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Destiny's Favor by Dariel Raye!

Destiny’s Favor
(Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2)
Favor synopsis
world shifted the moment she was born. Now, nothing can stop him from making
her his.

meeting a man who looks like an angel, wings and all? What would you do if this
man told you he existed with only one purpose – to claim you and only you?

Destiny Carter is a feisty, take charge, Rubinesque
beauty with a tough façade, who finds herself in that age old quandary, “always
a bridesmaid, never a bride.” A string of lackluster relationships leave her
hopeless and ready to settle…Until she meets Japheth, the man her fiancé claims
is his best friend! Japheth’s arrival is heralded by an attack on Destiny’s
life, and instinctively, she knows this is just the beginning.

Born more than 200 years ago, Japheth looks like an
angel but he’s far from it. In his world, the ratio of men to women is 500 to
1, and although he’s a superior being, he’s willing to break the most sacred
law of his brothers, even drink human blood, to have one meant for him alone.

When he meets
Destiny, he knows she’s the one he’s been searching for. To claim her, he will
have to betray a friend, risk his life, and hardest of all, humble himself
enough to win her love.

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Caught in a Kiss 745 words
soon as they left the room, Destiny removed her hand from his and reached for
her book. She gave him that suspicious look again, pursing her lips before she
spoke. Sitting in a chair directly across from the sofa, she narrowed her eyes
and openly asked, “What is it about you that sets me on edge?”
lifted one corner of his mouth. Charming.
This little female continued to challenge him. “You tell me. Can you sense that we are connected?”
crossed his arms, taking special notice of the quickening of her heartbeat and
imagined her luscious chocolate nipples tightening to taut buds just waiting
for his tongue. He braced himself for the lie, her sweet scent of arousal even
stronger now.
and me? No. I’ve never met you before.” And
there it was, right on cue. 
placed the book on the table beside her and stood, her expression daring him to
come closer. “I don’t think Robert would like…”
air shifted with her movement, and Japheth closed his eyes briefly, basking in
her scent. Just one taste. He opened
them, moving toward her. “Robert. You’re not going to say anything to Robert.
If I decided to take you for myself right now with Robert in the next room, he
would be the least of my problems. Whether or not we’ve met before has nothing
to do with our connection.”
glared at him and took a step back. “If you decided
to take me?” She pointed her
index finger at him as she continued. “You listen to me, you arrogant bastard,
you don’t decide to do anything…
narrowed his eyes and took another step toward her, closing the distance she’d
tried to put between them until he was mere inches away. His conscience, long
quieted into silence, balked at the idea of entrancing her and taking her so
far from Robert she would forget he existed. There was something about her that
made her willingness to be with him more important than his desire for her. Her
wants and needs took precedence over his own. He shook his head, silencing his
conscience again.
stumbled forward, an apparent moment of dizziness, placing the index finger of
her right hand at her forehead and the palm of her left hand on his shoulder to
steady herself. She blinked several times, her dark lashes appearing to move in
slow motion, and looked into his eyes as if seeing him for the first time.
wasn’t sure what was happening. He hadn’t done anything to entrance her. He had
wanted to, but he was certain he had restrained himself, yet she tilted her
head up and kissed him. A mere brush of her velvety-soft lips sent a spark of
possession through his entire body. He gripped her upper arms, dragging her
body against him, and deepened the kiss.
He couldn’t shake the feeling that they were getting closer this time – that
his contact with Destiny would make him and her easier for them to locate. His
feelings were always right.
loosened his grip, allowing her to step back. The fact that she had already
been attacked at least twice meant his enemies had found her. Although she had
not described her attackers, J knew that the same evil creatures he had
decimated at the bus station had attacked Destiny before his arrival. He had
quickly wiped Destiny’s memory of the attack as well as Robert’s, but to his
surprise, guilt twisted inside him. He did not like wiping her memory or altering
her in any way. Her connection to him placed her in danger, and he wanted her
to fully understand whatever decision she made.
stared into his eyes. “Oh, I, um, that’s not what I, I mean, I didn’t…”
gaze shifted slightly, and she took in a sharp breath.

frowned, clenching his jaw before turning to face Robert. Dammit. His heart plummeted when he saw her reaction. He had sensed
the moment Robert awoke, but Destiny commanded every bit of his consciousness.
She was all he could think about, and he needed her away from Robert. He also
didn’t want her hurt in any way. He felt her pain and confusion, the new
sensation throwing him off balance for a moment. He had always known he had the
ability to feel another’s emotions, but until now, he had never allowed anyone
to get close enough.

Dariel Raye

Dariel is an animal lover
who writes IR/MC (interracial/multi-cultural) paranormal and dark urban fantasy
romance. She is presently writing a shifter series, “Dark Sentinels,” a
reluctant hell-dweller series, “Kushiel’s Keep,” two Nephilim series with
vampire-like heroes, “Orlosian Warriors” and “Cain’s Progeny,” “Lifegivers,” a
paranormal romance series with a variety of beings, a crossover paranormal
thriller shifter trilogy with romantic elements, “Gateway,” and an erotic
fantasy newsletter serial. To learn more about Dariel and her books, visit her blog join
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, and follow her on Amazon.

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