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Happy Book Birthday Guardians Dynasty w FREEBIE!!!

I AM SO FREAKING PUMPED!! I LOVE THIS SERIES and today, not only do I get to share it, and tell you about it with a review, BUT I got the totally awesome author to play with me for a character interview with the GROUP!! Yep, I got multiple characters to sit down together :) So, now, let me give you some goodies!! 

Guardians Dynasty (Nature's Destiny, #3)

Title:  Guardians Dynasty
Author:  Justine Winter
Release Date:  24th February 2015
Genre:  New Adult Paranormal Romance


I was dying.

Every minute I wasted without a mate, my mind became more volatile. I was unbalanced, stronger than I was capable of handling alone.

Supposedly, I was destined for greatness, but apparently I had to overcome another task first.

A mating.

Riley was my one true love. I was sure. However, that didn’t necessarily mean I was his. Complications, it seemed, were becoming my forte.

Despite my personal problems, the demons emerged, offering little hope and even less mercy. With my mind preoccupied, I wasn’t ready for the attack heading our way.

The pack needed me now more than ever, but the demons were cunning, thwarting my plans and upping the stakes each time.

I was letting them down. We weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready. 

Darkness descended on Nature’s Destiny, and sadness was sure to come.

War had begun.

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Excerpt Teaser-- I borrowed from the author's website for you guys :) 

“Luna,  it’s  Jaiyana.”
Taken  by  surprise,  I  smiled  into  the  phone.  It  was  good  to   hear    from  her.  “Hey!  How  are  you?” 
“Busy,  as  always.  Things  aren’t  looking  good  in  the   supernatural  world.”
I  sighed.  “I  know.  Did  you  hear  what  happened?”  Entering  the  living  room  I  settled  on  one  of  the  sofas,  pressing  the  phone  to  my  ear.
“Actually,  it’s  why  I’m  calling.  My  brother,  sister  and  I  apologise  for  not  being  able  to  celebrate  with  you,  unfortunately  our  calling  prohibited  time  for  fun.  Your  world  is  becoming  decidedly  dark,  Luna,  and   there  are  many   forces  battling  for  freedom.”
My  breath  hitched.  I’d  known  this  was  coming,  the  demon  had  all  but  promised  it,  but  hearing  the  words  from  Jaiyana  was  a  confirmation  I  didn’t  want. 
The  war  was  building  around  us.

My Review

I'm not sure I know what to say right now! I am devastated, because SERIOUSLY YOU KILLED OFF TWO CHARACTERS!!!!! I mean, I knew it was coming, but NOT THEM!!!! LOL Ok, now that I've expressed my devastation, I need to say THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET! Seriously, the writing has been flawless from the start, but damn if the story line does not impress me more each time I read! This series has become a die hard must have for me. I to this day THANK HEATHER HILDENBRAND for emailing me one day and asking me if I'd help out a fellow author. That email gave me book one, and I can't say enough how much this series is full of AWESOME!! So with that, I will say this book deserves one word-- MAGNIFICENT!! Oh and a second word.... FREAKING DRAGONS!!! ok that was three LOL 

I totally thought Luna was gunna die at the beginning of the book. This leads to happy moments, followed by weird explanations, then tears, then being pissed, then more tears, then the HOLY SHIT moment! Ok, so there I told you about the book HAHAHAHAHA You see, I already know not to touch these books unless I can read them through. I'm a fast reader, but I won't put them down. I definitely couldn't put this one down. Each character has grown so much in my book, and now, with Sky's little twist, Lara, Kate, and Queen vamper throwing down some heavy duty crazy, it's just getting to be amazing! There's never a moment when I think of anything else when I read this one. I was too immersed. 

I can't talk about things right now, because I WILL NOT spoil things for you. I now understand why Ms Justine said  she was anxious for me to read this one. I wanna say bad words and I need revenge. And then I need a tissue. Seriously, these characters will feel like your best friends.  Luna is turning into a MAJOR BAD ASS, Riley is everything you could ever want and more, and the pack, I LOVE THEM! I need to spoil one thing. I am SO MAD that THAT dress got ruined, you hear me!! And the new additions, I will not talk about them just yet, but I LOVE them. They amaze me, and the descriptions and mannerisms were just so cool! 

So with that, I say-- If you are a fan of good writing, a fantastic story line, wonderful werewolves, manipulative vampers, crazy demons, sexy dudes, and an all around wonderful PARANORMAL ROMANCE- just do yourself a favor and read this series! I mean, there's not enough words I can say about how much I love this series. And there's not enough PAWS to tell you how awesome this is. LIKE 10!! But I can only rate up to 5 PAWS, so fine, I will say 2 x 5 PAWS :) Yep, it's that good. I am still sitting with my jaw on the floor! GO NOW AND GET IT!!! 
Yep, we get two sets!!

