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Best of 2015- Blogger's Choice :)

 So, today, I am going to fill you in on what I think is my bests... of whatever. I have a couple things I'd like to share, and since I read all different age groups and a mixture of some genres, it's gunna be fun... So here we go! And PS, most of these are going to be from my Best of list, but there's a few I've added to the mix whom almost made it to the big list, but had something wonderful to share with today :) 

Best Shocking Moments...

Ok, so I read the book of Ivy last year, and almost died waiting for the second book, which is a duology. It just finished up the whole story. But let me tell you... I almost lost my mind... I cannot believe how exactly it turned out, because my who jaw dropped... Plus I loved this book LOL
The Revolution of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #2)

Guardians Dynasty (Nature's Destiny, #3)x
So I love this series... but I was NOT expecting the wonderful author to kill off someone I thought was important. or Kind of important. But I can't help but to completely obsess over this whole series. It's definitely one of the best werewolf reads I've read and that says a lot because I over the top love the wolves :) 

Pirate's Alley (Sentinels of New Orleans, #4) 

I can't believe the ending... ok I just love this series and this author... but I never thought I'd see the day when Alex would put aside his moral compass to do what's right instead of what's ordered or expected. And there's some heartbreak in here that left me a little stunned... So I am dying for the next book :) 

Shadow of Deception (The Kazumi Chronicles, #1) 

Holy madness... I did not even remotely think I'd like this book a whole lot, but I am so glad I chose to read it. Let me tell you, the twists this author has made seriously left me staggering on the side of my chair holding on for dear life. I am DYING for book two. I want it so so bad!!! 
Kissed by Fire (Blood & Magic #2) 
You did what to whom?!?!?! Yeah, I am pretty shocked with how this one is turning out. I thought I was cheering for one book boyfriend, but ended up finding a different one. LOL I love this series and I can't wait to see what the author is going to torture the main character with next LOL 

Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic (The Dowser #5) 
Poor Jade! Poor lady! I mean really! She is constantly thrown into depths she shouldn't make it out of. But I freaking LOVE her and I will always cheer for her. This has become my must have series and it's definitely a favorite!! 

The V Girl 

This book tops the list of shocking... In so many ways. Seriously read my review if you don't believe me when I say OH MY GOD!!! sometimes good, but mostly bad LOL 

Ok, next list... 

Best Epic Conclusions to a series!

The Phoenix Born (A Dance of Dragons, #3) 

This book was so emotional for me. Seriously, I cried and laughed and cheered! 

Reckoning (Dragonlands #5)f
Oh my wow! I wasn't expecting this one to end up like this but boy this series has kept me guessing for everything!! 

Truth of Embers (Dragonsworn, #3) 
I obsessed over this series as well and it was so magnificent. I am sad to see it go and I seriously hope the author will find a reason to give me something more, even in just peeks. LOL I really loved this trilogy!  
Sacrifice of Mercy (Cambion, #5)i
I cried a lot for this book. I have had my heart wrenched from my chest. And yet, I got the happiest ending I could have asked for. I wanted that from the first book. And I got what I wanted. And I didn't want it to end. Seriously, I still don't LOL I swear I think I'm gunna reread the whole series before I write my official review for this one because it's been one of my all time favorite series, ever, so I am both thrilled and sad for the end. 
True (Fire Born #3)i
I really didn't want this one to end, but it's a trilogy so I knew it was coming. But with all the twists and bad from the first two books, I NEVER suspected the author could make a miracle happen, and boy did she do it phenomenally!!! 

Bound in Black (The Vessel Trilogy) 
I can't believe this one is over either! This was one of the most surprising loves for me, this series. And yet, I have fallen head over heels for it. but then again, once you pick up any book by this author, it's like cupid stabbed you 5 times with a love arrow LOL  
The Talon of the Hawk (The Twelve Kingdoms, #3)I
I cried for this one too... BUT the author told me today- which made my Christmas present- that she is doing something very special in the future and I am so freaking pumped... SO stalk her like I do so you can find out that surprise... Maybe we'll see these characters again soon :)  
Phoenix in My Fortune (Monster Haven, #6)i
I seriously loved this whole series and I about died when I found out this was the last book of the series, but it was beautiful and bitter and yet the most magical thing ever!!! 
Broken Blood (Dirty Blood #5) 
My very first stalkee... This author with this series opened me up to so much more in the book world. I didn't know much about book not published by bigger companies, so she opened me to the self publishing and indie world. And I still will always have a major spot for this series... Plus I freaking love Alex... But Wes, he has my heart too :) 

