Series Reviews! 

Havoc's Cry - Victoria Novak, Paranormal Division Book 1Havoc’s Cry

The only living Sorceress, Victoria Novak, finally earned a peaceful, normal life. But with one howl on a full moon, her whole life crashes back into paranormal chaos. The FBI show up to recruit her to the Federal Paranormal Division, the very first all paranormal police force and she can’t decline.
Tori must train a new team of special agents in paranormal etiquette in the middle of solving a crime that’s leaving ravaged bodies twisted into grotesque shapes. Caught in the middle of a werewolf fight for dominance, Tori can’t let personal emotion interfere with solving a crime. Until the crime becomes personal.
With her life spinning into chaos, the real question is how far is she willing to go to answer Havoc’s Cry.

There's also a giveaway for this book in paperback on goodreads if you're interested and it can be found here-->>

Archangel's SalvationArchangel’s Salvation

Victoria Novak, infamous Sorceress and Federal Paranormal Division Special Agent, just got a call from the police about four bloodless corpses. Now it’s time to investigate.
When she goes to the Coven Master for help, he gives her a vampire liaison. Gabriel, a 400 year old vampire with angel’s wings painted on his face, is violence on a leash. Tori and the team chase leads back to the new club Transylvanian Travesty, owned by a vampire that makes Tori weak with his power. But is he really involved in the killings?
A new vampire murder, paranormal politics, and police work. All in a normal day. But now, Gabriel’s ready to be free, and Tori may be the only way to ensure Archangel’s Salvation.

Shadow's LamentShadow’s Lament

The Federal Paranormal Division just got a call from the police in New York. There’s been a rash of vampire murders in the Big Apple and they’re in over their heads. Of course, New York City is the vampire capitol of the western hemisphere, and going there without notifying the Council could mean the execution of Victoria Novak, the Sorceress and a FPD Special Agent.
Of course, she’s pretty sure that’s exactly the plan, but she can’t prove it. And so she must lead her team into the jaws of death because duty calls.
To make matters worse, caught in the middle of the drama are her old Coven Master and the vampire that finally gave her the freedom to leave his care. The more she digs into what’s going on, the more she hears Shadow’s Lament.

My Review
So, you can ask the author, I emailed her the second I finished this book because of that BOMB of a cliff hanger at the end of this book. This is the first she's don't this to me. I believe I called her an evil genius!! I mean I about peed my pants! I freaking love this series. More than most. You see, this time, Victoria aka Tori, has to go to the big scary Council in New York to investigate a murder with only a few members of her team. No real back up. And the council are the ones who mainly commit the murders. And if they want to keep you, you won't be leaving. And they'll make sure no one looks for you. And holy hot damn, this is a serious action packed and it's got a whole new meaning for trust and paranoia. 

Tori is in a bind. You see, she only has a few team members. The council is on her back. They are starting drama. And on top of it, she knows who the killer is. She even has the emotional and physical scars from him to prove it. But she is having a lot of trouble on that end. A lot of behind the scene things are happening to make it impossible to prove who it is. And on top of that, Tori loses someone very special to her in here. Like I wasn't prepared for that death. Tori wasn't either. I swear I cried for her. I couldn't help it. 

The writing is seriously awesome. The plot that thickens has made me a die hard fan for this series. And NOW, on top of that, there's the cliff hanger. Which if you read the blurb for the next book, you'll know a little bit, but seriously, this is how things go down.... I read the last sentence. I drop my jaw. I read the last sentence again. I yell out loud like a loon. I pick up my iphone to then send a crazy email to the author calling her evil for making me cry and scream and have a sore jaw all in one book. LOL So, if that doesn't intrigue you enough to pick this series up, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore LOL So, now, I patiently wait to see what happens with that ending!! 5 JAW DROPPING HEART STOPPING PAWS!!! 

About the Author
Loren Weaver
twitter username ReadLorenWeaver

Loren Weaver is an engineer for an oil company as her day job. She loves crazy sports and has her black belt in Tae Kwon Do, master SCUBA diver certificate, and motorcycle license. Although engineering pays the rent, she writes because she loves to hear and to tell a good story.

So, the author is going to give away a copy of Tiger's Peace to someone, and I'm going to give away a copy to one of the first three books. So that's two different winners here!! :) I happen to just love this series, so I wanted to give a copy of my own! LOL 

GOOD LUCK!! Trust me you want to win this one! ;)  I will be back soon with a review of Tiger's Peace and character interview with Tori. I just wanted to get the giveaway started first LOL :)  Happy reading everyone and later gators! 

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