Character Interview
Guardians Dynasty Interview - Maghon’s  Lovenote ©

I’m  sitting  in  the  center  of  a  well-known  location  throughout  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series,  barely  containing  my  excitement  as  Luna  enters  the  Alpha  house  kitchen,  and  joins  me  at  the  table.  I  can’t  stop  the  southern  smile  gracing  my  face  as  she  greets  me  with  a  hug  before  sitting  down.  (I may have manners, but I can't help being stupidly excited) With  the  niceties  out  of  the  way,  I  take  to  my  questions.

Maghon: HI!!  Tell  me  a  little  something  about  yourself  for  those  who  aren’t  familiar  with  you.

Luna:  I’m  a  newly-turned  white  werewolf,  living  a  crazy  life  with  the  man  of  my  dreams.  Literally.  [she  laughs] 

Maghon(still smiling ridiculously) How  do  you  feel  about  knowing  what  you  are  now?

Luna:  Pretty  much  awesome.  This  world  I  live  in  is  amazing,  and  I  love  it  here,  even  when  it  gets  scary.

Maghon: Hell, I love it here, too!!  What  really  went  through  your  head  when  you  realized  you  got  bitten  and  things  were  really  gunna  change?

Luna:  I’m  actually  glad  you  asked  that.  I’ve  been  ridiculed,  and  called  naïve  for  my  instant  acceptance,  but  here’s  the  thing  that  I  think  people  didn’t  understand.  In  my  past  I  let  a  stupid  mistake  and  rumours  drastically  change  my  life.  The  fight  to  overcome  my  anxiety,  IBS,  and  agoraphobia  to  be  in  a  place  mentally  where  I  could  take  control  of  myself  again,  and  be  able  to  go  to  university  was  a  long,  tortuously  painful  time.  And  it’s  also  been  one  of  my  biggest  lessons,  because  after  that,  I  decided  that  I  wouldn’t  ever  let  circumstances  I  can’t  control  or  change  affect  me  in  the  same  way  again.  The  pain  isn’t  worth  it.  The  constant  battle  day  and  night  to  just  be  me  wasn’t  worth  fighting.  So,  it  didn’t  take  long  for  me  to  accept  that  I  was  becoming  a  werewolf  because  I  knew  it  wasn’t  something  I  could  fight  against.  Instead  of  putting  myself  through  that  denial,  and  pain  again,  I  chose  to  make  the  best  out  of  a  new  situation.  I  was  saving  myself.  And  you  know  what?  It  was  the  best  decision  I’ve  ever  made,  because  now  I’m  finally  understanding  who  I  am.

Maghon(smiles genuinely) And I think we love you for exactly who you are! If  you  could  give  up  being  a  supernatural  being,  would  you?

Luna:  No.  [shakes  head]  Definitely  not.  Now  that  I  know  what’s  out  there  I  don’t  think  I  could  return  to  a  life  of  ignorance.  I’d  be  constantly  wondering   if  a  supernatural  being  is  around  me.  I’d  probably  end  up  incarcerated  with  paranoia.

Maghon(Flinches) Yeah, I'd be sitting in the loony bin right next to you too. :)  What  was  the  first  thing  that  popped  into  your  head  when  you  saw  Riley?  I  mean  my  first  thought  was  “YUM!”  and  then  I  had  some  inappropriate  images  to  follow.  LOL.

Luna:  Well,  that’s  a  funny  story  because  initially  I’d  been  dreaming  of  him  during  my  transformation.  I’d  never  met  this  guy  with  these  gorgeously  penetrating  emerald  eyes,  and  then  suddenly  he’s   strolling into  the  bar  I  work  at.  And  he  smelled  amazing!  [her  gaze  wanders  as  though  she’s  returning  to  the  memory]  Until  that  moment  my  reaction  to  men  had  been  indifferent,  I  didn’t  care.  But,  Riley?  Phwoar!  [fans  arms  in  front  of  her  face]  I  was  just  about  ready  to  bathe  in  him.

Maghon(giggles) What  would  you  give  up  to  help  Riley  if  he  needed  it?

Luna:  Everything.  My  life.  Whatever  he  needed,  he  could  have  it.  Without  a  doubt.

Maghon:  I  would  like  to  ask  a  hard  question  now. . . How  do  you  feel  toward  each  of  those  lovely  people  you’ve  met  now  that  you’re  in  a  new  world,  so  to  say?