Best Extra Goodness... These are the books I just liked because they have something unique in them that no one else really has, so the need to be included :) 

Storm Warned (Grim, #3) 

I freaking love this woman. She is a brilliant writer and she has put out some of the most awesome books around... 

Fated (Servants of Fate, #3) 

I have become a little obsessed with these series. I am serious, it's so freaking cool the world building this author has done. And her stories are fantastic!

 Crystallum (Primordial Principles #1) 
Love this start to a new series, though I'm a die hard fan of this author from her fire born series, she has completely surprised me with this new one. And man is it full of surprises. 

The Veil (Devil's Isle, #1) 
I loved this one. I was not expecting something simple to feel so awesome when I finished reading it and I am so impatiently waiting to see where book two is going to go from this. I think I loved it so much because it's so different from her Merit novels. I love those too, but this has a whole different feel and it's more NA or YA, and it was very well done. 

This book was released yesterday and I am reading it as part of a tour for its release, and man oh man, I had to include it, because I just had the shock and awe moment of awesome. I haven't written my official review yet, but I am OMG DYING for book two! How dare the author write a fantastic suspense and climatic book and then jaw drop me with an ending like that LOL I can't wait to see where this one will go in book two and it was so fresh and unique with how it was done! 

Rare Form (Descended of Dragons #1) 
I happen to think this is one of the coolest dragon shifter books that's circulating. And being the beginning of the series I have high expectations- that I know author will meet- for books 2 and 3. It's just so cool how the author shaped this one, and lots of twists going on here.

Omega (Omega #1) 
I am so impressed with the mythology twisting of this book. And the main character, boy is she finding out so many secrets thrown at her all at once, and her life is in a downward spiral and yet I love her! I am going to stalk the author until I have the next book :) 

Cage of Deceit (Reign of Secrets, #1) 
This is my surprising read of the year. I have fallen in love with this book and it wasn't even in my genre of normal readings LOL Like seriously one of the best written books I've read in a while!!  

Bridges Burned (Going Down in Flames, #2)i
I think this series should be my pocket buddy. I am pretty sure I have read these two books of this series like 5 times each. I am obsessed and I love it! I even championed one of the characters in a competition. And I know who I want Bryn to be with, I have a suspect with whom I think she will end up with, and then I have that one mind blowing moment that it might happen when hell freezes of what is possible. I happen to just love this whole series, so I can't wait to get my hands on book three. LOL Seriously! 
Best Couple
I See You (Oracle #2) 
I freaking love Beau and Rochelle. I seriously say that even though this is technically more new adult... this book had the best sex scene I've read in forever... The hood of a truck and a stool... Oh just wow! And really it's not a romance book, but it's so freaking awesome!!!  

Fault Lines (Adirondack Pack, #2) 
I love this author and everything she touches. I loved her dragon series, and then she gave me werewolves. It's like she loves me hahaha my two favorite supernaturals werewolves and dragons! And this one, is magnificent!!! 
Ice Moon (Moon Series #5) 
 Love this series! And I really loved Jared! I loved everything about him, including his love for his dog and the love he felt for another's child! This one may have been my favorite of the series!! 

Guarded (The Silverton Chronicles, #1) 
I can't tell you who the couple is, but I wanted it from the beginning of the book and I freaking cheered like a little kid in a candy store :) I want book two quite badly!! 

Nightbloom (Nightwing, #3) 
I think this might be the sexiest couple on the planet... Ever have sex without having sex... Yeah, wait til you meet Ms Nightwing... Oh my GOD this one definitely one of the sexiest books EVER!!!! Holy madness!  

Solsti Prophecy: Paranormal Romance Boxed Set (6 Original Works)i
Each book is it's own couple, but I just loved this series, so I loved all the couples. They had me going like crazy! 

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