Luna:  I  love  them  all,  they’re  my  family.  It  really  is  as  simple  as  that.  I  was  born  an  only  child,  but  Faye,  Lara  and  Roxy  are  like  the  sisters  I  never  had,  besides  Sky  of  course.  And  then  there’s  Nick  and  Shane  who  act  like  my  big  brothers  even  though  I  beat  them  up.  Nick’s  still  a  sore  loser  about  that. 

Maghon(Laughs) Oh yeah, that's some of the best parts!  Do  you  think  any  of  them  has  a  negative  effect  on  your  life?

Luna:  Nope.  The  thing  I’ve  noticed  around  here  is  that  everyone  always  seems  to  encourage  each  other  even  if  they  might  not  agree.  The  only  downside  is  that  I  can’t  have  both  my  worlds  together.  But  it’s  a  small  price  to  pay  for  having  so  much  more.

Maghon:  OK,  so  if  you  could  have  one  wish,  without  any  limitations,  what  would  it  be?

Luna:  [thinks]  Wow,  that’s  a  hard  one  especially  after  what  I  just  said.  But  I  think  my  biggest  wish  would  be  to  banish  all  the  evil,  get  rid  of  the  demons,  and  anyone  else  that  has  the  intent  to  harm.  There  are  supernatural  out  there,  and  people  too,  that  deserve  a  long  overdue  break  from  it  all.  We’ve  gotten  used  to  living  in  a  world  where  fear  is  the  dominant  emotion.  I’d  like  to  make  everyone  happy  and  carefree  again.

Maghon:  What’s  something  about  you  that  we  might  not  know?

Luna:  I  don’t  think  I’ve  mentioned  this  before,  but  my  birthday  is  October  28th  which  makes  me  a  Scorpio  baby.  So watch  out,  there’s  a  stinger  in  my  tail  for  the  people  that  really  piss  me  off.

Maghon:  Good  to  know! (Laughs) I'm a Libra, so we can celebrate together for the WHOLE month of October! Oh boy, we can party in South Louisiana!   Thanks  for  chatting  with  me,  Luna.  It’s  been  great  getting  to  know  you  a  little  bit  more.(Grins and hugs Luna)

As  Luna  disappears  out  of  the  kitchen,  I’m  greeted  by  a  sight  that  makes  me  melt.  And  then  he  hugs  me  and  all  that  matters  doesn’t  anymore.  I’m  in  my  element,  and  struggling  to  let  go  as  he  tries  to  pull  free.  Awkward . . .

Maghon:  Hello  Riley,  thanks  so  much  for  being  here.  I  really  appreciate  you  stopping  by  for  me  to  interrogate,  I  mean,  interview  you.  ;)  I  now  know  why  Luna  is  attracted  to  you  [sighs]  as  you  are  a  lovely  sight  to  behold.  LOL.  So  anyways,  let’s  get  started.   Tell  me  a  little  something  about  yourself. . .

Riley:  Diving  right  in  then?  [he  smiles]  Well  I’m  the  Alpha  of  the  only  pack  here  in  Wales,  as  well  as  the  one  in  London.  And  I  think  I’m  also  the  youngest  Alpha  in  the  world,  too.  I  have  a  stunning  mate,  and  a  family  that  couldn’t  make  me  feel  more  proud.

Maghon(still star struck) Tell  me  how  you  feel  about  being  not  only  a  werewolf  but  an  Alpha,  too.

Riley:  I  always  had  this  inkling  that  I  would  become  Alpha  someday,  it  was  practically  in  my  blood,  but  I  imagined  that  I’d  have  had  time  to  prepare  years  in  advance  before  that  time  came.  It’s  unorthodox  to  be  an  Alpha  below  thirty  years  old  as  it  is,  and  at  the  time  I  was  only  twenty.  Even  though  I  inherited  the  position  when  I  lost  my  parents,  I  wouldn’t  change  the  responsibility  I  had  thrown  on  my  shoulders  one  bit. I  grew  up  quickly,  took  care  of  my  sisters,  and  then  like  a  lightbulb  moment  I  understood  the  real  importance  of  the  job  my  dad  had  been  doing  for  so  many  years.  I’d  taken  him  for  granted  as  the  Alpha,  always  messing  around.  So  now  I  feel  like  I’m  paying  homage  to  my  dad’s  memory.  Plus  being  in  control  sits  well  with  my  ego.  [he  laughs]

Maghon(laughs, she can't help it- his laugh is contagious) How  did  you  feel  when  you  first  saw  Luna  as  I  know  a  lot  of  thoughts  were  going  through  your  head?

Riley:  [he  nods]  You’re  right.  I  was  so   conflicted.  One  minute  I’m  walking  into  this  bar  with  the  intention  of  getting  on  with  my  role  as  Alpha,  and  then  I  saw  her,  clumsiness  and  all,  and  she  was  just  so  adorably  sexy.   I’d  been  warned  by  the  Guardians  about  this  prophecy,  and  this  girl  that  would  have  such  a  huge  impact  on  my  life,  and  suddenly  there  she  is  about  to   turn  my  world  upside  down,  and  she  had  no  idea. 

Maghon(smiles for real this time)  What’s  the  first  thing  that  pops  into  your  head  when  I  say  Luna’s  name  to  you?

Riley:  Love.  [he  smiles  the  cheesiest  grin]  I  know  that  sounds  corny,  but  my  heart  is  so  full  because  of  her.  I  could  be  crass  and  say  her  body  but  she’s  much  more  than  that  to  me.  I  honestly  don’t  know  what  I’d  do  without  her.

Maghon(a little more serious) Tell  me  how  you  feel  about  your  pack  and  those  in  it?

Riley:  I’ve  grown  up  with  most  of  the  members  in  my  pack  so  I  consider  them  family.  I  am  their  protector,  it’s  down  to  me  to  make  sure  they’re  cared  for.  And  as  I  said  before,  they  make  me  so  proud.  They’re  all  hard  workers,  filled  with  a  sense  of  duty  and  commitment.  And  I  know  if  ever  we’re  in  trouble,   the  pack  will  assemble  and  put  on  an  united  front.  I  couldn’t  ask  for  anything  more.

Maghon:  Last  question.  Do  you  regret   anything?

Riley:  No.  I  may  not  have  liked  every  mistake  I’ve  made  in  the  past,  but  I  don’t  regret  anything.  It’s  led  me  here.  And  right  now,  that’s  a  pretty  good  place  to  be.

As  Riley  remains  in  his  seat  the  Alpha  house  residents  join  us  at  the  kitchen  table.  Luna  returns  carrying  beautiful  baby  Oliver  in  her  arms.  The  ties  of  a  strong  family  bond  surrounds  me,  and  I’m  overwhelmed  with  gratitude  to  be  a  guest  sat  here  today.  Riley,  Nick,  Shane,  Roxy,  Faye,  Lara,  Luna  and  baby  Oliver  await  my  next  round  of  questions.

Maghon: Hello everyone!!  Were  you  worried  when  Riley  brought  Luna  over  that  first  day?

Lara:  Hell  no!  We  were  so  excited,  right,  Faye?
Faye:   Definitely.  We’d  never  met  a  hybrid  before,  let  alone  have  one  join  our  pack.  Riley  had  told  us  so  much  beforehand   we  felt  like  we  already  knew  Luna.  It  was  a  great  day.

Maghon(laughing and watching everyone)  How  do  you  feel  about  all  these  changes  in  the  pack  since  Luna’s  arrived?

Nick:  I  keep  getting  whiplash.  [he  laughs]  One  minute  we’re  dealing  with  a  greedy  wolf,  and  the  next  it’s  all-out  war  with  the  demons.  I  blame  Luna.
Luna:  [reaches  across  the  table  to  punch  Nick’s  arm]  Don’t  tell  lies,  Nicholas.

Maghon(tries not to giggle out loud) You forget, I know exactly what has happened. (smiles, then gets serious) How  about  the  demon  threats,  what’s  going  on  in  your  heads?

Roxy:  Fear.  We’re  dealing  with  something  we  never  have  before,  and  while  I  have  every  bit  of  faith  in  Luna  to  fulfil  the  prophecy,  I  worry  about  Oliver,  about  the  kind  of  life  he  may  or  may  not  have  because  of  this  war.
Shane:  [pulls  Roxy  close]  It’s  a  very  real  threat  that  what  we  have  now  could  be  torn  apart,  but  that’s  why  we’re  working  so  hard  to  make  sure  it  doesn’t.

Maghon(smiles BIG) Now  tell  me  something  great  about  being  a  werewolf. . .

Nick:  My  body.  Have  you  seen  this  perfection?  [lifts  shirt  to  reveal  abs  and  muscles]
Lara:  Really,  Nick?  How  about  running  in  the  woods,  being  close  to  nature?  Or  having  a  fast  metabolism?
Nick:  That  works,  too.  [he  shrugs]

Maghon(trying to pick up jaw off the floor and stop staring) (Clears throat--twice) Now  tell  me  something  about  yourself  that  has  nothing  to  do  with  being  a  wolf. . .

Faye:  That’s  a  hard  question  when  we’re  werewolves  all  the  time.  Who’s  to  say  what  we  can  or  can’t   do  is  because  we’re  wolves?  [thinks]  I  can  touch  my  nose  with  the  tip  of  my  tongue  if  that  counts? (Maghon laughs out loud)
Nick:  I  can  fit  my  fist  in  my  mouth. (Shocked again, Maghon whispers, "Holy shit Batman!)
Luna:  That’s  no  surprise  though  is  it,  Nick?
Shane:  I’m  an  expert  gamer,  not  that  I’ve  had  time  for  that  these  past  few  months.
Lara:  I  can’t  dance.  Pass  me  a  rugby  ball any  day  of  the  week,  but  ask  me  to  point  and  flex  and  I’ll  topple  over  despite  my  excellent  balance.
Maghon: I can teach you to dance Lara! I'm cajun, we can dance in almost ANY way :)
Roxy:  I  recorded  an  album  once.

Maghon: WOW! Well, you guys keep surprising me.  Now  I  have  a  quick-fire  round  for  all  the  guys.  Ready?  
Boxers  or  briefs?  LOL.  Yep,  right  to  that  one.  ;)  Sorry, ladies!  LOL

Riley:  Boxers.
Nick:  Boxers.
Shane:  Boxers.

Maghon(coughs and sputters) I didn't think y'all would answer that truthfully... Coffee  or  tea?

Riley:  Coffee.
Nick:  Tea.
Shane:  Coffee.

Maghon: Nick, I'll fix you a real southern coffee, and then we can talk about this Tea business.  Mountains  or  beach?

Riley:  Beach.
Nick:  Mountains.
Shane:  Mountains.

Maghon:  Winter  or  Summer?

Riley:  Summer.
Nick:  Summer.
Shane:  Summer.  It  has  to  be.  Nature  is  just  so  colourful  then.

Maghon:  Vampire  or  Werewolf?  HEH,  or  maybe  zombies  LOL

Riley:  Zombies?  Do  they  exist?  [he  laughs]  Wolves  all  the  way.
Nick  &  Shane:  Agreed.

Maghon:  Cold  or  hot?

Riley:  Well,  we  run  hot.  So  hot  for  sure.
Nick:  Hot.
Shane:  Cold.

Maghon:  Favorite  color?

Riley:  Blue.
Nick:  Green.
Shane:  Red.

Maghon:  Night  or  day?

Riley:  Tough  one.  Day.  No,  night.  Damn,  can  I  have  both?
Maghon: Of course you can! (smiles)
Nick:  Day.
Shane:  Night.

Maghon:  Moonlight  or  sunlight?

Riley:  Both.
Nick:  Both.  I  mean,  sunlight  I  can  work  on  my  tan,  and  moonlight  I  can  howl.  Win-win.
Shane:  Moonlight.

Maghon:  Steak,  seafood,  burger  or  pizza?

Riley:  Food.
Nick:  Yes.
Shane:  Can  we  have  it  right  now?

Maghon(Laughs loudly) I bet if I dug in your pantry and fridge, and made something to knock you silent, you'd never let me leave again, so maybe hold that one thought. And,  I’m  a  Cajun  from  South  Louisiana,  tell  me  your  favorite  Cajun  food.

Riley:  Well,  there’s  not  much  of  that  cuisine  around  here,  but  I’d  be  happy  to  return  home  with  you  and  try  it  out. 
Nick:  Me  too.  Jambalaya  is  Cajun,  right?  I’ll  have  some  of  that.  J
Shane:  And  beignets.  You  got  enough  room  for  us  all  to  come  stay  a  while?
Maghon: Well, I think I'm going to have to figure out a shipping system for you guys... Do you know anyone who could magically make that happen so it stays fresh? I can definitely make both of those requests happen, but I think there's a few other things you would love a little more. And YES! I actually have plenty of room, though I would think I would enjoy having a girls's night, as I could just cook a LOT of food and you guys would never move! (Laughs) Thanks again everyone for spending time with me! I hope we can do this again. (hugs everyone and grabs her things) I hope that with the incident in Guardians Dynasty, my house is still standing! (waves and walks out) 

About the Author:
Justine Winter
I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

Author  Links:

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Ms Justine! I seriously love you! And I can't thank you enough for everything you've given me!! You've got a stalker and fan for LIFE!!! :) 

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